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DIY Tub Surround Shower Panel & Base Kits

This easy to install DIY tub surround and shower kits combine the look of natural granite, marble and stone into a 1/4″ thick PVC composite material which is easy to work with and virtually eliminates maintenance. There are no grout lines, no sealing is required, and our do it yourself tub and shower surround kits are affordable as well. With this line you can also get matching shower pans for a completely color-coordinated shower look!
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DIY Tub Surround Shower Panel & Base Kits

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Tub Surround & Shower Wall Panels

  • Alaskan Ivory
  • Calabria
  • Breccia Paradiso
  • Everest
    Our tub surround and shower wall panel kits combine a 1/4″ thick PVC backed composite with a high resolution printed digital image to create the look of real stone, marble or granite. The material is UV stabilized to resist staining or discoloration. The images are protected by a scratch resistant hard coat top layer and a clear protective poly layer. This innovative material is easy to work with and will last! You’ll only need common woodworking equipment to cut these panels. And if you need a shower pan – ask about our color-coordinated bases in standard and custom sizes.
    Where to use – these walls can be used anywhere you want a high end looking tub surround or shower wall kit which is easy to maintain and waterproof. The most popular uses include tub surounds, corner and alcove style shower kits, corner bench seat, shampoo, soap shelves and cubbies.
    pvc composite shower panel kit layers


    • Appearance
      Looks like real marble, granite and stone – with a broad range of color options – no boring white surrounds for you anymore! You’ll get a high-end look without a high-end price.
    • Value
      Costs significantly less than natural stone, and often much less than other bathroom remodeling products.
    • Selection
      With an ever adapting selection based on contemporary design trends, these products are available in a wide variety of colors and tones to choose from.
    • Easy Installation
      This product can easily be adapted to bathrooms of all configurations and can be installed by a DIY homeowner or a first-time contractor.
    • Hygienic
      Although these panels have the appearance of natural materials, they is completely impervious to water, bacteria, mold and mildew and require no sealants, unlike natural stone and grout.
    • Easy to Clean
      With full-wall panels and no grout lines, this product is extremely easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime of use.
    • Free Shipping
      With a nationwide supply, we can ship these kits directly to you!
    • Expert Help
      Since Innovate Building Solutions also is an authorized installer of these systems we can help you through your installation questions (we are not only a wholesale Internet site but we also have installation contractors who work with the product on a daily basis!).

    Tub and Shower Surround Kit Sizes

    • Elite 60 – 3 Panel Tub Surround Kit

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 60″ x 32″ x 60 (on deck) – 81″ (to the floor)

      This tub surround kit comes with a full back panel (no seam along the back) and trim pieces which can extend to the floor. The kit includes 1 – 60 x 60 panel, 2 – 32 x 60 panels, 4-3×96 edge trims, 1 – 15 inch corner shelf

      This wall kit is for tub surrounds only. FITS OPENINGS UP TO: 60 in. WIDE, 34 in. DEEP, 60 in. HIGH (ABOVE THE TOP OF TUB).

    • Royale 3 Wall Shower and Tub Surround Kit 80″

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 60″ x 36″ x 80″

      This DIY shower wall kit is simple to install in a remodeling or new construction and has a full back wall to eliminate seams. This system works well with standard 60” wide rectangular shower bases (and it is an excellent choice for tub to shower conversion projects). This kit includes 1 – 60 x 80 panel, 2 – 36 x 80 panels, 4 – 3 x 96 edge trims, 1 – 15 inch corner shelf

    • Royale 96 shower surround wall panel kit

      Royale 3 Wall Shower and Tub Surround Kit 96″

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 60″ x 36″ x 96″

      This DIY shower stall panels works excellent when you want to eliminate the need to paint a small area at the ceiling (because it will reach the top of an 8′ ceiling). The kit includes 1 panel – 60 x 96, 2 panels 36 x 96, 2 – 3 x 96 side trim, and 1 – 15″ corner shelf.

      Note: DOES NOT INCLUDE TOP TRIMS (order separately if desired).

    • Elegance 3 Wall Shower Surround Kit

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 48″ x 36″ x 80″ 3 wall system

      This DIY shower wall surround kit is available has a full back wall to eliminate a seam in the back. This system works well with standard 48″ wide rectangular shower bases (or sizes smaller than 48″ wide). This kit includes 1 – 48 x 80 panel, 2 – 36 x 80 panels, 4 – 3 x 96 edge trims, 1 – 15″ corner shelf

    • Elegance 2 Wall Shower Surround Kit

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 48″ x 36″ x 80″ two wall system.

      This shower kit is perfect for a rectangular or square corner shower with 2 wall. The kit included 1 – 48 x 80 panel, 1 – 36 x 80 panel, 3 – 3 x 96 edge trims, 1 – 15″ corner shelf

    • Splendor 2 Wall Corner Shower Surround Kit

      (Shower/Tub base not included)
      Size: 40″ x 40″ x 80″

      This 2 wall DIY corner shower kit works well with NEO angled and square corner showers with 40″ or smaller walls. This kit includes 2 – 40 x 80 panels, 3 – 3 x 96 edge trims, 1 – 15″ corner shelf

    • Custom Sizes

      If you have a custom sized shower there is no need to worry – we’ve got you covered. Different groupings of our standard panels can be put together to make a kit for your specific project. Here are the panel sizes we can work with for your custom shower or tub:

      96″ panels
      60 x 96 | 48 x 96 | 16 x 96 | 36 x 96 | 38 x 96 side wall panel pre-grooved with a 2″ lip return 

      80″ panels
      60 x 80 | 48 x 80 | 36 x 80 

      60″ panels
      60 x 60 | 36 x 60 | 16 x 60 | 22 x 60 tub skirt panel

      Decorative Shower Pans & Bases

      • White Pearl Walls & Pan
      • White Pearl Pan
      • Mocha Travertine Walls & Pan
      • Mocha Travertine Pan
      • Everest Walls & Pan
      • Everest Pan

        While it’s nice to have DIY shower wall panel kits, your shower pan (or shower base as some people call them) should not be neglected. After all the base is the ‘foundation’ of your shower!

        And if you want a sturdy shower pan which will flow seamlessly with your shower kit, you’ll find a wonderful solution on this page.

        Our standard sized shower pans use a decorative (and matching) non-slip textured top shower floor surface over an ABS plastic with an extruded polystyrene backing underneath. The curb height is 2 5/8″ tall. For a 60″ x 36″ pan you can expect it to weigh appx 75 lbs.

        The custom shower pans are a solid block of high-density PVC with the decorative PVC panel on top. Curb heights and drain locations can be varied on custom bases.

        Whether you need a standard shower pan, or a custom pan, you won’t need to worry about finding a matching pan which will stand the test of time. The pans have a lifetime warranty when installed by a factory authorized dealer — or a 10-year warranty when installed by a homeowner or non-certified installer.

        Standard Shower Pan Sizes

        • 36″ x 36″ alcove (center drain)
        • 48″ x 34″ alcove (center drain)
        • 60″ x 32″ alcove (left or right side drain)
        • 60″ x 36″ alcove (center drain)

        Patterns & Styles

        Check out the 20+ natural stone colors below to create a sense of excitement for your bathroom. Whether you’ve got a traditional interior decorating scheme, transitional or contemporary design you’ll find a pattern to liven up even the drabbest bathroom. If you want to add another level of excitement look at the decorative accent trim options as well.

        The finish on these tub surround and stone look shower wall panels is similar to a paint semi-gloss. They create a nice looking shine, but not as shiny as a high gloss finish. This finish has a thinner poly cover with a hard coating for superior scratch resistance.


        Trim Moldings

        Just like real stone our decorative interior shower and bathtub wall panel kits come with a variety of trim moldings to dress up your project. There are moldings to finish off the edges of the panels, inside and outside corners, to cover seams between two panels and also to complete window openings and corner and bench seats.

        • Breccia Paradiso trim molding in 3-inch size
        • Mocha Travertine molding around shower enclosure
        • Tub deck with trim molding
          standard trim
          Standard trim

          The edges of our interior shower and tub surround wall panels are covered by our trim system. These trim pieces have an “L shape” are designed to overlap the panels. The small lip of the trim returns back to the drywall. This trim makes the installation easier to do (because the panels do not need to be cut perfectly) and also creates the look of real stone, marble or granite.

          remodeling trim
          Remodeling trim

          If you’re looking to adhere our waterproof wall panels over tile or another surface you’ll want to order your system with the “remodel trim” option. In this case the trim moldings have a longer return lip (the short leg of the “L shape” molding is longer than with the standard trim package). This longer lip can be cut to the proper depth to cover all for different tile thicknesses.

          Trim Molding Sizes

          If you need extra trim to work around a window, an corner, or to cover over your shower wall panels here are your options:
          • 3″ x 96″ SG trim to cover over the edge of the 3/8″ thick panel
          • 3″ x 96″ with a 2″ lip (for remodeling)
          • 3″ x 96″ DG seam trim to over between 2 panels
          • 6″ x 96″ SG trim to cover over the panel edge only
          • 6″ x 96″ with a 2″ lip (for remodeling)
          • 1 1/2″ x 96″ outside corner trim (L shape)
          • 1 1/2″ x 96″ inside corner trim (L shape)
          • Window sill trim – 6″ (jamb extension) x 96″ with a 1″ finished lip

          Shampoo shelves & niches, corner seats, and benches

          The need to create soap and shampoo niches (either recessed inside the walls or extending out from the walls) is extremely important to have a well functioning and safe space. Our niches are preassembled for easy installation and create the look of real stone without the worries of leaking.
          Accessory List
          • Installation kit (8 tubes polyurethane adhesive, 2 tubes silicone)
          • Larger installation kit (12 tubes adhesive, 2 tubes silicone)
          • 15″ corner shelf
          • 10″ x 10″ recessed caddy (inside dimension – outside dimension is 17″ x 17″)
          • 17″ wide x 26″ tall (outside dimensions) recessed caddy 
          • 10″ shave shelf
          • 6″ x 96″ accent strip
          • 12″ x 96 accent panel (Tetride)
          • Corner seat 15″ sides, 24″ front, 17″ tall
          • Shampoo niche & corner shelf in a Frost pattern
            Shampoo niche & corner shelf
          • Bench seat
            Calacutta white bench seat
          • DIY corner shelf
            Corner shelf
          • 10in Shave Shelf

            Accent Strips

            To complete a finished stone look consider adding a decorative accent strip. A small selection are shown below.
            • Alaskan Ivory Accent
            • Breccia Paradiso Accent
            • Botticino Cream Accent
            • Calabria Accent
            • Calacatta White Accent
            • Calcutta Gold Accent
            • Crema Bordeaux Accent
            • Creme Travertine Accent
            • Everest Accent
            • Frost Accent
            • Golden Beaches Accent
            • Mocha Travertine Accent
            • Petrafini Accent
            • Rainforest Accent
            • Triton Accent
            • Veincut Gray Accent
            • White Pearl Accent
            • Tetride Blue Accent
            • Athens Accent
            • Bardiglio Accent

              DIY Tub Surround & Shower Kit Installation Process

              One of the important benefits of this system is it provides a quick and easy installation process for a contractor or do it yourself consumer alike. Follow these 4 basic installation steps for a successful hassle-free installatio.

              • Step 1 – Cut your shower & tub wall panels to fit and adhere to walls using polyurethane adhesive
                Cut the back walls first, then the side wall panels and attach them with the polyurethane adhesive. In many cases with the DIY kits no cutting will be needed if you have a standard sized tub or shower.
              • Step 2 – Cut trim moldings to fit and adhere over edges of panels
                Since the trim panels overlap the shower & tub wall panel edges the panel cuts don’t need to be perfect and the trim moldings can be adjusted to be level and plumb. Note – in the DIY standard kits the trim pieces are already pre-cut.
              • Step 3 – Install corner shelf
                With the standard wall or tub kit you’ll receive one corner shelf. Screw the metal installation brackets into the wall. Then the shelf is installed as a “clamshell” over the bracket.
              • Step 4 – Apply 100% silicone sealant to seal all joints
                Silicone sealant will be needed where a panel meets another panel or your trim meets a panel. The color match translucent sealant is available with our optional installation kit.

                Frequently Asked Questions about Tub Surround and Shower Kits

                What is the advantage of working with Innovate Building Solutions?

                Innovate Building Solutions is much more than a nationwide shower and tub wall panel supplier. We offer many other bathroom remodeling products (including contemporary shower pans, stylish glass enclosures and glass block shower wall systems) at wholesale direct prices to compliment your space. In addition our company is a professional installer and contractor in our local markets (Cleveland and Columbus Ohio) –the materials you purchase from us are also the materials we install on a daily basis in our regional markets. We have qualified people to help you with your questions!

                Can I install your shower & tub wall panels over my old tile?
                Yes – our PVC backed composite material can be installed over old tile but you need to choose the “remodeling trim option” so the trim moldings will cover over the old tile. Make sure your old walls are not spongy or falling apart before installing your new walls.If you suspect there is ANY moisture behind the walls, then we recommend removing the old tiles and backer board and putting up new moisture resistant greenboard behind the walls.
                Can your system applied over one piece fiberglass surrounds?
                No. Old fiberglass tubs and showers will need to be removed and a wall backer board will need to be installed before applying our PVC backed composite material.
                What is this composite material made of? Will it last over time?
                Our composite material is made to last. This 5 Part system includesa clear poly top layer, followed by the high resolution pigment, the Xtra Bond cement, the 1/4″ polyvinyl backing with a Dow Corning adhesion layer on the inside. It has a lifetime guarantee so you can feel confident it will last for you.
                What are the biggest benefits to this material?
                This material is easy to clean (and install), will not crack, chip or fade, or collect mold and mildew. it also comes in many different stone, marble and granite choices at a cost effective price.
                What cleaning products can I use?
                Use clean soft cloth with cleaners like Fantastic, Windex, Green Works, 409, Tilex Spray, Pine Sol and Lime Away spray. Doe not use abrasive or gritty cleaners (like Comet, Scotch Brite Pads, Magic Eraser etc.).
                When replacing tub surrounds walls is there a specific type of tub I need to use?
                You can use any type of tub with this system. The most popular ones tend to be made of cast iron and acrylic. The installation key is to put the tub surround panels inside the flange of your tub to properly waterproof your system
                If I’m doing a bath to shower conversion is this material right for the project?
                Absolutely – when removing the bathtub you will need to use a wall backer board where the old tub used to be and then apply our composite material onto this substrate.
                Is this material easy for a DIY person to use?
                Absolutely – It’s lightweight – making it much easier to work with than other wallboards like cultured marble or granite. This system also does not use any harsh chemicals that create bad odors in your home.
                Does an installation kit come with your tub and shower wall kit?
                An installation kit (which includes 8 tubes of polyurethane 9500 adhesive and 2 tubes of translucent silicone caulk) will come standard with both our tub surround and shower kits.
                What is your warranty?

                The product has a lifetime warranty when installed by a factory approved installer, and a 10 year warranty when installed by all others.

                What the warranty covers: Our warranty covers all wallboard panels, trim and prepackaged kits shall be free from manufacturer’s defects for a lifetime. These materials need to installed in conjunction with our installation instructions and not damaged due to misuse, abuse or improper installation. This warranty will cover indoor installations.

                What this warranty does not cover: Damage caused during shipping, or by improper loading, moving or other forms of handling this product. Damage caused by improper cleaning or by use of cleaning products not recommended by the manufacturer. Changes made to the product by tradesman or installers or installation errors. Please note that slight variations in color may exist from one batch to another. Costs associated with the installation or removal of interior wall panels.

                What Innovate Building Solutions will do: If the wallboard products covered by this warranty are found to be defective by Innovate Building Solutions (or one of our authorized representatives) we will repair or at our option or replace the product with a similar panel or trim piece. Our option to repair or replace under this warranty does not cover any labor or costs associated with the removal or installation. We will not be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributed to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product.



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