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If you’re a shower wall panel dealer, a builder or general remodeling contractor, you know completing bathroom projects profitably, on time and under budget is not simple. Let Innovate Building Solutions introduce you to our laminated wall panel line, the “no-tile, tile shower.” Our dealership opportunity can help you conquer your bathroom project problems!

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Our system can help you:

  • Improve efficiency on bathroom remodeling or new construction projects
  • Differentiate your products from low-priced competitors
  • Gain access to higher-end markets with shower and bathroom wall panels
  • Cut down on customer call-backs

The problem with the status quo

It can be a struggle making money on bathroom remodeling or new construction jobs. I bet you’ll relate to these 7 problems:

  • Problem #1

    Your installers damaged the customer’s home bringing shower wall panels up the stairs and into the bathroom

    Your crew struggled to get the 130 pound 60” x 96” cultured marble back panel through the door and into the small 2nd floor bathroom. In the process, they nicked the walls. Your customer wants a ‘price adjustment.’ The razor-thin margin you ‘had’ (past tense) is now down to nothing.

    bathroom wall contractor
  • Problem #2

    You lost another deal because your wall panels look and feel cheap

    Your sales rep comes in with a long face. You asked him why. He said he lost ANOTHER deal to a remodeler doing a tile shower. He shouted with disgust on his face, “The customer thinks our acrylic wall surrounds look cheap, plasticky, and behind the times.” In the back of your mind- you silently agree.

    cheap bathroom wall panels
  • Problem #3

    Your tile subcontractor delayed your job... again

    You’re going to have to call your customer, Wanda Worry-A-Lot, for the second time. You’re breaking the news her home will be delayed because the tile crew (the one you had to practically beg to do your job) didn’t show. They’re completing a ‘big job’ for the massive production builder in town. You need to get this tile guy in there. You need your draw. Your cash flow is not flowing.

    lazy subcontractor
  • Problem #4

    You lost the deal to the infamous low-baller, Carl from Cut-Rate-Contracting

    You finally get Frank Frugali on the line. You can’t understand why he hasn’t called you back after 5 phone calls. You had such good rapport on the initial sales call. You’re crushed when he blurts out, “I bought the wall panels and base for 25% less from Carl at Cut-Rate-Contracting.” You ask yourself, “why does the manufacturer sell their acrylic and cultured stone line to every Carl, Craig, Chris, Joan, Jill and Janet on the planet. You know Carl is such a sleaze-bucket. However, if you’re product is the same as Carl’s LOTS of people love ‘a bargain’ (until they ‘experience’ Carl’s work).

    contractor on phone
  • Problem #5

    The warranty call from the customer from ‘H E double hockey sticks’

    When you heard it was Francine Fanatical on the line you started to cringe. You thought you were DONE with her. She called to tell you she has grout joint cracks in 5 rooms of the home you built 9 months ago. You think, “If I could only find an alternative to tile– then I wouldn’t take calls like this from the ‘Francine’s of the world.”

    angry customer
  • Problem #6

    You’re debating whether to fire your technically ‘best’ installer – Paul Primadonna. He can’t seem to work with anyone

    It’s always a good thing when your technically best installer can work with others. However, since you need 2 people to install your solid surface, cultured stone and acrylic panels you’re not sure what you’re going to do with Paul Primadonna. He’s a pain. He can’t work with anyone. However, finding anyone with a pulse to do bathroom remodeling is tough. If only you could find a bathroom wall panel system where Paul could work alone.

    overconfident contractor
  • Problem #7

    Your wall panels didn’t fit the client’s décor, so they went with tile

    While you know you can’t win all the jobs it was still demoralizing when your client’s decorator, Irene Interiorza said they chose tile. She explained your cultured granite and acrylic wall panels ‘didn’t work’ with the Modern Farmhouse look her client wanted. Come to think of it, you’re not doing too well when clients want Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, or Contemporary bathrooms either.

    interior designer bathroom colors

The solution! Laminated bathroom wall panels

Would you like to improve your profit margins on bathroom jobs? Would you like better designed, more unique products and a thoughtful industry partner who cares about you? If so... There is a product you need to check out. It’s laminated wall panels.

Laminated shower and bathroom wall panels. An alternative to acrylic, fiberglass, cultured stone, solid surface and tile wall systems.

Laminated wall panels are manufactured in approximately 2’ x 8’ sheets (the exact size is 23.6” x 94.4” or 600 mm x 2400 mm). They have a high-pressure laminate top surface over a 7-layer birch marine grade plywood with a vapor barrier on the back. They are 100% waterproof (using the patented AquaLock system) and have been tested in environments even more stringent than the United States.

no-tile fibo laminated bathroom wall panels

Where can you use the panels?

Since these panels are waterproof, they’re often installed in ‘wet spaces’ like showers, tubs, bathroom, laundry rooms or kitchen backsplashes. However, they can also be used in featured bedroom walls or living rooms.

How the product installs

These modular wall panels can be installed by one person (or in a 2-person crew if you’d like). They use a ‘tongue and groove’ installation system (like flooring and roofing products you may have installed). The panels have sealant between them and simply click together.

Laminated wall panel for installation

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Dealership Opportunities

Thanks for exploring this dealership opportunity. Below we’ll give you insights on our dealership philosophy, how we’re looking to help dealers grow and who we think will make good dealer partner with us. We hope you’ll want to join us on this journey!

A simple dealership philosophy.

We ARE NOT here just to be your vendor and push products. Our goal is to work together so both our businesses grow. First, we’ll seek first to understand your business. Second, we’ll look to help you with products and/or business input to help your growth (and ours as well).


How we're looking to help our dealers

Innovative products

Our primary line is fashion-forward laminated wall panels. We also have complimentary shower accessories, wall hung vanities and shower bases. Other niche products include glass block shower and window systems.

Tools to help you sell

You need tools to succeed. It’s our goal to create those tools for you. An in-home demo kit and tri-fold brochures for trade shows and in-home appointments. Floor displays for your showroom. Technical details to make sure you do the job right the first time.

Help your business grow

We will pass leads along to dealers in your local markets which come from our digital marketing efforts. These efforts include a blog reaches 50,000 people per month and an email list which is distributed to over 17,000 people weekly. We would also love to blog about your cool projects using these fun laminated wall panels. Let’s grow together!

Down in the trenches insights

We know bathroom remodeling can be funky because we have a remodeling division of our own. If you run into problems, feel free to call our V.P. of Operations, Rob, for job-by-job technical project insights.

What we're looking for from our dealers

Our goal is to find innovative companies and people. We need organizations (and their teams) which are knowledgeable about installing bathroom products (either in remodeling or new construction) and have a desire to grow. There are no royalties’ fees or percentages to pay. Here’s some additional expectations we have for our dealer partners:

Invest in marketing

We have demo kits, floor displays and brochures to promote these products. We are looking for partners who will invest in increasing market awareness.

Not afraid of innovation

We’re looking for partners who aren’t afraid of innovation and trying new things along the way. Times WILL change, we have to change with them.

Installation capabilities

You must have the ability to install wall panels – or have a contracting team to do it for you.

Residential sales expertise

You need the ability to meet with homeowners to explain the benefits of working with our lines.

Ethical business practices

We’re not looking for any ‘Danny-Devito-ish’ Tin Men representing this line. We’re looking for honest companies who want to make a fair profit.

Does this opportunity sound right you and your team? If so, get in touch!


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’ve got the answers.

  • Question #1

    Are laminated wall panels new?

    Yes and no (how’s that for a straight answer).

    Yes – laminated wall panels are new to the United States (Innovate Building Solutions is an original importer of this product made by Fibo Systems). We are the first to offer non-stocking dealership opportunities to select builders, remodelers and bathroom wall panel dealers and installers.

    No – laminated wall panels are not new to European markets. In fact, in Norway it’s estimated these grout free panels are used in 30% of all homes. The product was first introduced in 1952.

  • Question #2

    How does this system work? How long is the warranty?

    Laminated wall panels install much like tongue and groove flooring – except they are put up on vertical surfaces (direct to stud) and are waterproof. These easy-to-work with 2’ x 8’ panels (their actual size is 23.6” x 94.4”) simply click, seal and lock together. They come with a 15-year warranty.

  • Question #3

    Where can laminate walls be used?

    The biggest application are shower surrounds, tub alcoves, bathroom wall panels, laundry rooms and in kitchen backsplashes. The system is 100% waterproof. They can be used throughout the bathroom in place of higher maintenance alternatives like tile, stone, drywall and plaster walls.

  • Question #4

    Can I use these laminate wall panel systems with premade bases with flanges, site-built tile shower pans or wet room systems?

    Yes – these panels can be used with either a flanged base, a wet room system or any of the available tile shower pan.

    Click images to view full-size
  • Question #5

    Why should I offer laminate wall panels as an alternative to the acrylic or cultured marble wall panels I sell, install (and know so well) today?

    Acrylic and cultured marble don’t fit today’s contemporary bathrooms. Here are a few reasons you and your customers will prefer laminate walls over what you offer today:

    They look and feel better. These panels have a textured front surface with indented ‘faux grout’ joints. They’re 3 times thicker than acrylic (3/8” total thickness). They aren’t (and don’t look) pressed out of a mold. They look like real tile, stone and high-gloss finishes.

    They’re easier to install – and can be put up with 1 person. Since the panels come in 2’ x 8’ pieces they are simple to get into a small bathroom with one person moving them around.

    They come in styles to fit multiple design themes. Acrylic and cultured stone wall panels are not modern looking. Laminate wall panels, on the other hand, are available in high gloss, rustic and weathered Modern Farmhouse and even wood textures which work in Mid-Century Modern designs.

    They’ll make you successful selling higher-end jobs with better profit margins – When you get beyond the middle-income markets, few people are using acrylic in their bathrooms. It just doesn’t match the quality standards of this market. Offering laminate wall panels will give you ‘grout free’ options your customers want with a look (and low maintenance features) they will enjoy for years.

    You won’t end up ‘slugging it out’ with your low-priced competitors – Everybody and their brother and sister have a line of acrylic and cultured granite wall panels (it’s not tough to be a dealer or franchise of these lines). The business used to be more profitable – before it got flooded. Get in on the ground floor with a growing product which looks like real tile. That would be laminate wall panels – also known as “The No-Tile Tile Shower.”


Product Videos

Take a look at the videos below to see the product in action!

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