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Casement Replacement Windows in Cleveland & Columbus Ohio

Why should you continue to be frustrated with a casement window which is hard to open and close, has a stripped crank, is impossible to clean from the inside or is fogged and doesn’t seal well? With new vinyl casement windows you can enjoy easy-to-operate cranks, increase airflow, natural light and save money on heating and cooling.

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Casement Replacement Windows in Cleveland & Columbus Ohio

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Benefits of Vinyl Casement Windows

    Increased airflow. Because the entire sash of a crank-out window opens outside, it lets in more air than a double hung or sliding glass window. In addition, if you have a scented bush on the outside – you’ll enjoy bringing the aroma into your home. 

    Easy opening style. The hardware on a vinyl casement window is located at the bottom, which makes it easier for shorter people or those in a wheelchair or walker to open than a standard double hung or slider window. It’s perfect for a universal or accessible designed home. 

    Higher security – Since the window locks are hook shaped and embedded into the frame, you can’t break into a casement window by prying the frames open from the outside (unlike a double hung or sliding glass window). 

    Full views – Since casement windows don’t have 2 sashes (like double hung and sliding windows) you’ll create more unobstructed views. 

    Flexibility – Choose from single vertical casement windows, french casement windows (which come together in the center), or horizontal style hopper or awning style casement windows. 

    Suitable for egress windows. The ability to safely and easily exit is an important consideration when choosing windows to escape in case of a fire. Local building codes often require egress windows in sleeping rooms. Casement windows have larger sashes, which make them the preferred choice for egress applications in bedrooms in the basement. 

    Improved curb appeal. New wood or vinyl crank out windows upgrade the appearance of the inside and outside of a home and enhance the architectural design (especially if you use decorative glass packages).

    Reduced energy costs. Old single pane windows increase your heating and cooling bills. Thermal casement windows with ENERGY STAR glass packages can pay for themselves in a short time.

    Casement Window Features & Uses

    Product Features

    Casement windows from Cleveland Window and Door and Clear Choice (in Columbus) have these features:

    • Vinyl frames which won’t crack, chip, or peel
    • Fusion-welded frames and main structures for strength and rigidity
    • Insulated glass and warm edge spacer system
    • Multi-chamber sash and mainframes for improved energy efficiency
    • Metal reinforcements to secure the hinge system
    • Color-coordinated hardware to match the window frame
    • Full vent screens on the inside for easy removal. 
    • Decorative glass and grid options
    • Available in multiple colors and wood grain interior finishes
    • Available in single, double, 3 lite, 4 lite, and 5 lite casement options
    • Can be combined with picture and awning style windows.
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom

      Where to Use Casement Windows

      Vinyl casement windows are popular for hard-to-reach window openings (above kitchen sinks and countertops, in bathrooms, attics, upper story spaces or as egress windows in a basement. 

      Casement Window Design Options

      Decorative grids and grilles

      Grids placed inside insulated glass keep window cleaning simple. Various options include Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, Double Prairie and Mid-Century Modern styles.And if you want to change colors of your grided windows down the road, external grids will be the way to go. 

      High privacy glass

      While getting air flow is critical, so is maintaining your privacy…..especially in bathroom windows. This is where high privacy glass is perfect. 

      Decorative glass

      Use decorative glass to make personalization (and architectural decor) come to life in your replacement windows. Create a one-of-a-kind look with different color caming and artistic glass designs. 

      Tinted glass

      If you’re looking to reduce the harmful affects of UV light and solar heat gain impacting expensive living and dining room furniture, then tinted glass is an option to put on your wish list. Choose from gray, bronze, green or blue tinted glass. 

      Internal tilt mini blinds

      Blinds placed inside the window never need to be cleaned and provide shade from the sun. It’s cool not to have to hassle dusting blinds in front of your windows!

      Wood grain interior veneer finishes

      We offer a wide range of interior wood grain looks to complement any décor. Options vary per window type and include light, medium, and dark oak, cherry, and foxwood. Why have a generic window when you can add style to your home? And if you want the ultimate in high-end style our vinyl clad wood windows will give you the ‘best of both worlds.’ The low maintenance benefit of a vinyl frame, with the rich, warm look of stained or painted wood on the inside. 

      Exterior paint or vinyl frame colors

      Choose colors to match or contrast with your home’s exterior. We offer many trim options to accent the curb appeal of your home, including tan, brick red, green, white, brown, black, beige, bronze, clay, gray and more. These color selections add curb appeal and value.

      Insulated glass packages

      Lowering your heating and cooling costs is a big reason people replace their double hung windows. And whether you choose a triple-pane window with an R-Value of 9.0 or get a more cost-effective double pane glass window with an R-Value of 4.0, they’ll be far superior to what you own today.

      Window screens

      This largely overlooked feature makes you love (or hate) your windows. Window with screens which are hard to see out, are a lesson in frustration. Ask about our SeeVue (stainless steel) or BetterVue screens to not only see better, but also improve air flow by 20%.

      Decorative hardware

      Why not have your window hardware flow with your pulls, nobs and handles in your bedrooms, kitchen or bathrooms? Select from white, beige, sandstone, antique brass, satin nickel and even flat brass locks and hardware. 

      Our 5-step Casement Window Replacement & Installation Process

      We know thinking through the products and installation of casement window IS NOT something you do every day (or even every 10 years). Our goal at Cleveland Window and Clear Choice Window and Door is to simplify this project for you with this 5-step process:

      Step 1 – Set an appointment (live or virtual) to understand your needs – Our process begins by learning the problems with your existing windows and how you want your new ones to work (and look) better.

      Step 2 – Custom measure every window opening – Whether you’re using a double hung, casement, sliding or picture window, the key to a quality installation begins with an accurate measurement. This ensures a good fit with enough space to plumb and square the new window in place.

      Step 3 – Your vinyl casement windows are manufactured to exact sizes with high quality standard features and decorative options– Your windows are custom made with standard features like fusion welded frames, thermal pane glass packages, heavy duty casement mechanisms designs which open far enough to allow cleaning from the inside. And ask about our decorative glass, grid, miniblinds and woodgrain looks for a one-of-a-kind window. All units include an NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label to verify their performance in your home.

      Step 4 – Remove the old windows and install new casement windows – During the removal process we’ll respect your property with tarps and surface protection systems. Once the old windows are removed, we’ll ensure the new windows are square and plumb in the opening.

      Step 5 – Custom exterior capping installed (most installations)– Our installer will custom cut and fit aluminum capping around your casement windows to protect water from coming in. In addition, you’ll never have to paint the exterior casings of your home.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Casement Windows

      How do you I know if my existing casement windows need to be replaced?

      You know your window(s) need to be replaced if you can feel cold or hot spots around the window or feel a breeze. In addition, painfully high heating and cooling bills are a sure sign something needs to be done. Also, if a family member is having a hard time opening an existing double hung or sliding window – a casement (with a crank at the bottom) is safer – and easier to operate.

      Where’s the best place to use a casement window?

      Whether you live in University Heights or Upper Arlington, where casement windows are best used is still the same.  

      • Where you want a window which maximizes your views.
      • Where you want a higher security window where the sashes cannot be pried open from the outside.
      • Where you need an egress window (say in a lower level bedroom in the basement).

      Where you want to maximize ventilation.

      What return on investment (ROI) can I expect with new vinyl replacement casement windows in my Cleveland or Columbus home?

      A popular independent research report on home improvement projects is the Cost/Value study.  In this study one of the highest return on investment projects in 2020 was vinyl replacement windows with a 72.3% ROI.

      How can I be sure my vinyl casement windows from Cleveland Window and Clear Choice Window and Door will provide a tight seal against the heat and cold of our crazy seasons in Ohio?  

      To make sure each window is installed properly our representative will individually measure each opening. All crank windows are custom-made to fit each opening. We don’t just use stock window sizes and ‘fill in’ around the sides. Exterior aluminum capping (used on most installations) seals your windows at a higher level.

      I’d like my home to not only be more energy efficient, but quieter as well. Can a new casement window help achieve this goal?

      Yes – using a triple pane glass, you’ll not only get a high-efficiency window, but also one which will reduce noise from cars or your loud neighbors.

      How much do installed casement windows cost? Are they more expensive than double hung and sliding glass windows?

      Costs of casement windows in the Cleveland and Columbus Ohio markets vary depending on size, features and quality of the windows. You’ll find windows varying from $350 to over $1,500. For most mid-grade, high quality windows – you’ll find is in the $650 to $900 range. And yes – casement windows (due to their design and cranks) are more expensive than double hung and sliding windows.

      Can the cranks be repaired?

      Yes, cranks can be repaired – or replaced if you have a problem. However, it will be nice to know with a lifetime window guarantee you won’t have to worry about making this repair yourself.

      How can I clean my casement windows?

      Remove the inside screen. Crank the windows fully open. Clean from the inside.

      Do casement windows offer higher security than double hung or sliding glass windows?

      Yes – casement windows are more secure than double hung or sliding windows because they can’t be pried open from the outside. They have hook latches which are embedded into the window frame.

      Can I buy stock windows off the shelf for my home and save money?

      It’s true stock sized windows (vs. custom made casement windows) are cheaper. However, in most cases you’ll end up spending more for the installation (since they’re either too big or too small for your openings) and your heating and cooling costs will be higher.

      Usually, stock windows cost more in the long run.

      Will casement windows weather faster than double hung or sliding windows?

      Yes, casement windows can weather faster because they open out into the elements. However, you can lessen concerns about this when you use a vinyl window which won’t deteriorate with moisture.

      Can a casement window be used for egress in a bedroom in the basement?

      Although you should check local building codes on the size window you need, but casement windows (which create a large opening and have screens which can be removed from the inside) are a logical choice for an egress application.

      Why choose Cleveland Window and Door or Clear Choice Window and Door (in Columbus) as your vinyl replacement window company?

      Whether you live in Brecksville, Beachwood, or Bexley Ohio, we know there’s no lack of companies you can hire to do your vinyl replacement windows. And we know you want quality project, built to last, and designed to work for your needs. You also want it backed by a company who stands behind their work. Here’s 10 reasons your neighbors have chosen Cleveland Window and Clear Choice Window and Door divisions for their casement, double hung or sliding windows.

      Reason #1 – No pushy salespeople – Nobody wants to deal with a salesperson ‘pushing’ products and demanding you buy today, or this ‘deal of a lifetime’ will be gone. This IS NOT how Cleveland Window or Clear Choice Window works. We educate. We guide you through the steps in replacing your windows. We provide practical ideas to save money. It doesn’t matter whether you need an easier to open window for a ranch home in Reynoldsburg or to replace your deteriorated wood windows in your colonial in Cleveland Heights, we’re here to help.    

      Reason #2 – We’re locally owned professionals in the remodeling industry. We’ve served 190,000 customers in Cleveland and Columbus. We’ve been around for 43 years and installed over 1,000,000 windows– You’ve supported us, and we’ve appreciated the opportunity to serve you for 43 years. During this time, we’ve completed over 190,000 home improvement projects). We’re locally owned and have done projects from Parma to Pataskala. If you choose Cleveland Window or Clear Choice your hard-earned dollars are staying in the local economy, not siphoned off to an out-of-town franchise. We’re accredited members of the Better Business Bureau and NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).

      Reason #3 – Low maintenance, high-style, safe vinyl window products –Cleveland Window and Clear Choice Window and Door offers many glass packages, colors, decorative glass options and architectural window features. We have products for any budget (from fancy to no-frills).

      Reason #4 – Innovate believes what you ‘don’t see’ is every bit as important as what you do see – The insulation used around the sides of your widow, measuring each window for proper fit, and having a window with a sturdy frame are small things which make a big difference in how the window performs for you. We know this – and WILL NOT skimp on what you ‘don’t see.’

      Reason #5 – Innovate focuses on education and helping you make informed decisions –There’s a lot to learn to make smart (and cost-effective) decisions for a replacement window project. Innovate has a library of more than 400 articles and 45 videos to guide your selections and understanding of various home improvement projects. Check out our News from The Block blog to educate yourself.

      Reason #6 – Industry leading guarantees – Ask about our industry-leading lifetime guarantees on vinyl replacement windows.

      Reason #7 – We offer flexible payment optionsWe know new windows can be a big expense. We also know not everyone has pre-planned and budgeted for the job. It’s for this reason we offer financing plans so you can make small monthly payments, yet still get the project done in the time frame you need.

      Reason #8 – A ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your window needsWith Cleveland Window and Clear Choice you’ll be able to get all the windows completed for your home at one time. Whether it’s first floor, second floor or even glass block basement windows through our Cleveland Glass Block and Columbus Glass Block divisions, you’ll know you’re safe with us.

      Reason #9 – Cost-effective window pricingOur philosophy is not to be the biggest window company in the market, it’s to provide the best value for your money. Towards this end we ARE NOT big spenders in advertising to ‘get in the door’ and use high-pressure sales tactics. We concentrate on working with our past customers and referrals and we offer a wide variety of products at fair prices. You’ll find our lower sales and marketing costs allow us to be more competitive than ‘big companies’ like Pella, Renewal by Anderson, Rosati, and Champion.

      Reason #10 – A wide variety of products – Our philosophy is not to sell manufacturer but to offer a wide range of products from manufacturers like Alside, Polaris and ProVia. These offerings suite any size budget or project.

      Dependable Replacement Window Installers in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio

      Cleveland Window & Door or Clear Choice Window & Door in Columbus can professionally install all of your replacement windows—and give you the peace of mind of a company whose installed over 1,000,000 windows since 1977.

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