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About Us

Innovate Building Solutions is a family of nine companies throughout Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more about us please use the navigation on the right.

Our Values

Innovate Building Solutions is dedicated to provide products and systems to make our customers' homes and businesses more secure and beautiful, however we strive for much more than that! What is it that makes us unique? What do we value?

  • We value a "quick and painless buying experience" for our customers- When you invite us into your home or business we don't believe in a drawn-out or high pressure sales process to get you to "buy today." We pride ourselves in being courteous, professional, and respectful of your time, needs, and budget! We want to earn your trust. We try to learn what you want to accomplish and present the features and benefits of our products we think will be of value to you. We'll give you the best price the first time, while providing straightforward honest answers to your questions. We believe this philosophy is the cornerstone of a thriving business that has had the good fortune to be in business 28 years and serve over 150,000 customers.
  • We value honesty and integrity - This is our foundation. The "right thing" to do is not always the easiest thing to do. We need to admit our mistakes and be accountable to learn from them. We must be honest and live up to the trust our customer's have shown in us.
  • We provide education and training for all. We offer training for those who need to get better in the basic skills of reading and math or to those who need advanced training provided at seminars and universities.
  • We value up to date systems - We need our systems to be fast and efficient to provide customers' timely answers.
  • We value "human touch" - There can be no substitute for people who care. "You don't care how much we know until you know how much we care."
  • We value our community - We recognize that we are privileged to live in the United States and are responsible to commit our time and resources to "give back" to socially responsible causes.
  • We value honest feedback - It is only through feedback and self- evaluation from our customers and our people that we can focus on getting better. We want you to feel you can contact anyone in our company and get responsive answers to your questions.

We thank you for considering Innovate Building Solutions and look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you! If I can be of personal service to you don't hesitate to email me for help.

Michael A. Foti

Michael A. Foti

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