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Commercial Glass Block Walls

You need a durable, cost-effective and high security wall material for your retail store or industrial building. However you want a stylish and timeless product which will not only move light from one space to another, but maintain privacy, reduce noise and architectural flare, but what product can achieve these goals. The answer is glass block walls and partitions.
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Commercial Glass Block Walls

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Benefits of Glass Block Walls and Partitions For Your Office and Retail Buildings

    • Increased light transmission & improve productivity

      Glass block walls in retail or office space provide a modular building system which moves light through interior or exterior spaces. Well lit spaces in offices and factories improve productivity and will help your team enjoy their workspace.

    • Design flexibility

      Glass blocks come in a wide variety of decorative patterns, designs, colors, sizes, shapes and thicknesses. They can be used for partition walls, stairwells, bars, decorative columns or even floor systems.

    • Improve building security

      Since the blocks are mortared together and have thick glass faces, they’re hard to vandalize or break in through. They’re a smart choice for an industrial, factory, commercial or office building which isn’t in the best neighborhood, or has expensive technology or equipment inside. 

    • Noise reduction and soundproofing

      Office productivity and noise don’t go well together. Glass block walls provide a STC (sound transmission class) rating up to 53 to minimize outside distractions.

    • Lower heating & cooling costs

      Many old office and factory windows have single pane metal and aluminum frames. These deteriorated frames cause high heating and cooling costs. Glass block walls will dramatically reduce these costs – and add an attractive look to your facade (which increases resale value).

    • Increased fire resistance

      Glass blocks come in 45, 60 and 90 minute fire ratings. This makes them a sound solution for stairwells, hallways and windows in schools, hospitals, parking garages and transit authorities.

    • Cut maintenance costs

      repairing or replacing broken window sashes and drywall walls can be time consuming and expensive. Since you can replace individual blocks, they will greatly reduce repair costs.

    • Prefabricated systems to cut installation costs

      Straight or ‘right-angle’ glass block commercial walls can be built into sections. These pre-made (also called the ‘Protect All System) reduces installation time and cuts field labor costs. With the prefab glass block wall sections you don’t need to hire an expensive mason contractor (who doesn’t want to install the glass block anyways). 

    Commercial Glass Block Wall Products

    • Solid security & fire rated glass blocks

      Vistabrik solid and thicker faced Thickset blocks can be used for glass block walls to maximize security and reduce maintenance costs.

    • Frameless commercial glass block windows in 3 1/8″ and 3 7/8″ thicknesses

      Used mostly in masonry openings these blocks can be preassembled into sections and installed in small and large openings alike. With the ‘Protect All’ Fabrication System they stack together like LEGO blocks. 

    • Vinyl framed glass block windows

      These blocks are built into a vinyl frame for installation into framed openings. A key advantage of this system is it does not require masonry expertise.

    • Colored and frosted commercial glass block walls

      Add a unique design flair by adding glass blocks with colored or frosted designs.

    • Shaped blocks

      Turn corners, add curves, step down a wall with a design flair not possible with many other products.

      Where to Use Glass Block Walls and Partitions

      Versatility is a strong benefit of this material. See below for common uses of this material.

      Schools & Universities – for use in theaters, stadiums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and administrative buildings. Common applications include divider walls, hallways, stairwells and showers.

      Hospitals, Medical Centers and Doctors and Dentists offices –  Common applications include reception areas, divider walls, hallways & stairwells.

      Office buildings – In conference rooms, corporate board rooms, reception areas and more.

      Retail – for restaurant entrances, dividers between hair stylists, malls, storefronts etc.

      Factories, industrial buildings & distribution centers – to replace old rusted metal window sashes, for partitions inside office areas.

      Transit authorities – Use in parking garages, stairwells, wall partitions & windows in airports, bus & train stations and rapid transits.

      Government & Institutions – for public libraries, jails and detention centers and police headquarters etc.

      Glass Block Wall Design & Installation

        How to design & install commercial windows or partition wall using glass block

        Designing and installing a glass block window or wall can depend on a variety of factors – including the size of the opening, fire rating required, materials surrounding the new installation and whether there is a desire for shape in the project (for example a curved, serpentine, L shaped or step down type wall). Call one of our commercial design assistants for assistance with your project. 

        Glass Block Wall Fabrication

        Prefabricated commercial, architectural and factory walls

        Years ago the only way to do a glass block project was to hire (an expensive) mason and ay the units piece by piece. This process was long and costly. Fortunately with the invention of prefabricated systems block walls can be made into easy to install sections which can be put in by maintenance departments and other less costly trades. Ask about how to pre-made sections can make your project easier.

        • Prefabricated glass block panel with vinyl stack
        • Channel, glass block silicone, expansion foam, vinyl stack and anchor


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