Budget cultured marble shower wall surrounds for multi-unit and commercial properties

If you’re looking for stylish, grout free shower and tub wall panels for an affordable housing or budget hotel or motel, these cultured marble shower and tub wall surrounds are an option you’ll want to consider.

Cultured Marble Shower Wall Panels

Benefits of cultured marble wall panels

Custom cultured shower wall panels


In today’s competitive markets your properties need to look good to keep tenants, students, owners and patients coming back. With 21 different patterns, colors and designs you’ll be able to find the right look to fit your décor

Computer screenshowing budgets for shower wall panels

Budget friendly for your residential or commercial projects

If you’re looking for a product with the look of tile – but at a more cost-effective price – look no further than cultured marble panels for the multi-unit markets. They’re made to your specifications.

Shower wall panels are easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Time is money – and labor staffing costs are not getting any cheaper. With these grout free, non-porous wall panels it’ll take far less time for your maintenance and cleaning staff to keep your place in tip-top shape. In addition, they’re far more hygienic than a tile grouted shower.

Circular saw for wall panel installation

Simple, time effective installation

1/4” thick cultured marble multi-unit wall panels can be cut with common woodworking equipment without the slow turnaround time to install alcove tile shower or tub surrounds. This will save you money and get rooms leased or occupied quicker.

Multi-market uses for cultured marble wall panels

Multi-market uses

Whether you’re building a budget hotel, building a senior living facility or multi-family housing development, cultured marble shower wall panels will provide a look which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also one which is light on the construction AND maintenance budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cultured marble wall panels?

Cultured marble (also called cast polymer) wall panels are made in ¼” thick sheets using a mixture of ground marble, pigment and polyester resin in custom made molds. They come in a variety of patterns, colors and can be made to the specifications of your walls.

How is the product shipped? Will I get extra panels in case there’s any breakage or cutting mistakes on the site?

These panels are shipped on ‘A frames’ direct to your project site in quantities of 50 shower wall sets or tub surrounds. You’ll also get at least one extra shower or tub wall set in case there’s breakage on the site.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

These wall panels are made in higher quantities to keep costs down (and save money vs. tile projects) for multi-unit projects. The minimum is 50 showers or tub surrounds per order. They can be shipped in multiple releases if needed.

Can I get a shower pan and storage accessories to go with these wall panels?

Absolutely, choose cultured marble shower bases in a variety of sizes, with different drains designs and styles. And you’ll also want to check out the shampoo niches, soap dishes, foot rests and ledges.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes – click on the link below and we’ll provide samples to you.

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Product Options

Theory wall pattern


Ventana wall pattern


Interval wall pattern


Chevron FF1 wall pattern

Chevron FF1

Vertical vision wall pattern

Vertical Vision

12x24 Contemporary wall pattern

12" x 24" Contemporary

4x15 Confetti wall pattern

4" x 15" Confetti

6x24 Vision wall pattern

6" x 24" Vision

10x20 Vertical wall pattern

10" x 20" Vertical

Stars wall pattern


4x8 TE wall pattern

4" x 8" TE

3x6 subway wall pattern

3" x 6" Subway

Bamboo wall pattern

2" x 14" Bamboo

6x14 Contemporary wall pattern

6" x 24" Contemporary

Herringbone wall pattern


Dune wall pattern


Linear Listello

6" x 24" Linear Listello

Fan wall pattern


4x12 smooth tile wall pattern

4" x 12" Smooth Tile

6x4x24 Vision

6" x 4" x 24" Vision

Chevron H4 wall pattern

Chevron H4

Color Options

Firefox Beige


Light Grey

Solid Bone

Solid White

Italian Iced


Crytal Almond


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12x24 Contemporary Closed Up 1
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6x24 Linear Listello Closed Up 1
6x24 Contemporary Closed Up 1
6x4x24 Vision Closed Up 1
4x15 Confetti Closed Up 1
4x12 Tile Closed Up 1
4x8 Closed Up 1
3x6 Subway Closed Up 1
2x14 Bamboo Closed Up 1

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