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7 Smart Ideas to Maximize Your ROI on a Vacation Home Rental Bathroom Remodel or Makeover

7 smart ideas to maximize your roi on your shower renovation | Innovate Building Solutions | Multi Unit | #BathroomRemodel #LuxuryApartments #LuxuryHotels #StudentHousing
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The good news is the vacation home rental industry is hot. With over 660,000 listing on Airbnb alone, the interest from renters is high.

The bad news is there are over 660,000 listings on Airbnb alone. Competition is stiff. Only 11% of the listings in the United States are booked on an average night.

So, if you’re in the 89% who want more listings at higher nightly rates and want to turn your cozy getaway into a cash machine, you may have…

3 Smart Steps for an Affordable Single-Family Rental Housing Model Which Makes a Difference and a Profit

Opening single family rental strategy | Innovate Building Solutions | Multi Family Apartments | #HousingApartments #ApartmentComplex #SingleFamilyRentals
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As I’m sure you know making money rehabbing and renting single family homes is a tough business. Here’s some things you need to do:

  • Find the right homes in the best neighborhoods which fits your business model.
  • Fix homes efficiently.
  • Make homes attractive so tenants will be motivated to sign your lease.
  • Find tenants who will stick around and keep your home in good condition.
  • Offer affordable rents which also give you a strong ROI (return on…

5 Ideas to Get Rid of Mold in an Apartment or Single Family Rental Shower

Mold in an apartment shower | Innovate Building Solutions | Innovate Building Solutions Multi Unit | #ApartmentBathrooms #BathroomPanels #BathroomMold
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Owning single family homes or multi-family apartment rentals or condos can be a profitable business. However, when you’re hit with ‘big headaches’ like your tenant complaining about health issues due to (what they believe) is mold in your not very pretty (OK, if you’re being honest, it’s downright-disgusting) tile shower your profits may be headed south.

Your tenant is demanding a solution. You’re thinking, “This could get ugly.”

While you…