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      Is your old steel or cast iron bathtub stained, rusted, or chipped? Let the installation professionals at The Bath Doctor diagnose and fix your bathroom problems. We install our systems over your old cast iron or steel bathtubs. Our 100% waterproof acrylic liners will save you money by providing a long-term solution, not the short-term fix that bathtub resurfacing provides.

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      Benefits of bathtub liners

      Sentrel composite materials used around a tub deck

      Drop in acrylic tub with decorative
      tub deck using calabria stone
      tub liner and wall system for low maintenance

      White acrylic tub liner & walls
      decorative bath tub liner in a cream color

      Tub liner with wave form skirt

      Save on remodeling costs. An acrylic liner is usually 1/3 the cost of a complete bath remodel.

      Benefit from our one-day installation. A tub liner, overflow cover, and drain can be installed in a single day.

      a bathtub liner being installed

      Reduce maintenance and eliminate mold, mildew, rust, stains, and chips. Acrylic is non-porous and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

      moldy bathtub in columbus ohio
      chipped bathtub
      mold and scum in a tub and wall enclosure

      Improve safety, looks, and function. Our acrylic liners have non-skid surfaces and are warm to the touch. You can add also add a safety grab bar, anti-scald shower valve, glass block window inside the tub space, or corner caddy for soap and shampoo.

      decorative tub deck with golden beaches color

      Acrylic drop in tub with decorative golden beaches
      Sentrel decking material
      straight skirt tub liner in a gray color

      Gray straight skirt tub liner

      Invest in a long-term solution. Acrylic tubs have lifetime product guarantees – unlike reglazing systems.

      Product Lines & Designs

      Acrylic bathtub Designs


      Straight form skirt
      Thermoformed from a .270" thick sheet of acrylic
      Straight Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner
      Wave form skirt
      Thermoformed with an inset wave pattern from a .280" thick sheet of acrylic
      Wave Inset Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner
      Classic form skirt
      Thermoformed from a .280" thick sheet of acrylic and has a 1 1/2" offset
      Classic Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner
      Curved form skirt
      Thermoformed from a .280" thick sheet of acrylic and has a 2 3/4" offset
      Curved Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner
      Pia form skirt
      Thermoformed from a .280" thick sheet of acrylic and has a 1 1/2" offset
      Pia Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner
      Winged form skirt
      Thermoformed from a .280" thick sheet of acrylic and has a 1 1/2" offset
      Winged Thermoformed Acrylic Tub Liner


      Acrylic Tub Liner Color - Almond
      Acrylic Tub Liner Color - Biscuit
      Acrylic Tub Liner Color - Pearl
      Acrylic Tub Liner Color - Gray
      Acrylic Tub Liner Color - White


      Bath Liner Installation

      Due to the technical nature of the process bath liners must be installed by factory-trained field technicians. The high-quality acrylic we use is custom-fitted and cut with industry-specific tools not available to the general public. Manufacturers certify our field technicians to make sure you get an excellent job. You get a complete, written warranty.

      Most units take from 4 -8 hours to install. A complete overhaul of your bathroom (i.e., a new wall surround, ceiling panel, new faucet, and any other accessories) will typically take only one to two days. You can use the bath as soon as the morning after the project has been completed.

      Our field technicians try to limit the inconvenience associated with bathroom remodeling. If circumstances force us to delay completion of your project (such as the factory sending an incorrect product, discovering plumbing problems, finding that necessary wall repair is more extensive than anticipated), your bathroom will still be available for use by your family.



      1. Why choose The Bath Doctor?

      • Our process begins with you and an understanding of your needs. We ask questions before presenting product solutions.
      • We are an award-winning, regionally owned and operated company. We started in 1977; have locations in Cleveland and Columbus and have won service awards from Angie’s List and the Consumers’ Choice Institute; and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
      • We offer better product guarantees than those associated with resurfacing, reglazing, and refinishing.
      • Our bath tub liners are made of the most durable acrylic on the market.

      2. If I have an existing fiberglass tub and wall surround system, can I still get an acrylic tub installed conveniently and at a reasonable cost?

      Yes. We can remove these units and replace the old tub with a standard or deep acrylic Kohler unit. Alternatively, we can do a bath-to-shower conversion (this is a great idea for people who want to stay in their homes longer and whose mobility may be limited).

      old fiberglass tub and shower unit in cleveland
      Old one piece fiberglass tub and wall
      deep acrylic tub used in a project in highland hts. ohio
      Kohler acrylic tub, 8 x 10 simulated tile almond white wall surrounds
      acrylic shower with bypass doors After picture of a tub converted to a shower

      3. What features do you offer to make a tub more accessible?

      We offer several solutions for aging in place, including the Safeway Step® tub cut-out conversion process, safety tubs, grab bars, and tub seats.

      A Safeway Step® tub cut-out conversion

      • Cuts costs by converting your existing tub,
      • Increases safety and accessibility in the shower, and
      • Improves quality of life at home as well as in senior housing, hotels, and other commercial applications.

      Safety tubs

      • Provide a safer, healthier, more comfortable bathing experience,
      • Contain an ADA-compliant built-in seat, and
      • Accommodate multiple therapy options.
      tub cut out with a safeway step
      Safeway step
      safety tub for walk in entry
      Safety tub for soaking or therapy
      folding tub seats
      Folding seat

      4. Do you carry wall surrounds that match your tubs?

      Yes. Our acrylic surrounds are available in solid, granite, metallic, and marble finishes in solid, simulated tile and stone designs.

      decorative acrylic wall surrounds
      grab bar, corner caddy and soap dish on acrylic walls
      Tile border look incorporated into acrylic tub wall project

      5. Can I remodel my tub/shower without having to tear everything out?
      Yes. Our liners can be installed over existing tiles, and we offer simulated tile or stone acrylic shower wall surrounds to preserve the look with no grout maintenance.

      simulated subway tile pattern on acrylic walls Subway tile pattern
      slate pattern on acrylic walls Slate pattern




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