Basement & Bathroom Glass Block Windows

Glass block basement windows can add security, privacy and reduce energy costs vs. the rusted metal and deteriorated lower level windows they replace. And if privacy and drafts are a problem in your shower, a glass block bathroom window is a smart solution. Through Innovate Building Solutions this timeless building material is prefabricated into quick to install sections using either silicone, mortar – or for the ultimate in energy efficiency and water protection the Protect All Glass Block Window. And while a glass block shower window or basement with an air vent is smart, don’t forget about their use in sidelights around your front door, in your garage (to protect your SUV’s, trucks and tools) or in kitchen backsplashes to provide a stead stream of light (without sacrificing privacy). With options like basement vent windows and dryer vent kits – you can get your solid glass blocks AND your air ventilation or dryer hookup you need.

Basement & Bathroom Glass Block Windows

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Benefits of Glass Block Windows

  • High privacy basement window with silicone joints
    High privacy basement window with silicone joints
  • Basement glass block window with air vent
    Basement glass block window with air vent
  • Glass block shower window with color blocks
    Glass block shower window with color blocks
  • Glass block shower window
    Glass block shower window
  • Basement glass block window with air vent
    Basement glass block window with air vent
  • Basement glass block window
    Basement glass block window
    • Increased security and safety

      Our glass block basement windows are prefabricated and mortared into your home’s concrete block or poured concrete foundation. This makes it it difficult and time-consuming for someone to try to break in. Take your security to an even higher level with the high-strength Protect All Glass Block Window. 

    • Reduced heating and cooling costs

      With energy efficiency comparable to that of thermal pane windows, glass block windows will reduce your heating costs compared to single pane metal or wood window which are often in the basement today. Receive a 22% improvement in energy cost savings with the Protect All window.

    • Less maintenance

      There is no need to caulk or grout year after year. These low-muss, low fuss windows are essential for people who lack time (or just want to do more interesting things like spend time with their families). 

    • Easy operation and opening

      The hopper style, vented glass block window is easy to open and has a removable screen on the outside.

    • Increased privacy

      Glass block windows come in wave and iceberg patterns which protect your family’s privacy while adding even more light to your bathroom or basement (since the new glass block window is often frameless vs. the old window you’re replacing).

    • Improved air flow

      Glass block windows vents and removable sash windows can be used to make your home fresher (by allowing for air flow in your home and reduce the chance of mold and mildew, etc.) and to improve your indoor air quality. Improving your indoor air quality will promote the health and well-being of your family.

    • Integrated dryer vents

      Vinyl dryer vents can be built into your glass block windows so you can vent your dryer and save costs vs. cutting through the foundation of your home.

    • Protection against water

      If you’ve got a problem with water coming through basement wells or bath windows ask about the Innovate Protect All Window. It’s assembled with extra strong vinyl spacers and silicone to create the best barrier vs. water for your window.

    Glass Block Window Patterns & Sizes

    Glass block basement windows (or a bathroom window) can be prefabricated for you whether you need a standard 32 x 16 basement window or 24 x 46 double hung window – or really any size window using the block sizes shown above. If your window is very large the pre-made glass block assembly is built in sections so the glass block panels aren’t too heavy. 

    Glass Block Sizes

    • 4″ x 8″ x 3 1/8″
    • 6″ x 6″ x 3 1/8″
    • 6″ x 8″ x 3 1/8″
    • 8″ x 8″ x 3 1/8″

    Clear Glass Block Window Patterns

    These clear glass block patterns offer the most amount of light to pass through with some privacy depending on the pattern selected.

    • Wave Pattern

      Highest amount of light with moderate privacy.

    • Iceberg Pattern

      Highest amount of light with maximum privacy.

    • Clear Pattern

      Maximum visibility and light.

      Frosted Glass Block Window Patterns

      Frosted glass block patterns pass through less light while providing more privacy depending on the pattern selected.

      • Wave Pattern

        Moderate amount of light with maximum privacy.

      • Iceberg Pattern

        Moderate amount of light with maximum privacy.

      • Clear Pattern

        Moderate light with good privacy.

        Protect All Prefabricated Glass Block Window System

        If you’re looking for the ultimate basement, bath or garage window ask about our exclusive Protect all system which uses a vinyl spacing system between the blocks. The advantages of this system are:

        • Protects against intruders
        • Protects against cracked mortar joint or cracked blocks
        • Protects against air infiltration
        • Protects against high energy costs
        • Protects against water infiltration
        prefabricated basement glass block window

        Colored Glass Block Windows

        Add some pop with the addition of cool colors, frosted design or even artist designed art tile blocks – why have a boring space when you can add a one of kind style? See the colored glass block section of this site for options. Please note the colored glass block are made in metric sizes. You’ll need to ask your Innovate representative if your opening will work with the metric size units.  

        • decorative colored glass block window
          Decorative designs
        • colored and frosted glass block bathroom window
          Mix different sizes & colors
        • colored and frosted glass block shower window
          Shower window inserts can provide privacy while adding light

          Laser Etched Glass Block Windows

          Truly a one of kind process. Using the latest laser etching technology we can put a spin on a  basement, bathroom, or kitchen glass block window you’ve not seen before. Order your laser-etched glass blocks with an image of a nature seen (our tree mural if very popular) or of your favorite hobby, pet, sport etc.  

          • Paw design
          • Floral series
          • Pets, hobby & sports images

            Glass Block Window Vent Options

            It’s critical to make a home healthier and safer (and lower level spaces are know for mold & mildew). Make your space healthier by adding vented glass block windows in the basement. For the healthiest basement – a vent in every window is recommended.

            • Removable Sash Windows

              This vent product has an inside removable sash to maximize the air flow and window opening size. These units are custom made in larger sizes to be used to fill the entire window opening space

            • Glass Block Air Vents

              Vinyl framed glass block air vents are used to reduce your energy costs and fight mold. Vinyl framed vents are energy efficient (with double pane glass) and come in the following standard sizes (additional custom sizes are also available) – 16 x 6, 16 x 8, 18 x 6, 18 x 8, 20 x 6, 20 x 8, 22 x 6, 22 x 8, 24 x 8

            • Dryer Vents

              Dryer vents (available in 8 x 8, 6 x 8, 8 x 6, and 6 x 6 sizes) are used to exhaust a dryer through a glass block window so you don’t have the cost of cutting through your foundation.

              Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Block Windows

              How do I measure my windows?

              For glass block basement windows in a concrete block or poured cement foundation measure from each side of the foundation (assuming the frame will be removed) and from the top of the sill to the header above the existing window. For a glass block  bathroom window you’ll estimate the size once the window frame is removed (which is usually easier to get from the outside of the home vs. the inside (where trim may be covering the full size of the opening). Since a glass block shower window is trickier to measure you may want to talk to a representative and/or send pictures to assist you with this process. Note – if you don’t want to worry about measurements, ask us about how our team can provide a turnkey glass block window installation service for you in Cleveland or Columbus Ohio. Nationwide we can wholesale the prefabricated windows to you and assist you or your contractor through the process. 

              Should I purchase premade windows with mortar, silicone or your Innovate Protect All process?

              Mortar, silicone and the Protect All Glass Block Windows each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but purchasing premade windows, rather than installing windows block by block, creates a better finished product and saves money. See the advantages of each system below. 

              • Mortar Advantages – Harder to break through, traditional masonry look, more variation in joint size.
              • Silicone Advantages – All-glass look, windows come out smaller in size, easy to clean.
              • Innovate Protect All Advantages – Hardest system of all to break through, uses a consistent 1/8″ silicone joint for maximum protection vs. water & air infiltration, 22% more energy efficient, protects vs. any cracking of mortar joints between the blocks

              Can I order premade glass block windows in different colors, designs, and patterns?

              Yes – you can choose from a broad selection of designer glass blocks or the clear glass block windows shown above. You can even personalize your project with a one-of-a-kind etched and engraved blocks.

              Are your windows made with frames or without frames?

              Most glass block basement windows are made without frames and then mortared into concrete block or poured wall foundations. In remodeling a glass block bathroom window is pre-made without frames. In new construction projects, it’s best for your shower window to use a vinyl frame glass block windows.

              How do you finish glass block bathroom windows on the inside and outside?

              The answer depends on the surrounding materials on the inside and outside. For an installed project an Innovate Estimator will look at your framing structure and/or foundation and make the best recommendation for how to finish things off. If you’re outside of our installed markets of Cleveland and Columbus Ohio send us digital images and we’ll guide you through the best window (framed or frameless) for your job. Below are our general recommendations.

              • Inside – If the existing tile that returns to the window being replaced is in good condition, butt the glass block up to the tile and mortar it into place. If the existing tile is not in good shape, install a vinyl trim kit (see the picture below), new tile, or a solid-surface material like cultured marble or granite to finish the window replacement.
              • Outside – For brick and block window openings, mortar in the glass block basement or bathroom window into place. For stucco or vinyl or wood siding, seal the window to aluminum- or PVC-coated vinyl coil stock wrapped around wood trim (see the picture below).
              How can I check your company’s service for an installed glass block window in Cleveland or Columbus Ohio or a prefabricated Protect All Window shipment across the country?

              Innovate Building Solutions (and our local glass block installation divisions through Cleveland Glass Block, West Side Glass Block and Columbus Glass Block) has worked with over 190,000 customers and supplied or installed over 900,000 windows in our history. Check out our reviews on Google (under Innovate Building Solutions) or through review sites like Angie’s List.


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