7 Smart Bathroom Design Features to Win-Over 55+ Luxury Apartment Renters

Smart bathroom design features to win over luxury apartment | Innovate Building Solutions | Multi Unit | Luxury Apartments | #LuxuryApartments #BathroomDesigns #BathroomRemodeling
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They’re the hottest growth segment in the apartment rental market. They’re 55 plus. They’re not only ‘renting by choice,’ but they’re ‘renting with high expectations’ of you (if you’re the builder or developer).

You see, this isn’t their first rodeo. They’ve lived in apartments. They’re beyond being a move-up buyer. They’ve already lived through raising kids in the big suburban home.

They’re smart. They’re sophisticated. They’re ready to…

5 Ideas to Get Rid of Mold in an Apartment or Single Family Rental Shower

Mold in an apartment shower | Innovate Building Solutions | Innovate Building Solutions Multi Unit | #ApartmentBathrooms #BathroomPanels #BathroomMold
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Owning single family homes or multi-family apartment rentals or condos can be a profitable business. However, when you’re hit with ‘big headaches’ like your tenant complaining about health issues due to (what they believe) is mold in your not very pretty (OK, if you’re being honest, it’s downright-disgusting) tile shower your profits may be headed south.

Your tenant is demanding a solution. You’re thinking, “This could get ugly.”

While you…

5 Hotel Bathroom Design Ideas Guests Will Rave About (and Your Housekeeping Staff and Accountants will Love)

Hotel bathroom design ideas guest will rave about | Innovate Building Solutions | Multi Unit Bathroom | #BathroomHotels #HotelDesigns #HotelGuests #MultiUnitBathrooms
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You want your hotel guests to rave (not rage) on social media about your guest room (and bathroom) design. However, in the hyper competitive hospitality world their expectations keep going up and up.

Whether you lead or manage a budget or boutique hotel, large resort or small bed and breakfast you have to make a profit while simultaneously making sure you have clean rooms and are creating an exceptional experience.

You don’t want your hard to…