Etched Glass Blocks

Laser etched glass block can turn an ordinary window or wall into a one of a kind work of art. Our sealed beam laser process can etch up to 256 different shades of gray and 600 dots per inch of resolution.

Our laser process surpasses standard lasers, engraving, and sandblasting – it’s available (and pre-built) in glass block window or wall assemblies.

Etched Glass Blocks

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Uses & Benefits of Etched Glass Blocks

  • Standard or custom image patterns
  • Personalized images
  • Decorative murals
  • Multiple sizes available
    • Intricate details and custom designs

      Our carbon dioxide laser can be controlled down to .001″ diameter (100 times smaller than the period at the end of a sentence) providing details and shading not possible with other methods.

    • Fabricated on simple to install windows, shower wall or partitions

      You don’t need to worry about how to put these laser etched glass block together. With our ‘Protect All’ glass block system – your window or shower wall will be simple to install – even for a first time DIY’er or contractor who hasn’t worked with glass blocks before. 

    • Select stock patterns or create a one of kind image

      If you have a favorite hobby or want to match an architectural style in one block or develop a mural over multiple units it’s all possible. For custom designs we’ll need your original artwork to provide the source for the laser to do its work. 

    • One stop shopping you can trust

      Our company can etch an entire prefabricated window, wall, or glass block shower and even install it for you (installations are in selected areas) and can ship it to you anywhere in the United States. 

    • Multiple uses including signs and logos

      If you’re looking for a unique sign in a wall or lobby for your business we can etch your logo or directional sign into a single or multiple grouping of glass blocks. Since our products are either 3 1/8″ or 3 7/8″ thick, they’re tough to break (Note: if one unit is broken our computer controlled equipment can create a replacement for only one block).

    Etched Glass Block Product Options

    Mural Glass Block Etching

    We can etch an entire window or wall to create a mural design. Whether you want to create a mural that incorporates a hobby, nature scene, or organization—we can help.

    • Semper Fi
    • Tree mural
    • Deer design

      Individual Glass Block Etching

      We can etch individual blocks for your shower, window, or wall projects. Provide your own art or choose from our stock patterns.

      • Hobby series samples
      • Contemporary series samples
      • Movie reel
      • Etched flower

        Custom Designs

        Provide you own artwork and we can etch individual blocks or murals with your family, hobbies, or business name!

        • Family photos
        • Business logos
        • Custom murals

          Frequently Asked Questions About Etched Glass Blocks

          Is it safe to use these blocks on the inside or outside of a home or business?

          Yes, since the etching process microscopically vaporizes the surface of the glass and then instantly fuses the same surface to create a permanent mark, the product can be used anywhere.

          What block designs work best with the etching process? Are there any designs you shouldn’t use with the etching process? 

          Etching works best on the wave or clear (see through) patterns. With very busy patterns (like Iceberg) – the etching process is too subtle and the pattern will not be visible enough for a good result. 

          Can these designs be duplicated with engraving equipment I’ve seen at the mall?

          While basic laser engraving equipment can put in stock images, letters and fonts, this basic equipment is not capable of the 600 dots per inch detail used in the glass block etching process. In addition, our glass block etched windows or walls are made into assemblies which make them simple for you or your contractor to install.

          How do I order?
          1. Call us and provide the following:
            • Glass block pattern (wave or see through) and if you want to use a colored glass block. 
            • Let us know the size, number of blocks and if any finished end block is required
            • Select a standard pattern or email your one of a kind design or image (in a jpg, tif, eps, bitmap, or adobe illustrated formats)
          2. We’ll provide you with a quote for the etched window or wall assembly. 
          3. Allow from 4 to 8 weeks for delivery. 


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