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How ‘David’ Can Compete with ‘Goliath’ in the Bath Remodeling Industry

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OK – so you’re not a household name in the shower wall panel and tub to shower conversion industry like West Shore Homes, ReBath, Tundraland, Mad City Windows & Bath or Bath Planet. And you’re still amazed every time you learn how much MORE MONEY these companies get selling a job than you do.

You’re looking to grow your business but can’t for the life of you figure out how the ‘big boys’ (and ‘big girls’) in your market seem to come…

The Pros and Cons of Becoming an Acrylic Shower Wall Panel Dealer (with 3 alternatives if you hate acrylic walls)

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Perhaps you’ve dreamed of owning your own bathroom remodeling business and enjoying the profits which come with ownership. However, today you’re ‘just’ a subcontract installer, or sales rep or manager who ‘gets to’ watch your owner enjoy the fruits (literally) of your labor. You’re thinking becoming an acrylic shower wall panel dealer (and starting your own business) could be right for you.

Or perhaps you own a small residential general…

Why I blew up my remodeling and building materials web site with over 250,000 monthly views

Opening- Why I blew up my remodeling and building materials web site | Innovate Building Solutions | Innovate Builders Blog #Remodeling #BuildingMaterials #NewWebsite
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(Including 5 practical tips to take your site to the next level)

If your web site IS NOT putting your best foot forward, I get it.

You see most people would look at the results of my old web site (which had 250,000 monthly views, 1,850 monthly ‘conversions’ and an email list of over 38,000) and say we were rockin’ in. However, … I knew better.

I knew I was living with a 9-year car (‘er web site) with an engine which was misfiring and rust…

7 Critical Changes You Need (Post COVID-19) to Keep Your Remodeling Business off Life Support

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Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the ultimate ‘glass half full’ guy. But no matter how you slice it, being either a supplier to (or a contracting company in) the remodeling industry during the Coronavirus is SCARY!

‘Stay at home’ and ‘shelter in place’ orders are essential tools Governors have used to flatten the spread of this nasty virus (and the Governor of my home state, Mike DeWine of Ohio has done a masterful job with this).…

Should you Start a Blog, a Podcast or Create Video Content for Your Remodeling or Home Building Business?

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Who is like me and thinks the road to cost-effective lead generation has gotten infinitely more complex for your building or remodeling business (or any business for that matter)?

Do you remember ‘back in the day’ when home shows and print ads (even the little TV guides which used to sit on coffee tables) used to rock your world with leads. However, today’s reality is quite different.

Now, the Coronavirus is shaking the home show and event…

How to Grow Relationships through Digital Marketing

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When you look up the term digital marketing, you’ll get a ‘not-exactly-heartwarming’ definition that it’s ‘any form of advertising on an internet-connected device with a screen.’ Now if that doesn’t give you the ‘warm and fuzzies’ I’m not sure what will (sarcasm intended).

And when you think of it who doesn’t want more advertising messages pushed our way? I just can’t wait to see the next Facebook or Pay Per Click ad.

And who doesn’t want to…