Glass Block Shower Accessories

A smart glass block shower design covers every detail. You’ll not only get a stylish shower, but one which is safe, easy to use, and cuts your time cleaning it. Our accessories shower pans, drains, bench or corner seats, niches, shelves and more. Make your shower ‘live’ better today and tomorrow. And if you want to take your shower to the next level see how grout free shower wall panels and a glass block shower window will be a smart addition for your project.

Glass Block Shower Accessories

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Benefits Of Glass Block Shower Accessories and Wall Panels

  • Rough wood panels with grab bar

  • Shower niche, bench and high privacy glass block window

  • Square drain in solid surface shower base

    • Increase safety

      A well placed decorative grab bar or shower seat  will reduce the risk of injury and improve looks. And if space is at a premium, a fold down seat is a product you’ll want to explore. 

    • Add usable storage space

      A recessed niche or corner soap dish will add  storage, and reduce hard-to-clean soapy residue, and minimize slippery floors.

    • Eliminate expensive repair costs

      With grout free laminate wall panels in your glass block shower – you’ll get the look of tile or stone yet enjoy NOT cleaning the grout joints on your wall surrounds. 

    • Add the right drain (in the right spot) so your shower lives better

      While shower drains aren’t sexy – the right style drain – in the right location will stop you from showering in a puddle of water and standing in the middle of the drain. See how you can use a linear or square drain to improve looks and function.

    • Eliminate a rusted or rotten shower window and increase privacy

      If you’ve been putting up with a wood or metal window in your shower which is difficult to maintain – and doesn’t offer privacy you need – a glass block window is a logical accessory to add to your shower. 

    • Purchase from a company you can trust

      Innovate has helped customers throughout the United States with basic – and complex – glass block shower designs. We’ve been in this business since 1977 and helped over 190,000 customers . Take the guesswork out of a glass block shower. Get help to save time and money.

    • Free design and technical installation assistance

      Why try to figure out the design of your glass block shower – or the accessories you need on your own? Let an Innovate Glass Block Shower Specialist help you find (and price) the materials which will give you the shower of your dreams.

    Wall Panels for Glass Block Showers

    If you’ve chosen a walk-in glass block shower because you HATED cleaning the track of your old shower door, what you may not know is you can also simplify your shower wall surround maintenance with grout free wall panels. Popular wall panel choices for glass block showers include:

    Grout for Glass Block Shower Walls

    Using the right grout between your prefabricated ‘Protect All’ glass block shower wall is critical. The best option for long-lasting, simple to maintain grout joints is urethane grout. See the color choices below.

    Comes premixed in 9 and 18-lb buckets – takes the pain out of grout!

    Glass Block Shower Windows

    If you have a window in your shower AND don’t want to ‘put on a show’ for neighbors, a glass block shower window is a logical (and complimentary) choice with your glass block wall. Here’s a few designs to consider:

    • Glass block high privacy shower window with 4 x 8 glass blocks

    • High privacy glass block shower windows with ceramic tile window trim

    • High privacy iceberg window in a laminate wall panel glass block shower

    • Universal design shower with glass block privacy window and easy to work lever type hardware and decorative grab bar

    • Glass block shower window capped with marble tiles

    • Glass block shower window in a tile shower

      Accessories for Glass Block Solid Surface Showers

      If you’re looking for a shower which is virtually indestructible – and the accessories to go with it – look no further than solid surface. See options in solid surface drains, niches, shelves, and seats below.

      Solid Surface Shower Pan Drains

      Choose from a contemporary square or linear drain or opt for the traditional round drain.

      • Linear drain in a solid surface shower pan

      • Round drain in a solid surface glass block shower base

      • Round drain in a solid surface shower pan for glass blocks

      • Round drain with a curved glass block wall

      • Square drain in a solid surface base

        Solid Surface Recessed Niches & Corner Shelves

        Select from a wide range of colors and styles in recessed niches and corner caddies with one, two or three spots for soap, shampoo, or anything you want to store.

        • Contrasting solid surface recessed shampoo niche

        • Recessed niche in a glass block shower with solid surface walls

        • Double tall solid surface niche with soap area at bottom

        • Double corner solid surface shelf in a glass block shower

          Solid Surface Bench & Corner Seats

          Whether you need a corner seat to shave your legs – or a larger bench seat – there’s a sturdy solid surface option for you.

          • Angular corner seat

          • Curved corner seat

          • Extended bench seat

            Accessories for Glass Block Tile Showers

            There’s no building material like tile to offer a wide range design options. Combining a glass block shower with a tile base can create a classic, and unforgettable style. See options in drains for waterproof ready-for-tile glass block shower pans, shower niches and seating.

            Ready-for-Tile Shower Pan Drains

            Whether you like a classic round strainer cover, a contemporary (and simpler to cut around) square drain – or a fast draining (and sleek looking) linear drain, you’ll find a wide range of choices for your waterproof glass block tile shower pan.

            • Round drain sample

            • Square drain sample

            • Linear drain sample

            • Square tile drain in a one level glass block shower

            • Linear drain in a ready for tile shower pan

            • Square drain in a ready for tile glass block curved shower

            • Square drain cover in a ready for tile shower pan

              Ready-for-Tile Recessed Niches

              This 100% waterproof tileable shower niche is made from a non-porous PVC core and doesn’t require box framing for support. It will mount flush with your backer board.

              Sizes include:

              • 6 x 14” exterior dimensions
              • 11” x 14” exterior dimensions
              • 22” x 14” exterior dimensions
              • 8” x 20” interior dimensions
              • 12” x 12” interior dimensions
              • 13” x 17” interior dimensions
              • 12” x 20” interior dimensions with an adjustable shelf
              • 12” x 20” interior dimensions with a fixed shelf
                • Tiled niche in a frosted glass block shower

                • Recessed double niche in a glass block shower

                • Multiple sized niches in glass block shower

                • Vertical recessed niche in a glass block shower

                  Ready-for-Tile Bench, Corner Seats, and Leg Ledges

                  Even when you invest a lot of time with traditional framing and waterproofing methods, a tile corner or bench seat it’s still prone to leaking. Eliminate these worries with a 100% waterproof corner or bench seat (or ladies leg ledge) made of expanded polystyrene. This material is enclosed in 100% leak proof ShowerSeal.

                  Sizes include:

                  • Leg ledge – 10” wide x 20” high
                  • Corner seats – 18” wide x 20” high, 23” wide x 20” high
                  • Bench seats – 14” deep x 20” high with these widths (32”, 32”, 36”, 42”, 48”)
                  • Floating tile bench seat – 14” deep x 3” thick x 48” wide
                    • Tiled niche in a frosted glass block shower

                    • Recessed double niche in a glass block shower

                    • Multiple sized niches in glass block shower

                    • Vertical recessed niche in a glass block shower

                      Safety Accessories – Grab Bars & Fold Down Seats

                      Even though you need a safe shower, it doesn’t need to look ‘institutional.’ Check out decorative grabs bars and ‘space-saving’ folding down seats if your shower is small.

                      Fold-Down Shower Seats

                      • Polyurethane fold-down seat

                      • Teak fold-down seat

                      • Weathered laminate seat

                        Grab Bars

                        • Prestige grab bar with bottles on shelf

                        • Prestige grab bar with stone shelf

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