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Barrier-Free Roll In Accessible Shower Pans

If you’re looking for a safe, durable, stylish, and adaptable roll in barrier-free shower pan—that is available in a wide range of sizes and colors—you need to learn more about the innovative reinforced composite ramped shower pans from Innovate Building Solutions. Not only will these pans keep your family safe, but they’ll add to the looks of your new home or remodeled bathroom.

These shower pans are:

  • Sturdy and won’t squeak when you walk or roll over them
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Designed to keep the water in the shower
  • Available in many colors, sizes and drain options
  • Can be converted from a roll in to a curbed design
  • Built to last with a 30-year warranty
  • Available in ADA/code compliant sizes for public bathrooms 
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Barrier-Free Roll In Accessible Shower Pans

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Benefits of Composite Roll in Barrier-Free Shower Pans

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  • Sturdy design
    Sturdy one piece design (with a 30 year warranty)

    This steel reinforced composite base uses rigid expanded polystyrene substrate under the gel coat fiberglass (for the beveled edge ramped pans from ½” to 1 ¼” tall) and sturdy plywood layers under the gel coat fiberglass (for beveled edge pans from 1 ½” to 2 ¼”). These pans are safe and sturdy. In fact, they’re tested to hold up to 500 lbs.

  • Wheelchair rolling over shower threshold
    Easy to roll into

    This sleek beveled edge roll in design is available in ½” to 2 ¼” heights). This pan isn’t difficult for your mom, dad, child, or spouse to roll (or walk) into on their own.

  • Closeup of shower floor
    Safe floor surface

    Slip-resistant textured floor is safe.

  • shower color swatches
    Fun colors options

    Choose from a wide range of gelcoat and molten stone colors. Don’t settle for a boring white shower pan.

  • example bathroom shower configuration
    Large number of sizes and design configurations

    Whether you’re looking for an accessible ramped shower pan or a Code-Compliant ADA base, you’ll benefit from 28 standard sizes. Some sizes come with linear drains. Popular sizes come with right, left, and center drains which save money vs. moving your existing drain.

  • decreasingly smaller stacks of coins
    Less costly than a barrier-free roll in tile shower

    Since these pans are manufactured in state-of-the-art molds, they’re more cost-effective than a site-built custom tile roll in shower (and you don’t have to worry about leaking or maintenance).

  • Large delivery truck
    Time-effective deliveries

    Sometimes you need your bathroom modifications (and roll-in shower pan) quickly because a family member is coming home from the hospital. Most bases arrive at a home or commercial project in 2 to 3 weeks.  

  • Smiling man remodeling contractor
    Quick installation

    These innovative roll in ramped designs don’t require cutting your subfloor or floor joists. Pans are set directly on the subfloor with epoxy (provided in the shower base kit) for the ½” to 1 ¼” tall units and nothing is needed below the pans for the 1 ½” to 2 ¼” tall units. All bases are ready to install right out of the crate.

  • Shower base shown with a curb installed
    Adaptable and flexible for your needs

    These beveled edge ramped shower bases can be transformed from a ramped pan to a curbed shower pan (or vice versa) with the use of a semi-permanent threshold adapter.

  • foot stepping on collapsible water damn at the edge of a shower
    Optional collapsible water dam keeps water away from the bathroom floor

    A simple-to-install water dam keeps the water in and easily compresses under foot or a wheelchair. You don’t need to use an expensive shower door with these pans (and it’s simpler to assist a loved one if required).

  • Shower wall panels
    This ramped base can be used with any line of shower wall panels or tile

    With this pan, you’re not limited in your selection of shower surrounds. Choose from tile, laminate shower wall panels, or fiberglass surrounds just to name a few options.

  • scrubbing grout tiled shower
    Get rid of grout and the maintenance which goes with it

    This pan is non-porous. You won’t be cleaning tile grout joints or worrying water will find its way below the surface (and heaven-forbid, the pan will leak), or mold will grow between the shower floor and the subfloor.

  • Closeup of trendy hexagonal shower base
    Drains are designed in the right locations to save money with a tub to roll in shower pan conversion

    These innovative ramped pan designs are available with common drain locations to reduce installation time and eliminate the expense of bringing in a plumber (IF you can find one) to relocate your shower drain. Pans are pre-sloped so you won’t worry about water pooling, like can happen with site-built tile shower pans

  • Closeup of trendy hexagonal shower base
    You won’t get ‘nickel and dimed’ after you buy the pan

    If you’ve ever bought a shower pan only to find out AFTER THE FACT you need to scour the Internet for a drain and/or materials to set the pan, you know that’s frustrating. With the BestBath pans from Innovate, you’ll get a 2” no-caulk brass drain (with multiple finish strainer cover options) included at no extra charge.

  • Get FREE technical advice

    When you buy a shower pan, it’s NOT like buying a dress or a pair shoes on the Internet. You need to know how your roll in accessible pan will work with your bathroom floor and grout-free wall panels or tile. Rely on the Shower Support Specialists at Innovate Building Solutions to ensure your entire system will work together.

    Barrier-Free Roll In Shower Pan Options

    Here’s 5 steps to help you choose the right roll in shower pan for your project. 

    Step 1 – Choose your pan size, drain location, and design

    ramped shower pan right side drain

    Option A
    Roll in Alcove Shower Pan Sizes (round drains)

    For alcove showers with 3 interior surround walls.


    • 36” x 36” (center drain)
    • 38” x 38” (center drain)
    • 42” x 36” (center drain)
    • 45″ x 50″ (center drain) 
    • 48” x 34” (center drain)
    • 48” x 36” (center drain)
    • 48″ x 48″ (center drain) 
    • 48” x 51” (center drain)
    • 54” x 30” (left, right and center drains)
    • 54” x 36” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 29” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 30” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 32” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 34” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 36” (left, right and center drains)
    • 60” x 42” (center drain)
    • 60” x 48” (center drain)
    • 60” x 60” (center drain)
    • 63″ x 31″ (left/right drains – ADA) 
    • 63″ x 37″ (center drain – ADA)
    • 64″ x 38″ (center drain – ADA)
    • 72″ x 39″ (center drain – ADA) 
    • 72″ x 48″ (center drain – ADA) 
    • 78″ x 48″ (center drain – ADA) 
    ramped shower pan linear drain

    Option B
    Roll in Alcove Shower Pan Sizes (linear trench drains)

    For alcove showers with 3 interior surround walls.

    Common Remodeling Sizes:

    • 36″ x 36″ (front of pan – trench drain)
    • 48” x 36” (front of pan – trench drain)
    • 60” x 32” (front of pan – trench drain)
    • 60” x 36” (front of pan – trench drain)

    Unique Sizes:

    • 40″ x 38″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 42″ x 38″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 51” x 39” (front of pan – trench drain)
    • 62″ x 39″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA)
    • 63″ x 31″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 63″ x 33″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 63″ x 37″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 63″ x 39″ (front of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    • 63″ x 40″ (rear of pan – trench drain – ADA) 
    corner square base center drain

    Option C
    Roll in Corner Shower Pan Sizes

    For corner showers with 2 interior surround walls.


    • 42” x 42” neo angle (center drain)
    • 48” x 48” square corner (center drain)
    • 60” x 36” rectangular corner (center drain)
    • 60” x 48” rectangular corner (center drain)
    • 60” x 60” rectangular corner (center drain)

    Step 2 – Choose your ramp height

    Depending on the size of your ramped shower pan, there are 2 options:

    Option A
    Steel reinforced composite ramped pan

    A steel reinforced base (with extruded polystyrene substrate which is ½” to 1 ¼” tall depending on the shower pan size). If you need the lowest threshold (for a roll in shower), the lowest height high beveled edge pans with the steel reinforced bottom and extruded polystyrene construction is popular. With these bases epoxy is used to adhere the pan to the subfloor. It’s recommended to have the shower wall surrounds installed the next day to give the epoxy time to dry.

    Option B
    Plywood reinforced composite ramped pan

    A plywood reinforced base with sizes from 1 ½” to 2 ¼” heights. The plywood bottom pan offers a taller ramp, doesn’t require any epoxy or mud setting and provides a quicker installation. It’s possible to set your wall surrounds or glass shower doors (if you’re using them) on the same day as the base is installed.

    Step 3 – Choose the color of your shower pan

    If you want to go beyond the standard white color, choose from  Molten Stone finishes. They provide the look of stone without the maintenance of an actual stone finish. They’re an economical option which deliver a rich, durable finish.

    Step 4 – Choose your water retention option

    water stopper on beveled shower base

    Option A
    Water Stopper

    The best way to keep water inside your beveled edge barrier-free roll in base is to use a water stopper (unless you chose a linear drain). The Water Stopper is a collapsible rubber water dam that flexes when it’s stepped or rolled over, yet immediately springs back to an upright position to prevent water from escaping your pan. This water stopper can be added to a new or existing shower (whether it’s composite, tile, or a low-profile solid surface). It’s available in a grey or beige colors.

    Option B
    Removable shower curb of threshold

    A removable semi-permanent threshold is a separate curb component that is designed to fit snugly onto your roll in barrier free shower pan. It is installed using silicone. When a barrier-free entry is needed, simply remove the semi-permanent threshold. This removable curb is available in 2” to 4” sizes. It can be built to match the color of your shower pan.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Roll in Ramped Shower Pans

    Will this base be simple for a family member with limited mobility or in a wheelchair to use independently (or with assistance)?

    Yes – since this pan has a beveled edge, it’s simple for a wheelchair to roll over it or for someone who isn’t steady on their feet to step out (since it’s only 1/2” to 2 1/4” high from the floor, depending on the model you choose).

    beveled edge pan with water guard
    Do you have ramped shower pans that are made for tub to shower conversions?

    Yes. You’ll find pans for popular tub sizes (like 60” x 30”, 60” x 32” and even 54” x 30” and 60” x 29”). It’s simple to convert a tub into a roll-in barrier free shower pan.

    tub to ramped shower conversion
    How do you ensure water stays inside the ramped pan and doesn’t run onto the bathroom floor?

    The best way to keep water inside your beveled barrier-free pan is to use either (1) a  water stopper or (2) a linear drain.

    1. The Water Stopper is a collapsible rubber water dam that flexes when it’s stepped or rolled over, yet immediately springs back to an upright position to prevent water from escaping your barrier-free pan. This water stopper can be added to a new or existing shower (whether it’s composite, tile, or a low-profile solid surface).
    2. A linear drain pan has a long rectangular drain at the entry to catch water.
    Wheelchair rolling over a flexible water dam
    Are these shower pans slippery?

    No – this base has a slip-resistant textured bottom surface.

    What are these pans made of? Are they solid to walk on or roll over?

    The composite barrier-free pans have a gelcoat top finish (which comes in 12 colors), over a barrier coat, placed over fiberglass and resin layers reinforced with extruded polystyrene and steel in the ½” to 1 1/4” beveled models. Plywood reinforcement is used for the 1 ½” to 2 ¼” models. They’re sturdy and guaranteed for 30 years.

    composite floor diagram
    Are there pans for both alcove and corner showers? Can you get them with different drain locations?

    Yes – you’ll find alcove ramped shower pans in 16 sizes and corner shower pans with 6 size options.

    What’s included with a ramped pan from Innovate? What drain and color options are available?

    Each pan includes a sloped shower pan with a beveled and ramped edge, flanges on the sides to waterproof tile or shower wall surround panels, a stainless steel drain kit, and strainer cover (available in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or matte black), and epoxy to adhere the shower pan to the floor (in the case of the ½” to 1 ¼” models).  These pans come in 12 colors (and have a 30-year guarantee). Choose round, square or trench drains depending on the size you need.

    Should I choose a round drain or a linear trench drain? Which is better? Which is more cost-effective?

    If you’re looking for a shower that costs less the round or square drains with a water stopper (to keep water in) will save you money. If you like a more stylish and sleeker look (without the need for a water stopper), the trench drain is preferred (although it’ll cost more).

    ramped shower pan with linear drain trench
    What’s the warranty? Can the bases be returned?

    These pans have a 30-year limited warranty. Products are made to customer specifications, so they’re not returnable, unless, of course, they’re defective.

    30-year warranty badge
    Are your barrier-free pans waterproof? Do they need to be sealed?

    Yes, these pans are 100% waterproof (unlike standard one-level tile shower floors) and don’t need to be sealed.

    Can these composite pans be used with any type of shower wall panel system?

    Yes – it doesn’t matter whether you tile your walls or use grout-free shower wall panels. However, you’ll want to put your tile (or wall panels) inside the flanges of the ramped barrier-free accessible shower pans.

    Grout-free shower wall panels and a fold out sitting bench
    What should I use to clean the pan?

    Use a liquid detergent, warm water, and a soft, clean cloth towel. Any non-abrasive bathroom cleaner can be used. Don’t use abrasive cleaners. They can scratch or dull the surface.

    How do your prices compare to professionally installed ramped tile showers or one-level wet rooms?

    These barrier-free composite pans are less expensive than ramped tile shower pans or a specialized one-level wet room. In addition, you’ll get a 30-year guarantee, something you will not get with tile.

    one-level wet room shower
    Can you use a door with your ramped pans?

    Yes – you can use a glass shower door with this ramped pan – or even with the pan with a semi-permanent curbed threshold (which can be removed later if you need to convert to a barrier-free entry).

    barrier-free shower pan with glass partition
    Is there a way I can get a ramped shower pan that can be converted back to a standard pan (with a step-over curb)?

    Yes, by using the semi-permanent threshold (which can be color-matched to your shower pan). This threshold is designed to fit snugly onto the shower pan and is installed using silicone. When a barrier-free entry is needed, simply remove the semi-permanent threshold.

    Threshold barrier added over a ramped shower base
    Can I get an accessory safety package (bars, shower seats, etc.) from Innovate Building Solutions?

    Absolutely. Making a safe, accessible shower to minimize the risk of falls, is about more than simply installing a barrier-free shower pan. Consider decorative grab bars, shower seats, and product storage. Go to the contemporary shower accessory page to see safe (yet stylish) options.

    foldable shower bench seat shown along with grab bars for safety
    Do I need an ADA shower?

    ADA stands for Americans with Disability Act. If you’re installing an accessible shower in a public facility you’ll want to make sure it meets ADA standards. If you’re putting a shower in your residential home, ADA requirements do not apply.

    Americans with Disabilities Act logo
    Do your barrier-free ramped pans need to be installed with a mortar base underneath?

    There’s no need for a mortar bed for these sturdy pans. The shorter bases reinforced with steel and extruded polystyrene are supplied with epoxy to adhere them to the subfloor. For the taller (greater than 1 1/4”) pans there’s a wood-reinforced bottom underneath the gel coat and fiberglass top layers which eliminates the need for mortar or epoxy.

    What’s the benefit of buying a ramped shower pan from Innovate Building Solutions vs. an e-commerce retailer or a home center?
    • Innovate has experienced shower and bathroom designers who will guide you to the right shower pan for your job (whether it’s a ramped base, a low-profile pan or a full-height curb). We’re not an ‘Internet site’ just selling products. Innovate has people who work daily with homeowners (and installing contractors and authorized dealers) with shower bases, wall panels, and glass shower doors. In addition, we have a contracting division. Bottom line – we know showers. In addition, you’ll get the personal cell number of your representative to call with questions (before, during, or after the sale).  
    • Innovate stocks lines of grout-free shower wall panels and offers a wide range of glass shower doors to complement your shower base. You can get products delivered timely.
    • Innovate has worked with over 200,000 customers since 1977 and is debt-free. We’ll be here to honor your warranty.
    • Outstanding reviews. Check us out on Google.
    • Rock-solid warranties. Our warranty IS NOT voided if you do it yourself or have a remodeling contractor install the shower base for you. When you ‘read the fine print,’ you’ll find some retailers will find any excuse to void warranties.  
    • Barrier-free pans are packaged on wooden crates to lessen the chance of breakage.
    • Ask about Innovate’s bathroom dealer network of professional installers if you don’t have the time (or expertise) to DIY your job. We’ll help you find a contractor.



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