Handicap Accessible Roll-In Shower Pans & Wet Rooms

Creating a roll in shower (or one level wet room) not only adds safety to a bathroom remodeling project but style as well. Our line of sturdy roll-in or walk in shower pans are made of glass reinforced plastic (high strength composite pan) and can be set directly on floor joists to create a step-free (zero threshold) shower without compromising the integrity of joists below. This system can be enjoyed by all members of the family – regardless of whether they need an ADA or handicap shower or just want a walk in design. The one level look is contemporary and fashion-forward.
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Handicap Accessible Roll-In Shower Pans & Wet Rooms

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Benefits of Roll-in & Walk-in Shower Pans

  • Roll-in shower base in a bathroom remodeling project in Cleveland

  • Walk-in shower with glass screen

  • Tiled wet room shower base

    • One of the misconceptions about roll in shower pans is they look institutional. This does not need to be the case. Our walk in shower bases provide the following advantages:

    • Offers a safe entry into a shower for a person of any ability

      With a curbless zero degree threshold design even those with limited mobility (or in a wheelchair) can safely roll in or walk into this shower.

    • Stylish design

      The roll in shower base is designed into a wet room to create a sleek European design – while providing the safety of a curb-free entry.

    • Easy installation

      A one day installation is possible with these roll in showers, and you won’t be cutting joists which compromise the structural integrity of your home. 

    • Flexibility in sizes and shapes of the shower

      With either our grout-free roll in showers or our large format or mosaic tile one level wet room systems, you’ll have the flexibility to create different sizes (and even shaped) showers. With the adjustable tile grates you can use tile or stone which varies in thickness from 1/4″ to 1″. 

    • Can be used with existing flooring or many types of new floors

      Our shower pans can be installed into bathrooms where you want to keep the existing floor or where you’re doing a complete remodel. Feel free to use any type of bathroom floor (tile, wood, stone or vinyl will all work with this system).

    • Easy installation and lower labor costs

      Whether you’re a DIY’er or want this base professionally installed it is not a complex process. Contact us for professional installation or nationwide supply. Since these bases are pre-sloped – there’s cost or time associated with a mud pan style installation and there is NO NEED to cut into wood joists to create a roll-in shower base.

    • Flexibility in drain location

      Our ready for tile roll in pans can either be rotated for different drain locations, or choose our new ‘Flex-Drain’ roll in pan with up to 16 drain locations per base. This feature will not only save time, but also signifcant costs since you may not have to move your plumbing.

    • Waterproof shower base system

      When you choose either our high-strength plastic composite shower pans or our ready for tile roll-in units, you can combine them with waterproofing kits to create a one level wet room where you WILL NOT have to worry about leaking in the floors below.

    • ADA roll-in or walk in bases work for wheelchair access

      A zero threshold system not only looks stylish but makes it simple for a wheelchair to roll in or another member of the family to walk in.

    • Adaptable with multiple glass enclosure systems

      Whether you want to use a shower screen, pivoting glass door shower enclosure or even a glass block shower system – this base can accommodate the style of glass walls you desire (or have a completely open shower with curtains to provide showering care for a loved one. 

    • Works in large and small bathrooms

      You don’t need to have a large bathroom to use this system. With a one level wet room system you simply can waterproof the entire bathroom floor if you’d like. 

    • Available wet room kits or waterproof wall panels to waterproof the whole bathroom

      Why stop at just waterproofing the shower – create the ultimate experience and ease of maintenance by using our wet room kits for the entire floor. And build on the low maintenance theme by using realistic laminate laminate shower wall panels as well.

    • Free shipping and nationwide supply or professional installation

      If you’re a DIY person looking for a top of the line ADA handicap roll in shower or want professional installation Innovate Building Solutions can help. As about installation of roll in showers in Cleveland Ohio or about one of our network of installing dealers. 

    Roll-in & Walk-in Shower Pans

    A contractor creating a ‘roll-in shower’ on site without a proven system is an accident waiting to happen! Innovate’s ready for tile roll in shower base was developed 30 years ago in Europe and has grown tremendously in the United States as people look to ‘age in place’ or want universal designs which will work for family members of all abilities. Here are the features of this ready for tile roll-in or walk-in shower pan which will make your project smoother:

    Ready for tile
    Standard Roll-in Shower Pan

    • This pre-sloped and preformed pan can be used for any sized shower. The manufactured slop ensures water moves efficiently to the drain. 
    • Finish over the top with tile or stone from 1/4″ to 1″ thick with an adjustable tile drain. 
    • Glass reinforced plastic shower pan uses the same material which is used in aircrafts. 
    • Shower pan foundation formers can be used with mosaic tiles or large format tiles
    • Choose from either a square drain (for mosaic patterns) or a contemporary linear drain for larger tile looks. 
    • The ready for tile roll in pan (or shower base former) is set directly to the joists – elminating any problem with altering the structure of your floor. 
    • Square drains are available in polished steel, brushed steel, oil rubbed bronze or black. 
    • Linear drains are available in brushed stainless with either a slotted or solid drain cover (note with the solid drain cover you can turn it over to inset your tile for a ‘drain-free’ look). 
    • Can be used with tile, glass tiles, stone or vinyl bathroom flooring.
    • Supports heavy weight loads.
    • Can be used in conjunction with PEX tubing or electric mat heating.
    • Off center drain hole allows repositioning of base for optimal orientation and to save on plumbing costs.
    • Can be cut to size or shape.
    • Can be installed on wood joists, on a wood subfloor or on concrete or in concrete.
    • Can be used in conjunction with a wet room system.
    Tiled roll-in shower base
    Tiled roll-in shower base
    Glass reinforced plastic shower base before installation
    Glass reinforced plastic shower base before installation

    Ready for tile
    Vari-Drain Roll-in Shower Pan Option

    • Rotating plate allows for 15 or more drain positions.
    • The shower base foundation former can be cut to size
    • A center drain location can be created with this pan.

    Vari-Drain Shower Pan Sizes

    • 59″ x 32 ¼” (widely used for tub to shower conversion projects)
    • 59″ x 47 ¼”
    • 47 ¼” x 47 ¼”
    • 70 ⅞” x 32 ¼”
    • 35 ½” x 35 ½”
    • 39 ⅜” x 39 ⅜”
    • 44 ¼” x 30 ¼”
    • 51 ¼” x 32 ¼”
    • 55 ⅛” x 35 ½”
    Glass reinforced plastic shower base before installation

    Tiled roll-in shower base

    Ready for tile
    Linear Drain Roll-in Shower Pan Option

    While you love the idea of a one level bathroom or shower, maybe the idea of the number of grout joints with small mosaic tiles his NOT the maintenance situation you want to get yourself into. You like the idea of large format tiles and reducing grout joints. If this describes you- then the linear drain option will be your best choice. Here’s some of the benefits you’ll get with this linear drain roll in shower pan: 

    • The drain gulley is integrated into the base so you won’t have to worry about the compatibility of the roll in or walk in pan with the drain. 
    • The unit is presloped so you won’t have to worry about standing water. 
    • You can use large format shower floor tiles to minimize grout joints and make a small bathroom feel larger. 
    • The drain gulley has 3 connectors to make it simpler to work around joists or other obstructions below. 
    • This unit installs directly on the joists so you won’t be compromising the structure integrity of your supporting floor structure. 
    • You can use tile or stone from 1/4″ thick to 1″ thick on the top surface. 

    Linear Drain Shower Pan Sizes

    • 35 ½” x 35 ½” 
    • 39 ” x 39 ” 
    • 47 ¼” x 47 ¼”
    • 51 ¼” x 32 ¼
    • 55 ⅛” x 35 ½”
    Glass reinforced plastic shower base before installation

    Linear drain shower pan

    Grout & Tile Free Roll-in Shower Pan Option

    If you HATE, HATE, HATE grout you’re not alone. Tile (along with the necessary grout joints) not only are expensive, but they’re a constant maintenance hassle for the life of your home. If you share these concerns then it will make sense to learn more about grout and tile free roll in or walk in shower pans. Here’s some of the benefits of this product:

    • The installation takes less time (and lower labor costs) because there’s no tile to be added to the top surface. 
    • These pans are available in white, gray and black – which match with popular shower surround systems. 
    • This pan can be installed for level access – or have a slight 1/8″ to 1/2″ step for an even quicker installation. 
    • There are sizes available to do even a tub to shower conversion. 

    Linear Drain Shower Pan Sizes

    • 47 ¼” x 31 ½
    • 47 ¼” x 35 ½
    • 63″ x 31 ½” 
    • 63″ x 35 ½
    • 71″ x 31 ½
    • 71″ x 35 ½
    Glass reinforced plastic shower base before installation

    Grout & Tile Free Roll-in Shower Base

    Wet Room Benefits & Installation Kits

    While wet rooms are extremely popular in Europe and Asia (where square footage is at a premium) – the concept is just now gaining popularity in the United States. A wet room is different than a traditional bathroom. In a wet room instead of having an enclosed showering space (also called a shower enclosure) the entire bathroom is open. In addition a wet room is at “one level” vs. having a showering space with a built up curb that someone needs to step over.

    • Zero threshold ADA barrier free shower with shower screen enclosures

    • ADA accessible roll in shower and wet room

    • Luxurious wet room shower with glass screen

      The benefits of a wet room include

      • A fully accessible shower can be created in very small bathroom spaces (even bathrooms smaller than 5′ x 7′).
      • Provides a stylish European type design aesthetic – sleek and contemporary.
      • Offers more space in the showering area vs. a traditional shower enclosure.
      • Can create a roll in shower or walk in shower even in a small bathroom.
      • Easier to clean up the bathroom, or even wash your dogs.

      The design of a wet room is key to it’s long term performance. Some key points to consider include:

      • A substantial portion of the walls and the entire floor will need to be tiled with the appropriate wall backer boards behind the tile (we recommend waterproof extruded polystyrene wall backer). Other stylish wall panel systems like laminate wall panels, solid surface, stone, marble or PVC backed composites can also be used.
      • The entire bathroom floor and the lower 12″ of the walls must be waterproofed.
      • It will be best to use bathroom furniture and toilets that are wall mounted and can withstand water.

      Wet room waterproofing kits for roll-in ready for tile or tile free shower pans

      Innovate Building Solutions offers 2 wet room installation kits that are easy to apply and offer superior waterproofing protection. The system provides excellent bonding with tile backer, concrete or thin set mortar, is easy to apply with a paint brush or roller and is a proven system with over 100,000 wet rooms installed worldwide. The kits make the installation process easier and save significant time in the field. To learn more about installing a wet room visit the videos tab on this page.

      premium wet room kit

      Premium Waterproofing Kit Includes:

      • 22 lb.pail of waterproofing
      • Drain assembly for tile
      • Mapeband joint tape
      • 4 internal corners
      • Drain gasket
      • Inlet gasket
      • 3 tubes of adhesive
      • Tube of acrylic caulk
      • 20 – # x 2″ screws
      • Paint roller & 2 covers
      • 4 protective gloves
      • Paint brush
      • Stir stick
      • Scissors

      Standard Waterproofing Kit Includes:

      • 22 lb.pail of waterproofing
      • Drain assembly for tile
      • Mapeband joint tape
      • 4 internal corners
      • Drain gasket
      • Inlet gasket

      Roll-in & Wet Room Glass Shower Screens

      If you’re looking for a way to keep the water contained in your roll in barrier free shower consider the use of a stationary or pivoting shower screen. These glass enclosures can add a modern European style and serve the purpose of directing more of the shower water into a confined area.

      Fixed Glass Shower Screens

      This shower screen system is made of ¼” thick glass bordered by polished aluminum hardware to provide a contemporary look in a zero threshold shower. Each shower screen includes both wall mounting hardware and a 55 ¼” tie bar (which can be cut to the desired length) to connect to another wall (or another screen).
      • Shower Screen in large roll in shower using ready for tile pan

      • Two shower screens with ready for tile one level base and tile floor

      • Single shower screen with Zero Threshold Base

        Pivoting Glass Shower Screens

        Pivoting shower screens not only have the benefit of being easy to clean and serve as a water barrier for roll in or walk in showers – but they have the ability to pivot. A pivoting shower screen provides superior water retention for barrier free showers.
        • Semi-frameless in line pivoting shower screen

        • Pivoting Round Top Shower Screen

        • Pivoting shower screen with fold down bench



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