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Glass Block Walls & Bars

Using a glass block wall or bar adds style, structure, and light to any room. These partitions can be used in showers, kitchens, bedrooms, basement recreation rooms – virtually anywhere you want to create an impact. In this page you’ll see a wide range glass block wall and bar ideas and designs. Save money and time using prefab bars and walls constructed from the Protect-All Prefabrication System and get a lifetime guarantee.
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Glass Block Walls & Bars

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Benefits of Glass Block Wall & Bar Partitions

  • Colored glass block partition
  • Glass block walls in a bathroom
  • Glass block bar reception area
    • Prefabricated glass block wall and bar partitions are available to save money

      It’s near impossible to find a mason or general contractor who is capable (or willing) to install a glass block bar or wall using the ‘old-school’ block by block installation method. However, using prefabricated glass block wall sections you can turn your design concept into reality at a lower cost and higher quality without needing to beg a mason to do the job. These pre-made glass block wall partitions are built with vinyl spacers vertically and horizontally through the wall. They install just like ‘Lego blocks.’ Simply stack one pre-made section on top another. You’ll get a flawless bar or wall installation with small 1/8″ grout joints and the glass block will be plumb and square. In addition, if you’re in the Cleveland or Columbus Ohio markets ask about our glass block wall and bar installation service. If you’re not in Cleveland or Columbus ask if one of Innovate’s installing dealer network can help.

    • Design assistance or professional installation (in select markets)

      Don’t be concerned figuring out the right glass block shapes or designs to make your bar or partition wall work in your remodeling or new home project. Ask one of Innovate’s glass block wall design specialists to help choose the right shape and design blocks to make your wall or bar work in your space. If you’d like to ‘tinker’ with the design yourself, ask for a copy of glass block template (layout) cards be electronically sent to you.

      Glass block wall design

      Glass block layout cards
    • Wide range of glass block colors and patterns to choose

      Whether you have a straight, 90 degree angle or curved glass block design there are many patterns and colored glass blocks to choose. These walls can be pre-made into sections with the Protect All Prefabrication System to reduce installation times and save money. Innovate pre-made sections are anchored to a wall, siliconed together, and field grouted. Most walls are made with 3 1/8″ thick series blocks because they’re lighter, easier to work with and reduce the costs of a finished project.

    • Glass blocks in American and Metic sizes to take advantage of the international marketplace of glass blocks

      Having a wide array of glass block colors and designs provides many design possibilities. Offering American and Metric sized blocks opens up – literally – a world of glass block designs. Whether you’re creating a one-of-a-kind prefab bar for your basement, or a European-inspired contemporary glass block shower wall or kitchen partition, DO NOT let your options be limited. 

      Glass block bar with lighting

      Glass block walls in loft
    • A durable wall with a lifetime guarantee

      Since the glass blocks are 3 1/8″ thick (and anchored into place) you don’t have to worry about them toppling over even if an elderly family member was to fall in the shower. They’re not only sturdy – but have a lifetime guarantee. 

    Product Lines & Designs

    Curved, 90-Degree, and Angled Glass Block Wall & Bar Ideas

    You can design your glass block walls and bars with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and patterns. The popular ‘wave’ pattern allows you to build walls which have a curve (walk-in glass block shower walls are popular with a curve at the end), or can be a straight wall with decorative or frosted designs.

    Glass block sizes for these walls can include 4″ x 8″, 6″ x 8″ and 8″ x 8″ sizes. Match up these blocks with finished and rounded end blocks, double end blocks, curved blocks or 90 degree angled blocks to make a glass block bar for your basement or a straight partition wall for your living room.Let an Innovate glass block wall specialist help you with the best design for your space and interior decor style. 

    • Curved glass block wall in bedroom
    • Angled glass block partition in an office
    • Unique pattern in a stairway
    • Yellow contemporary kitchen wall
    • Bathroom with frosted and metalized block

      Colored or Patterned Glass Block Wall & Bar Partitions 

      Why settle for a standard clear wall when you can create the cool factor and make your glass block wall or bar stand out? Here’s some fun ideas to consider. 

      • Colored glass blocks
      • Colored glass block bar
      • Yellow glass block kitchen island
      • Blue glass block wall in bedroom

        Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Block Walls & Bars

        Do I need special support underneath the glass block wall or bar?

        No. Unless your floor already has a problem (is warped or buckling), standard subfloor framing is enough to support the glass block bar or wall partition. 

        Can my glass block bar or wall partition be pre-made? If so, can I create different shaped walls? 

        Yes. Straight, curved and 90 degree (L-shaped) angled walls can be pre-made with the Protect-All Prefabrication System. They’re easier (and more cost-effective) to install than trying to do the job block by block. You will not need an expensive mason contractor to install this wall. These sections stack up one on top another, just like the Lego-blocks you played with as a kid. 

        Are these walls sturdy? How are the walls attached or anchored?

        Glass block walls and bars are tied into the surrounding wall(s) using anchors every 16″ (or two courses) or 24″ depending on the wall layout. Horizontal vinyl stack pieces provide additional stability.

        How do you make radius or angled walls? How do you finish the ends and tops?

        With the development shaped glass blocks it’s simple to create sharply curved or angled walls. You can even ‘dress up’ the end of the wall with finished ends blocks or glass style caps (which are glass tiles which are shaped and placed on the sides of top of the glass). In most cases, you don’t need a dissimilar material to finish the end of your glass block bar or partition wall. 

        What sizes are the decorative or colored glass blocks made in? Can they be combined into any pattern of glass block wall? 

        The decorative and colored glass blocks come in 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ sizes. They can be used with other metric ‘half-blocks’ which are 3 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ (thick). Note – these blocks cannot be combined with the American sized units because they are not dimensionally the same. 


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