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Selecting the best basement remodeling or finishing contractor can be difficult. Cleveland Design and Remodeling (a division of Innovate Building Solutions) in Cleveland, Ohio provides products and services to help you transform your existing or unfinished basement into fun, functional rooms that fit your budget.

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Benefits of a Home Basement Remodel through Cleveland Design and Remodeling

Contemporary styled lower level project in Cleveland
Recreation & Game Room in a Remodeled Basement in Cleveland

A Successful Basement Finishing Project Begins With Effective Communications

Understanding your needs first. Basement remodeling often begins with a desire to transform the clutter of the lower level into a functional space that can serve the various needs of a family. We begin by asking how you would like to use the space. Would you like to create a man cave to watch big games with the boys? Do you need an extra bedroom or bathroom? Would a home office or workout room make sense? Do you dream of a home theater or a wine cellar?

Being straightforward. Our first objective is to learn what you don't like about your current basement and what you'd like it to look like in the future. Then we seek to turn your ideas into a realistic basement remodeling plan that fits your budget.

We are committed to being accurate with our pricing and realistic with our recommendations and project time frames. Our goal is for the basement remodel process to be transparent and completed in a timely manner. We will provide an accurate estimate and realistic time frames for completion.

Be fair and complete with any changes that might come up. Many times during a basement remodel customers want to add or upgrade materials. If this happens we will provide a written change order for you and will be fair with what we charge.

Our Team

Working to improve our skills. We are always to working to stay up on basement design and remodel trends. We invest time and money to train on the latest products and installation techniques - this is a never-ending process.

Superior coordination makes the difference. There are many different services involving many trades (rough and finished carpentry, plumbing, heating, electrical, flooring, etc.) and products (cabinets, ceilings, egress windows, showers, tubs, countertops, lighting, and flooring to name a few) being used in a basement remodeling project. We work to take the hassle out of the process by with qualified people to do your installation and dependable suppliers to get products needed to your home on time.

Our Philosophy Regarding Basement Renovations

Style and structure are both important. While a newly refinished basement or man cave may get you high fives from your friends, it's often the quality of the behind-the-wall materials, mechanical systems and access to various utilities that will make this space last and function properly over the long run. The underlying structures are just as important as the finished product you see.

We personally care about your project. We understand that your remodeling project can be inconvenient. Since you've invited us into your home it's our goal to respect your property by keeping the site clean and to treat you and your family well through the process. At the end of a job you may likely receive a follow-up call or a personal note from us to see how you're enjoying your new space.

Details make the difference. Care and craftsmanship are in the details - we understand this fact and will work hard to exceed your expectations.

About Cleveland Design & Remodeling

Financial stability and award winning service since 1977. Our financially stable company has delivered award-winning service to the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1977. Our company has served more than 170,000 customers and operates debt-free. We have won numerous service awards (Angie's List, Consumer's Choice, BBB accreditation) through our various divisions over that time. We look to earn your trust and we know you'll be so delighted with your remodel that you will think of us when recommending a basement remodeling and finishing contractor to friends and family.

Ideas - Fun Rooms

Basement Remodeling Design Ideas - Man Caves, Rec Rooms, Play Rooms, Home Theater, Wine Cellar, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Office, and Exercise rooms

Here's 5 rooms we can help you create to transform a messy basement into a useable and fun space.

Man cave with a wet bar and pinball machine in cleveland ohio

(Room 1) Man Cave, Recreation Room, Game Room with Bar

Don't settle for a boring finished basement. For many Cleveland and Akron homeowners' instead of buying a new, larger home, an increasing number of men (and women as well) are creating man caves in their lower level spaces. Complete with pinball machines, air hockey tables, pool tables, arcade games, and dry or wet bars, these spaces are certainly a big upgrade over the old rec room.

Kids playroom in a basement remodel akron

(Room 2) Kids Play Room

In cold climates like Northeastern Ohio, a children's playroom can be essential during the long winters. For a kid's play room consider using cubbies or special storage areas for toys and crafts and including desks or tables and chairs for arts and crafts. Flooring should be easy to clean – some options are rubber, bamboo, carpet, vinyl, or porcelain. As far as color goes, the lighter and brighter the better.

Home Theater in a lower level basement renovation cleveland ohio

(Room 3) Home Theater and Media Rooms

With the proper planning, a home theater in the basement can bring the movie experience into the home. The acoustics of this area will be critical. Consider using acoustic tiles and up to two layers of common fiberglass insulation (to deaden the sound) in the ceiling, curtains on the walls, and carpet or large area rugs on the floor. Since you want your media room to be dark, consider using dimmer switches or room-darkening shades, darker paneling, and décor in dark colors.

Basement Remodeling Hobby and Craft Room

(Room 4) Hobby or Craft Room

Lower-level craft or hobby rooms work well to separate any noise, mess, or smells associated with these activities from the upper floors. Make sure to provide task and overhead lighting and consider any special ventilation needed for safety, especially if you enjoy carpentry or woodworking.

Wine Cellar in a basement remodel cleveland

(Room 5) Wine Cellar and Tasting Rooms

Building a wine cellar in a basement is a trend on the upswing. Make sure the space is designed like a refrigerator and is kept at a temperature of 55 to 58 degrees with a humidity of 50% to 70%. Concrete floors need to be sealed, with slate, tile, and marble the most common flooring materials used in this application. Vapor barriers need and green board must be used on the walls, with redwood tongue and groove material a popular finishing material. Recessed lighting with dimmer switches and track lighting are popular in basement wine cellars. Solid core or dual pane insulated glass doors with a bottom sweep are a must.

Ideas - Functional Rooms

The basement can be a cost effective way to add space. Here's 6 room ideas to add to add living space and save money vs. an upper level room addition.

Bedroom guest room in a basement cleveland

(Room 1) Bedroom, Guest Room, and In-Law or Teen Suite

Given the current state of the real estate market, it may be smarter to improve your existing space than try to sell your home in order to move to a larger one. Adding a bedroom in the basement requires planning, however. One point to consider is that your local building codes may require an emergency escape egress window, which has the benefits of adding light and ventilation.If you're concerned about security glass block basement windows are an excellent choice. 

Because many basement bedrooms are smaller, put mirrors in strategic places and paint with light, neutral colors to create a brighter feel. Make sure the walls and floors are sealed before remodeling begins.

If you're going to create an in-law or teen suite, consider adding a second or more private stairway.

bathroom in a basement using universal design layout

(Room 2) Bathroom

Careful planning is a must when adding a basement bathroom. Locate the bathroom close to existing drains and windows (which provide an exhaust route for the ventilation system) when possible. Most lower-level bathrooms are smaller, and installing a stand-up shower and using mirrors will maximize spaciousness.

Basement Remodeling Kitchen cleveland

(Room 3) Kitchen

A newly remodeled kitchen on the lower level can enhance the ease of entertaining at home. Consider using light paint colors to make the room appear larger. Space permitting, add a kitchen island or bar with food preparation capabilities and storage cabinets or install a more energy-efficient condo-sized refrigerator. Use a variety of light sources in your basement kitchen, from overhead to track to pendant type lights.

Basement Remodeling Home Office Computer Room cleveland

(Room 4) Home Office, Computer or Homework Room

When designing a home office or homework room, the key is to ensure privacy and the ability to focus. Consider creating a separate room or dividing a space with a partial wall or a moveable screen (if you want to make the space feel more open a glass block wall can move light while simultaneously creating a barrier between spaces). Make sure that electrical service is adequate to run the (ever-expanding amount of) electronic office equipment you will want. If possible, locate the home office near a window for natural light. (Note: If you're concerned about the privacy and security of this window, use glass blocks.)

Workout and Exercise Room in a Basement in akron

(Room 5) Exercise or Workout Room

Since gym memberships are costly, especially for an entire family, the concept of remodeling a basement to include an exercise area or home gym is growing. Make the room lighting bright or put the workout room by a window (which will provide more light and ventilation as well). Use a ceiling fan to keep the space cooler and more comfortable, and install mirrors to increase the feeling of a larger space. Rubber mat flooring can help to protect the floors, add comfort and safety, and deaden sound.

Basement Remodeling Laundry and Storage Room

(Room 6) Laundry and Storage Areas

Although there are many fun and functional rooms for your lower level -  it is still an excellent location for storage space, utility rooms, and laundry rooms. You will want to insulate this room against vapor intrusion and to increase air flow and ventilation with windows (possibly even egress windows). To lower humidity levels, consider the use of a dehumidifier. Stacking items on open shelving will also allow more air movement and air circulation.



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