Laminated wall panels for commercial and multi-tenant residential projects

You only have a moment to make a positive first impression. Here’s how laminate shower wall and kitchen backsplash panels will help you do this.

Laminated shower wall panels for multi-unti properties and hotels

Benefits of laminate wall panels:


These wall panels (which are also called ‘The No Tile, Tile Shower’) are so realistic your students, seniors and tenants won’t realize they’re not tile. They are much easier to clean and maintain too!


If your properties are behind-the-times they sit vacant. If your dorm rooms or off campus apartments still look like it’s 1986, then you’re in trouble. Stylish bathrooms and tight budgets don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

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Save Installation Time

As you know time is money – and tile takes a long time to install. Get your spaces ready quicker (and save labor costs) with click and lock laminate wall panels. Choose from the standard 23.6” wide x 94.4” tall series, or if you need very quick installation cycle times, ask about the extra wide QI (Quick Install) Series panels which are 41.0” wide x 94.4” tall and available in the two most popular patterns.

Volume order shower wall panels for apartments or hotels

Small or large volume orders

If you’ve got a small project on a tight timeline, draw from our stock of 31 patterns. If your project will be started months down the road, design using 700 different patterns from our catalogue for the perfect fit with your design theme.

Laminate wall panels for bathrooms and kitchens

Versatile uses

This 100% waterproof product isn’t just great for shower or bathtub surrounds – our laminate panels can be the perfect solution for a stylish kitchen backsplash too!

Save money with laminate shower wall panels for multi-unit housing

Save money!

Ceramic tile showers, bathroom room walls and kitchen backsplashes are in constant need of repair. Eliminate this renovation and repair costs with our laminated wall panels.

Frequently asked questions:

What are laminate wall panels?

Standard laminate wall panels are made in 2’ x 8’ sheets (the exact size is 23.6” x 94.4” or 600 mm x 2400 mm) in a wide variety of patterns.

The extra wide QI (Quick Install) Series of laminate wall panels are 40.1” wide x 94.4” tall when a faster installation is essential.

They use a high-pressure laminate top surface over a 7-layer birch marine grade plywood with a vapor barrier on the back. They are 100% waterproof (using the patented AquaLock system) and have been tested in environments even more stringent than the United States.

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Question 1   Aqualock Waterproof Shower Panel System
Question 1   Cross Section View Of Laminated Wall Panel
Question 1   Laminated Shower Wall Panel Section To Be Installed

How are laminated wall panels purchased for small or large multi-tenant projects?

Laminated wall panels can be purchased in small quantities (we’ll ship a single shower if that’s what you need) in convenient shower kits for minor renovation jobs. For larger projects Innovate offers factory-direct container (or volume based) pricing to drive project costs down. Ask about the extra wide QI (Quick Install) Series to save on labor costs for hotels, apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, or dorm rooms.

What design patterns are available in laminate wall panels?

There are 31 standard width and 2 extra wide (QI – Quick Install Series) available for immediate delivery – stock shower and tub wall surround patterns. Click the button below for a complete description of them all.

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If the standard colors/patterns don’t provide the look you want there are over 700 different colors/patterns which can be ordered from our manufacturing partner’s Norwegian factory. Please allow 2 to 4 months for delivery of these items. Here’s just a few fun patterns/colors you’ll find in the balance of this line. If you want a full product catalogue, please click below.

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Cracked Cement
Black Marble 24x24
Smokey Blue Stacked Subway Tile
Black Hexagon and Bianco Marble 24x24
Charcoal Grey
Black Slate 24x12 and Decorative White Accent

Product Images

3D Textured Slate In Black
1066 C M66 Black
Bathroom   HG White 4618 Grand Piano
Bathroom Wall Panels Fibo Trespo 2898 Shabby Chic
Bathroom Walls 4746 Grey Sahara M6040
Close Up Of Faux Grout Joint   5342 Sahara
Closet Up Cracked Cement 2204 Cracked Cement M63
High Gloss Glass Green Denver White F01 Front
Kitchen Backsplash   4091 ME88 SL White Slate   Fibo Trespo Benk 025 LOM
Shower Wall Panels Green Gloss
Shower 2204 Cracked Cement M63 S Og   2069 Zink ME88 Entre
Showers 3091 M63 White Panels

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