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Meet Our Team

While many companies ‘claim’ their people ‘make the difference,’ your hard-pressed to get to know their last names or anything about these people (and in some cases they hide behind names which aren’t even real). You want personalized service. You deserve personalized service. You want excellent service not only before the sale – but most importantly AFTER the sale.

Here’s what to expect when working with Innovate:

  • We will not hide behind phone menus which frustrate you trying to find the person you’ve worked with before. You’ll get a direct number or cell phone to reach our sales or operations team member.
  • If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we’ll search down a teammate who can help you.
  • We focus on training (and continuously learning) so we can help you with your project questions.
  • We ARE a group of characters – who aren’t afraid show our personalities (even if we are a bit wacky at times).

Our Team Members

BBB Accredited
Houzz Best of Design
Houzz Best of Service
NARI Member