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    Shower Doors & Accessories

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    A shower enclosure is not complete without the right accessories. Choosing the right shower door, grab bar, curtain rod, showerhead, window, or seat will not only improve the look and function of your bathroom, but in many cases save money as well. Bath Doctor will help you make the right choices for your shower remodel.

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    Benefits Of Shower Accessories

    frameless pivoting shower door with a handheld shower and rain head
    Frameless door and handheld shower
    framed shower door with a 4 shelf acrylic corner caddy
    Framed door system with acrylic corner caddy
    assorted decorative safety grab bars for a shower tub or toilet areas Decorative Luxuria line for safety & style

    Enhanced safety. A well placed grab bar, corner or bench seat will help to minimize the chance of injury. Adding a new anti-scald valve will not only reduce your energy costs but also will protect your kids from getting burned.

    Improved function. Choosing the right showerhead, valve, or handheld unit can make your shower experience easier, safer, and more therapeutic.

    Increased usable space and reduced water on the bathroom floor. Installing a curved rod will make the enclosure more spacious, cut down on the spray on the bath floor, and protect woodwork.

    Add style. Just like in the fashion industry the right accessories can make the project.

    Eliminate maintenance.  Items like a  glass block window are virtually maintenance free and add style as well.

    Trusted service provider. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards through the Consumer’s Choice Institute and others through our parent corporation.

    Free design consultation and technical installation assistance. Get rid of the guesswork. We can help with design, supply, and installation.

    Free shipping nationwide. We ship anywhere in the United States, with no hidden fees or costs.

    Product Lines & Designs

    Product Lines & Designs

    Shower Doors

    (1) Choose the type of door - the options are frameless, semi-frameless, or completely framed.

    (2) Select how it will open. Sliding or swinging open on a pivoting hinge.

    custom frameless pivoting shower enclosure & door system cleveland
    Frameless - Pivot
    semi-frameless shower system with a sliding door in columbus
    Semi Frameless  - Sliding by-pass
    framed sliding doors are the cheapest available
    Framed  - Sliding style
    Design tip (frame type) – A frameless design is the easiest to clean, contemporary and stylish. Framed is least expensive. Semi-frameless has unframed doors inside framed hardware (it is mid-priced, yet very stylish).

    (3) Choose a frame color
    crystal line shower door frame colors Note: Crystal Line selections vary by door style

    (4) Select glass & hardware

    shower glass styles for different amounts of privacy & looks
    Glass options
    chrome c pull shower door makes it easier to open Consider a "C pull" style for it's ease of opening
    Design tip (glass choices) – Use obscure or rain glass for ease of cleaning and privacy. Use clear glass to show off your plumbing fixtures and shower wall surrounds.

    Curved Shower Rods

    The main advantages of curved shower rods are they cost less than a door and provide more room than a straight rod. Since the products curvature keeps the curtain close to the showerhead it helps keep water off the floor (an important feature to decrease the chance of a fall for a loved one).

    curved shower rods available in white, chrome, polished brass
    Available in stainless, polished brass, brushed nickel, white and oil rubbed bronze
    accessible shower design with a curved shower rod and handheld showerhead Curved rods can help in barrier free accessible shower designs also!

    Soap Dishes, Shelfs & Corner Caddies

    Acrylic Shower Accessories

    Acrylic is cost effective and durable (it won’t scratch, chip or peel). It can be applied over existing walls with special butyl tape.

    tower caddy shampoo holder
    Tower Caddy Shampoo Holder
    Four shelf corner caddy
    4 shelf corner caddy
    2 shelf rectangular caddy made of acrylic
    2 shelf rectangular caddy
    2 shelf corner caddy
    2 shelf corner caddy
    1 shelf caddy
    1 shelf unit
    tall recessed soap dish
    Extra tall recessed soap dish
    flush mount soap dish
    Flush mount soap dish
    extra wide recessed dish
    Extra wide recessed soap dish
    a soap dish that is recessed
    recessed soap dish

    Available Colors

    Solid Finishes


    Granite Finishes

    Granite White
    Granite White
    Granite Gray
    Granite Gray
    Granite Beige
    Granite Beige


    Metallic Pearl
    Metallic Pearl

    Marble Finishes

    Silver White
    Almond White

    Ready for Tile Shower Accessories

    This line is made of expanded polystyrene and can simply be nailed into wood studs and then tiled over. What's great is that it makes a waterproof niche quickly & easily (and at an affordable price).

    recessed niche in a tile shower Recessed soap & shampoo area
    ladies leg ledge
    Ladies shaving leg ledge
    22" x 14" shampoo niche
    22 x 14 shampoo niche
    6" x 14" recessed soap dish for a tile project made of expanded polystyrene
    Recessed soap dish – 14" x 6"

    Decorative Grab Bars - Luxuria Line

    The Luxuria decorative grab bar line has a sleek, modern appeal and has safety options seamlessly integrated into the design. With a weight capacity of 350 pounds – this product is easy to use and will cut downs on the worries of someone with a mobility challenge falling.

    decorative toilet roll holder, grab bars in a chrome design
    Towel bar, soap dish, toilet roll holder, and shelf can make Mom & Dad stay safe.
    corner shelf support rail
    Corner shelf with integrated support rail.

    Shower Heads & Valves

    Wolverine essence line of wall mounted shower heads in various finishes

    Fixed wall-mounted units. The "Essence"  line provides the following benefits:

    • Saves energy and money: it only uses 2.5 gallons per minute, which can save up to 74 gallons per person per shower each day.
    • Available in chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.
    • This multi-functional massage showerhead can be therapeutic and is ADA-compliant.
    rain shower head

    With a rain head you'll enjoy a spa-style experience and feel like you're under a waterfall. Some benefits include:

    • It has adjustability and wide array of spray choices - a great way to relax at the end of the day.
    • Available with different pressures, including “deluge style” (more pressure) as well as the traditional rain styles (lower pressures).
    handheld shower kits

    Handheld showerhead. Equipped with a stainless steel flexible hose (60” or 69” long), these styles are mounted to the wall with a single wall bracket or a glide bar. Benefits include:

    • Its range makes it easier to use with kids, pets and those with special needs.
    • Cleaning the shower walls will be a breeze.
    • Design options are available to match your fixtures .
    shower valve

    Shower valve. Let's face it - valves aren't sexy but they can sure be important for the safety of your family. Our pressure-balanced shower valve will maintain a consistent water temperature within 3 degrees. This valve design (with an exclusive O-ring ceramic cartridge/body/sleeve seal) ensures that water will never leak behind the wall. This unit has a 100-year cartridge and finish warranty.

    Shower Seats

    Acrylic Bench Seats

    These shower pans include a built-in acrylic over fiberglass seat. They are available in common sizes, including 36” x 48” (a bench seat) and 60” x 34” (a corner seat).

    Ready-for-Tile Corner & Bench Seats

    Made of expanded polystyrene, these seats are easy to install (they are attached to the polystyrene base with modified thin set) and require no framing.

    18" x 20" expanded polystyrene corner bench seat
    Ready-for-tile corner seat
    14" x 20" expanded polystyrene bench seat
    Ready-for-tile bench seat (14” deep x 20” high) available in standard widths including 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 42” and 48” (custom widths are also available)
    shower benchseat with a frameless shower door system
    A finished project

    Brazilian Walnut Folding Shower Seat

    Brazilian walnut shower bench seats

    From the Luxuria Collection this unit is naturally resistant to water and three times stronger than teak (and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds). The fold away feature saves space - which can be essential for a small shower.

    Safety Grab Bars

    white safety grab bars in 16" and 24" sizes

    Adding these units are a cost-effective way to reduce slips and falls. They are ADA-compliant and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or on an angle (ask one of our Design Specialists for the best way to mount your bars). (Available in white, almond, biscuit, and gray in two lengths, 16” and 24”).

    Shower Windows

    Old shower windows can be a pain! Often wood trim around the window has deteriorated and needs to be ripped out and replaced. In addition although this windows brings in light and air it can take away privacy. Two solutions to consider are (1) an obscure glass sliding or double hung window or (2) a shower window with glass blocks. In many cases we may recommend using an acrylic window trim kit on the inside to make the window maintenance free.
    acrylic window trim kit for a shower or bathtub
    Acrylic window trim kit for low maintenance

    interior acrylic trim used around a glass block shower window This glass block window was framed with acrylic
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