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Dealer Spotlight – Luxury Bath & Kitchens of Raleigh- Combining a Hometown Experience, Innovative Products & Comprehensive Service to Succeed

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The bathroom remodeling business

Running a bathroom remodeling business IS NOT getting easier. National ‘bath in a day’ competitors (with big pocket investors funding them) are popping up faster than you can say ‘one Scaramucci (for you politics buffs out there)!’

And, as you know, these big national companies are selling the ‘same old-same old’ plastic products and focusing on ‘wet area’ projects. Their goal is getting in and out QUICK…

15 Reasons Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Fail

Blog Post - Opening Image - 15 Reasons Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Fail | Innovate Building Solutions #BathroomRemodelingContractors #BathroomContractor #RemodelingContractor
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OK – I don’t really mean to be ‘Danny Downer’ (and I really do consider myself to be a ‘glass-half-full’ guy), but the statistics about construction businesses failing is not good.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of construction companies don’t survive their first year of business. OUCH! And after five years only 36% are still operating.

Now that sucks! Basically for 2/3 of remodeling businesses started 5 years ago you can…

15 Tell-Tale Signs to Avoid the Bathroom Remodeling Prospect (or customer) from HELL

Blog Post - Opening image 15 signs to avoid bad bathroom remodeling prospect customer | Innovate Building Solutions #Remodeling #LaminateWallPanels #FiboDealers
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There were signs things were ‘off’ from the beginning. As you look back now, the clues you had a P.I.A. customer were apparent as early as your initial phone call and design appointment. Sure – these people are difficult (you said to yourself), but it’ll get better once I’m on the job.

And now in hindsight, you know you COULDN’T have been more wrong! And while you’re sucking it up and trying to get through this job without losing your shirt…