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5 Ideas to Make Your Senior Housing Bathroom Sexy

Opening - ideas to make senior housing bathroom sexy | Innovate Building Solutions | Senior Housing | #BathroomRemodel #SeniorHousing #BathroomIdeas
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I don’t know of a single senior who wants to feel old or live in ugly surroundings. Yet – if you go into bathrooms in senior apartments or independent or assisted living units there’s two words which all too often describes the setting. These words are…

Institutional and Old

These bathrooms can look far worse than your Mom or Dad’s last remodeled bathroom or last stylish hotel they visited. The challenge is your assisted or independent living…

7 Smart Bathroom Design Features to Win-Over 55+ Luxury Apartment Renters

Smart bathroom design features to win over luxury apartment | Innovate Building Solutions | Multi Unit | Luxury Apartments | #LuxuryApartments #BathroomDesigns #BathroomRemodeling
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They’re the hottest growth segment in the apartment rental market. They’re 55 plus. They’re not only ‘renting by choice,’ but they’re ‘renting with high expectations’ of you (if you’re the builder or developer).

You see, this isn’t their first rodeo. They’ve lived in apartments. They’re beyond being a move-up buyer. They’ve already lived through raising kids in the big suburban home.

They’re smart. They’re sophisticated. They’re ready to…