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Shower Stall & Bath to Shower Conversions

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Choosing the best shower enclosure is not easy. Bath Doctor can help with low maintenance and cost effective acrylic shower wall systems (that go over your existing walls) or custom tile projects. We'll also make the process of converting a tub into a shower easy as well.

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Benefits of Acrylic & Tile Showers

stand up shower enclosure using acrylic walls and base
Acrylic shower wall and base with a 4 shelf corner caddy for shampoo and soap storage.
custom tile shower in columbus with a corner bench seat and glass block wall
Custom tile shower pan and walls with colored glass block shower wall.
60 x 30 shower system with acrylic wall and base
Sentrel wall surround in golden beaches color

Add value to your home. Improving the shower space has a high return on investment (ROI) compared to other home improvement projects.

Create a safe, mold free environment. If your existing shower is moldy you know how gross it is to get in. Putting in a waterproof materials can eliminate your worries and make this area safe for your family. 

Design for your current and future needs. Maybe you want to stay in your home longer (some call this aging in place) - or you just want a design than can work for everyone over the long run. If so - Bath Doctor can help you with a cool looking walk in or roll in design.

Reduce maintenance and cut the time on your hands and knees cleaning! Cleaning a shower is a big pain. Choose either and acrylic wall and base combo (which are maintenance free) or use a sharp looking tile design with our urethane grouting process to add style and cut the time on your knees scrubbing.

Customize and accessorize - one size does not fit all. We want you to "have it your way." Choose from a large selection of shower accessories including shampoo niches, leg ledges, corner caddies, and bench seats.

Purchase from a knowledgeable company you can trust. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards from Angie’s List and the Consumers' Choice. In addition we can help you with the VA grant programs that can help qualified veterans get access to the funding they may need.

Free design and technical installation assistance. Eliminate the guesswork. We can help to design, supply, and install your shower base, walls, seat, and accessories – you name it!


neo angle acrylic base with framed shower doors
Acrylic neo angle base, walls and corner shelves for shampoo and soap storage.
angled tile shower using urethane grout
Custom tile shower with a frameless pivot door.
angled tile shower using urethane grout
Sentrel shower surround with corner shelves, shampoo niche, and bench
Product Lines & Designs

Acrylic & Ready For Tile Shower Base Products

Advantages of acrylic shower pans include:

  • Won’t crack, chip, peel, or fade
  • Minimize concerns about water leakage
  • Cost less than tile and solid-surface bases
  • Come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and colors
  • Are available with corner and bench seats
  • Work for bath-to-shower conversions
  • Note: To see some really cool new shapes in acrylic base designs check out our Fleurco shower system page.
neo angle acrylic shower base
Neo angle for corner spaces - white, almond, and biscuit colors.
bench seat incorporated into an acrylic base
Some pans come with bench seats for more safety.
rectangular base in a 60 x 32 size
60 x 32 or 60 x 34 are popular sizes to make a bath space into a shower.
shower kit using glass block premade panels and an acrylic shower base
60 x 34 shower panel kit system using glass block.

Advantages of a ready for tile expanded polystyrene shower base

  • 100% waterproof
  • Reduced installation time (30 minutes) and labor costs
  • Choice of drain location
  • Customizable for non-standard sizes and walk-in and roll-in showers
  • Can fit any wall shape (straight, rounded, or angled), with or without a curb
  • Lower cost than a custom-designed solid surface base
barrier free shower in indiana project Barrier free shower pan with a glass block wall
redi for tile base before shipment from warehouse in columbus ohio Ready for tile base before installation - check out the no threshold entry and the ability to make either straight or curved shower curbs.

Installation Process for Tub to Shower Conversions

Changing a bathtub out and making a shower can make the bathroom more useful and safe - but the work needs to be done right. Included below are the main steps we use to make sure you get a high quality job.


  • Cut the walls 4” – 6” from above the tub deck.
  • Disconnect existing plumbing, removing the overflow cover and floor drain.
  • Remove fiberglass, acrylic, or cast iron tub by cutting or prying it out.

Installation of required plumbing and base

  • Install new plumbing valve (if required).
  • Inspect existing subfloor underlayment to verify proper support for the base. Look for rot, mold, or mildew in the wood.
  • Install a drain adapter to take the 1 1/2" plumbing line for a tub to 2" for the water flow of a shower. Add piping to get the drain to the right location for the shower.
  • Dry fit the pan (either acrylic or ready for tile) to ensure proper fit and location.

Installation of wall system and accessories

  • Set the new base into a thin set or mortar bed. Level the base and secure it to the framing with screws. Tie in your drain to the piping below and let the base cure for 8–12 hours.
  • Put furring strips on the wood framing. Add green board (for acrylic systems) or water-resistant or waterproof backer board (for tile walls) with construction glue and screws. Install your wall system (acrylic, tile, solid surface, etc.) and accessories (soap niches, shampoo holders, etc.).
  • Install finished plumbing trim for shower head, mixing valve, and handle. Install the shower door or curved shower rod.
  • Caulk and seal the inside corners and shower door.

How to install a ready-for-tile expanded polystyrene shower base

  • Trowel out latex-modified thin-set mortar.
  • Place a bead of silicone around the drain body.
  • Install the pre-slopped base.

FAQ About Acrylic & Tile Showers

1. Can I remodel my shower without having to tear everything out?
Yes. Our acrylic shower wall liners can be installed over existing tiles (assuming the walls behind the tile are in good shape). We offer simulated tile or stone acrylic shower wall surrounds to preserve the look with no grout maintenance.

acylic wall installed over tile Close up of an acrylic wall installed over tile
textured slate pattern acrylic shower wall panels Textured slate pattern

2. What types of enclosures and designs do you offer?
The most popular choices we have from customers are for the inside walls and bases to be made of acrylic and tile. Sometimes we are asked to do provide solid surface or cultured marble (that is no problem at all!). Designs can vary - from simple stand up showers to custom shapes to roll in and walk in showers.

mosaic tile floor on the shower with larger tile interior walls
acrylic base in a corner shower with framed shower doors
shower pan with an integral bench seat and safety grab bar in a white color

3. What base options can I get from The Bath Doctor?
We can supply and install acrylic, fiberglass, solid-surface, and ready-for-tile expanded polystyrene shower bases.

4. What shower walls can I choose from?
Our most popular shower wall surrounds are tile and acrylic (although we can provide other options like solid surface or cultured marble). The acrylic product can go over existing walls to save you money.

close of tile shower floor
Corner bench seat and mosaic tile floor
Acrylic silver white walls with 8 x 10 simulated tile pattern

5. Do you offer wheelchair-accessible showers? Do you work with any grant programs to help pay for this type of project?
Yes. We can supply and install roll-in and barrier-free shower systems with acrylic and tile floors. As far as grant programs go we have worked with the Veterans Adminstration on several roll in shower projects.

6. What accessories are available?
We offer grab bars, curved shower curtain rods, shower doors, plumbing or shower valves, glass block windows, leg ledges, shampoo or shower niches, and corner caddies.

assortment of shower accessories

7. Why should I choose The Bath Doctor?

  • Our process begins with you. We begin by asking questions, not selling predetermined solutions.
  • You can expect high-quality products and that's what we will deliver. Our products are backed by industry-leading warranties.
  • You’ll see quality in our construction methods and your finished project. What you don’t see is as important as the finished project you do see. The Bath Doctor uses highly skilled craftsmen who are experts in plumbing, carpentry, cabinetry, and trim work. We will not cut corners or cover over problems.

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