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Roll-In, Barrier Free, ADA Compliant Showers Cleveland Bathroom Renovation

Bath Doctor from Innovate Building Solutions

You’ve thought for years about a barrier free roll-in shower for your Cleveland bathroom. You’ve read how 80% of falls happen in the bathroom. You know your spouse’s mobility isn’t getting any better.

However, you also want a shower which is not only safe, but one which looks a lot more stylish than your current (impossible to clean) fiberglass tub or moldy tile shower. However, you don’t know where you can find a bathroom renovation contractor in Cleveland to explain product options, answer your questions AND give you a fair price for the roll-in shower you need.

In this page learn how Age in Place bathroom and shower specialists at The Bath Doctor division of Innovate Building Solutions can help. Read the sections below to make an educated and cost-effective choice for a low step or wheelchair accessible shower. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of a roll-in barrier free shower.
  • How Innovate’s process will help you choose the right accessibility option for your project AND budget.
  • Product options to customize your shower.
  • Frequently asked questions about roll-in showers and wheelchair accessible ADA bathrooms.
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Roll-In, Barrier Free, ADA Compliant Showers Cleveland Bathroom Renovation

Bath Doctor from Innovate Building Solutions

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Benefits of a Roll-In Barrier Free Shower

  • Safer shower with a low profile cultured granite shower pan - The Bath Doctor Avon Lake
    A safer shower
  • Easy to clean shower wall panels in a roll in barrier free shower - Independence Ohio  Bath Doctor
    Easy to clean shower wall panels
  • Barrier free shower renovation give an efficient use of space - The Bath Doctor
    Efficient use of space
  • Fold down seats and grab bars in an upscale barrier free shower - The Bath Doctor
    Safety accessories & more
  • Efficient shower head in a barrier free shower by The Bath Doctor Westlake Ohio
    More efficient use of water
  • Return on investment for a barrier free shower
    Return on investment

    A safe shower which gives you peace of mind– Not worrying about an unwanted trip to the ER after a family member falls entering or exiting the tub or shower is a big reason why an accessible shower and bathroom are smart.

    A stylish accessible shower – A safe (low-step) shower DOES NOT have to be ugly. Although you’re likely familiar with cheap, plasticky looking roll-in showers – there are far better-looking options you’ll see in the products section below.

    An easy to clean shower which fights against mold and mildew – Cleaning your existing shower and tub is no fun. See how you can use grout free wall panels and barrier free stone shower pans to not only add style, but get rid of mold and mildew you don’t want to clean.

    Use the space in your small bathroom better – If your existing bathroom layout is already tight, you’re likely wondering how you’ll fit a roll-in barrier shower in your tiny bathroom. Systems like one level wet rooms and curbless showers can ‘open up’ your small bathroom in ways you never considered.

    Add storage, seating, and showering options – With the strategic use of fold down seats, recessed niches and handheld showers, your new shower can add function you’ve never enjoyed before.

    More efficient use of water – Bathrooms use more than 50% of the water supply in your home. With a barrier free shower vs. a tub, you can not only increase the efficiency (and lower the cost) of the water you need, but also get the stylish rain head or hand-held shower you’ve always wanted.

    Return on investment – Bathroom remodels offer one of the highest return on investment according to the Cost/Value Study done by Remodeling Magazine. In addition, if you use the right materials your aging in place shower will go beyond safety and add style which makes it easier to sell your home.

    Innovate’s Simple 4-step Shower Replacement Process

    We know thinking through the products and installation process of a roll-in barrier free shower IS NOT something you do every day (or even every 20 years). The goal of The Bath Doctor division of Innovate Building Solutions is to simplify this project for you with this 4-step process:

    • Step 1 – Understand your needs – our process begins by learning the problems with your existing shower or tub and how you want it to work (and look) better.

    • Step 2 – Develop a plan and a firm budget – Given your needs, Bath Doctor will recommend products and installation approaches to solve your problems and create a barrier free (or low curb entry) shower which works with your budget. We’ll develop a scope of work and give you a written estimate.

    • Step 3 – Demo and prepare the walls, floor, and plumbing – During the demo we’ll take care to respect your property with tarps and surface protection systems. Once the demo is done, we’ll ONLY USE the proper (not the cheapest) subfloor, wall backer and plumbing systems to ensure a quality project which lasts.

    • Step 4 – Install the finishing materials – This is where things get fun. Seeing your stylish (yet sturdy) barrier free shower floor, shower wall surrounds, and trendsetting roll-in glass enclosures and accessories is where you see the finished project come alive.

    Product Options for Roll-In Barrier Free Shower Project

    Whether you live in Beachwood, Brecksville, or Brooklyn it can be a struggle selecting the best accessible shower system. Should you use a ramped shower pan, a low-profile base, or a one level wet room?

    When it comes to the walls would grout free shower wall panels or ceramic tile be best?

    Should you use a pivoting or stationary glass or opt for weighted shower curtains?

    And last, but not least, what accessories (grab bars, seats, and niches) should you install?

    In the section below, see options the Roll-in Shower Specialists from The Bath Doctor can explain to you.

    Roll-in shower pans or barrier free shower bases

    The ‘foundation’ of your roll-in shower is the surface you roll or walk into as you enter. Choose from acrylic shower pans with collapsible retention systems, or ramped solid surface bases, low profile barrier free showers or even one level wet rooms. Your Bath Doctor Specialists can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system for you.

    Low maintenance, high-style shower wall panels

    With Innovate’s Bath Doctor division you won’t be stuck choosing between a cheap plastic wall surround or high-maintenance tile walls. Innovate specializes in shower wall panels and offers 4 options for you.

    • 3/8” thick Laminate wall panels
    • 3/8” thick solid surface wall panels
    • 1/4” thick decorative PVC composite panels
    • 5/16” thick optical grade high gloss acrylic panels

    Glass shower doors for roll-in barrier free showers

    While you can use curtains for your wheelchair accessible shower, they’re not the most stylish alternative. In addition, curtains block natural light, look dirty and scummy in a short time.

    It’s for those reasons you’ll want to consider options like pivoting glass showers, fixed glass shower screens, glass block walk in shower, or even ‘half-height’ caregiver doors. Let an Innovate representative explain the differences in these products.

    Shower heads for accessible showers  

    Would your shower work best with a rain head, a hand-held unit, or a stationary head? Where should the turn on and turn off valve be located so you don’t get doused with a cold blast of water every time you turn your shower on? What type of shower head is best to conserve water?

    Bath Doctor will help you make these important plumbing fixture choices.

    Shower accessories for storage, seating, and safety

    The right accessories will make or break your shower experience.

    How can you include seating (and not make a cramped shower) to shave your legs or provide a place to sit for a family member who is mobility challenged to shower independently?

    What type of shelving or niches do you need to store your lotions and potions?

    Where should you put the grab bars for a safe shower? What choices do you have which won’t make your new shower look like a hospital room?

    The shower specialists at The Bath Doctor can answer these questions for you.

    Shower windows

    A shower window is wonderful to let in natural light, except when you’re worried about a neighbor looking inside.

    Choosing a shower window which offers privacy yet doesn’t cut off light is a must. Bath Doctor offers a range of high privacy vinyl replacement windows or glass block windows to give you light, privacy, and style whether you live in South Euclid or Strongsville.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Roll-In Barrier Free Showers

    How long does a roll-in shower take to install?

    If you’re replacing a standard sized tub or shower with a barrier free (or low-profile) shower in the same area, most projects (using grout free wall panels and premade barrier free bases) are done in 2 days. For custom replacement showers allow 3 to 5 days to complete.

    How can I save money on a roll-in barrier free shower?

    While money-saving ideas will be best developed after seeing your bathroom, here’s a few strategies to cut installed costs of a barrier free shower:

    • Don’t move the plumbing. There are standard shower pans (in both solid surface and contemporary reinforced acrylic) where the pan can be pre-sloped to your existing drain location.
    • Use grout free wall panels vs. ceramic tile (which also cuts maintenance)
    • Do your own demolition.
    • Use solid one-piece shower pan vs. a tile shower floor.
    • Use standard size glass shower doors, pans, windows, and wall surrounds and limit customization.
    How can I lessen the chance of mold and mildew?

    Mold is the enemy of a healthy bathroom and shower. Solid surface and cultured granite roll-in shower pans, decorative wall surrounds, exhaust fans and operable windows are smart products for a healthy (and mold free) shower.

    Is there a way to create a safe shower which can be turned into a roll-in shower in the future?

    Yes, there is. For the shower floor use a low-profile shower pan (like the solid surface shower base shown below) where you can buy an ‘add on curb extension.’ This sloped curb can be placed in front of the shower pan to create a roll-in shower.

    How can I see your products?

    Schedule a time with your Innovate Roll-in Shower Design Specialist to see our shower pans, wall panels and glass enclosure displays. We’re open from Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4 PM (or by appointment at other times) at 4566 East 71st. St. Cuyahoga Heights., Oh, 44105. You’ll find us close to I-77/Route 480 near Independence Ohio.

    Can an Innovate Shower Specialist help design my shower?

    We most certainly can. We understand it’s hard for an owner – who may remodel their master bathroom every 20 years – to know the right products, sizes, and installation process for a quality barrier free shower which fits their budget. It’s our job to guide you through options – whether it’s one on one during an accessible bathroom design consultation or in a virtual appointment or with shower design articles through our News From The Block Blog or educational YouTube videos.

    How can I reduce maintenance for my roll-in shower without using cheap plasticky systems or high maintenance tile?

    If you’re frustrated with your existing tile and fiberglass shower pan and wall surrounds, you’re not alone. The best way to get a stylish shower – without sacrificing looks, is to use laminate shower wall panels or cultured granite shower pans. They’re durable and will add to the décor of your bathroom.

    Is it OK to use a door in a roll-in shower? How wide should I make the shower opening? How can I keep the water in my barrier free shower

    You can use a door in a roll-in shower if you make sure there’s enough room for a walker or wheelchair to enter. A 28” to 36” wide opening is best. The most common options to keep water in your roll-in shower include:

    • Curtains
    • Collapsible water retainers which are used with a low-profile shower pan.
    • Pivoting glass doors.
    • Half-high caregiver doors
    • One level wet room systems where you waterproof the entire bathroom, not just the shower.
    Do I have enough room for a roll-in barrier free shower in my tiny bathroom?

    Roll-in showers can be used in any sized bathrooms. However, if space is limited you may need a one level bathroom floor to provide enough space for your shower, vanity, and toilet.

    How do I make sure my barrier free shower won’t hurt the resale value of my home?

    Nobody wants to buy a home where the bathroom reminds them of a hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital. The best way to ensure your bathroom DOES NOT have the ‘hospital room’ look is to not use dated, institutional looking grab bars or fiberglass shower pans with plastic wall surrounds.

    Use laminate wall panels, contemporary textured stone shower pans, decorative support bars and contemporary glass doors – which offer style AND safety.

    Why choose the Bath Doctor division of Innovate Building Solutions as your barrier free shower installation company?

    Whether you live in Walton Hills, Warrensville Heights, or Westlake, you have the same goal with a roll-in shower. You want a quality project, built to last, and designed to work for your needs. You also want it backed by a company who stands behind their work. Here’s 10 reasons your neighbors have chosen the Bath Doctor division of Innovate Building Solutions as their barrier free shower installation company.

    • Reason #1 – Innovate focuses on education and helping you make informed decisions –There’s a lot to learn to make smart (and cost-effective) decisions for a wheelchair accessible or roll-in shower. Innovate has a library of more than 400 articles and 45 videos to help guide your selections and understanding of the process. Check out our News from The Block bathroom remodeling blog to educate yourself.

    • Reason #2 – No pushy salespeople – Nobody wants to deal with a salesperson ‘pushing’ products and demanding you buy today, or this ‘deal of a lifetime’ will be gone. This IS NOT how Innovate works. We educate. We guide you through the steps in replacing your existing tub or shower stall. We provide practical ideas to save money. It doesn’t matter whether you need a safer shower for ranch home in Rocky River or your colonial in Cleveland Heights, we’re here to help. 

    • Reason #3 – We’re locally owned professionals in the remodeling industry. We’ve served Clevelanders for 43 years– You’ve supported us, and we’ve appreciated the opportunity to serve you for 43 years (and have completed over 190,000 home improvement projects). We’re locally owned and have done projects from Parma to Pepper Pike. If you choose Innovate your hard-earned dollars are staying in the local economy, not being siphoned off to an out-of-town franchise. We’re accredited members of the Better Business Bureau and NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).

    • Reason #4 – Low maintenance, high-style, safe products –Innovate has many choices of shower pans, roll-in accessible showers, shower wall surrounds, glass systems and accessories to customize your shower stall. Innovate has products for any budget.

    • Reason #5 – Innovate believes what you ‘don’t see’ is every bit as important as what you do see – The construction of your shower base, the wall backer boards behind your shower wall surrounds, and even the pipes buried underneath your shower pan are the ‘backbone’ of your shower. We know this – and WILL NOT skimp on what you ‘don’t see.’

    • Reason #6 – Industry leading guarantees – Ask about lifetime guarantees on stylish laminate shower wall panels, ramped solid surface shower pans or glass block bathroom windows. 

    • Reason #7 – Innovate won’t rush to ‘finish your project in a day’You’ve seen the ads for franchise ‘bathroom in a day’ companies. It sounds fantastic to get your barrier free shower replacement done in a day. But how can these companies complete your bathroom in a day? Here’s how. They put new materials over old materials. At Innovate we don’t take shortcuts which save us time in the short run but cause you problems (like mold behind the walls) in the long run. Quality barrier free shower remodels don’t use ‘cover over’ systems to get in and out in a day.

    • Reason #8 – Trained peopleFrom our Vice President of Operations (who leads our installation crews) and has 35 years of experience to our Certified Aging in Place specialists, we’re a specialized contractor in bathroom and shower design. This helps you not only get a quality project but saves money in the process.

    • Reason #9 – We offer flexible payment optionsWe know roll-in showers can become an immediate necessity if a family member has a sudden decline in health. We also know not everyone has pre-planned and budgeted for the job. Its for this reason we offer financing plans so you can make small monthly payments, yet still get the project done on the time frame you need.

    • Reason #10 – See your products in person or at your home – Innovate wants to make it simple for you to see your options. Towards this end we’ll either do a personal Roll-In Shower Design Appointment at your home, offer you a virtual consultation or you can see our shower displays in person at our offices at 4566 East 71st St. Cuyahoga Hts. Oh, 44105.

    Hire a Trustworthy Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Cleveland, Ohio. Hire the Bath Doctor.

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