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Solid Surface Bathroom Vanity Countertops & Accessories

Coordinate your solid surface walls and bases with a wide selection of bathroom vanity countertops, accessories and shower doors for a truly exceptional look and a higher functioning bathroom. Learn about the wide array of product benefits and options in counter tops, accessories and frameless and semi-frameless shower doors.
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NOTE: This product is available in Ohio only or when combined with glass block shower projects.

Solid Surface Bathroom Vanity Countertops & Accessories

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Benefits of Solid Surface Countertops, Accessories and Shower Doors

  • Countertop with 2 color bowls
  • Standard shower base with full height curb
  • Bypass doors and solid surface base
    • Large selection of options

      In the countertop line you can choose from over 60 different colors, sizes, bowls, faucet hole layouts and edge designs and thicknesses. Shower doors are available in different glass thicknesses, door handle and glass options for a custom experience. These countertops can be matched with the solid surface shower base and walls as well.

    • Improved functionality

      Just like a dress – a shower and tub system is not complete (and does not maximize it’s functionality) without the right accessories. Add safety and a higher level of relaxation with corner and bench seats. Have more places for soaps and shampoo with new shower caddies, shelves and niches.

    • Add style and increase longevity

      Choose decorative solid surface trim and window kits to both personalize your bathroom and eliminate the worries of wood deteriorating.

    • Standard or custom showers you’re covered

      Whether your space is a common size – or not – there will be shower door, trim and accessory options to ensure a more luxurious and better working space.

    • Systems are designed to work together

      Shower doors can be sized to fit with your solid surface wall panels and base – taking the worries out of sizing the project for you!

    Solid Surface Color Options

    Make your bathroom countertop special with a wide choice of colors. 

    Granite Colors


















































    Solid Colors


    Colors for Stripes, Halos and Inlays


    Bathroom Vanity Countertops and Sinks

    If you’re looking for a durable yet stylish material for your bathroom countertop and sink – solid surface is an excellent option. These units are available in both standard and custom designs. Some product features include:

    • Double bowl with two colors
    • Recessed bowl two colors and halo with raised edge
    • Non-recessed bowl with ogee edge

      Features include:

      • Sizing Choices – Standard bath countertops come in 19″ (for 18″ deep bathroom vanities), 22″ (for 21″ deep vanity cabinets) and 22 1/2″ (which fits 21″ deep Euro-style cabinets with full overlay doors). Custom lavatories can be made in other special depths in addition to 25″ and 25 5/8″ sizes.

      • Single color, multiple colors, in lays and “halo” accents – If you like options you certainly can find them in our bowl designs. Choose from a single color, a top and bowl with different colors – or even one with a “halo” accent around the interior edge of the sink. How cool is that!

      • Bowls & backsplashes – There are multiple bowl designs. You can select a single, double, offset, ADA or recessed or non-recessed bowl. They are available with a standard integral backsplash (4″ high), a lowered height backsplash or a separate backsplash for the sides.

      • Edge designs and thicknesses – Any standard 5/8″ thick top can have a raised edge or flat edge design finished on all 3 sides. With custom tops additional edge designs include an ogee , beveled and double eased edge. In addition to the standard 5/8″ thick vanity top you can also choose from a 1″ and 1 ½” thicknesses.

      • Unique designs – You are not limited by only rectangular designs. Other bath vanity countertop options include angles, tapered edges, bowed fronts to name just a few.

      • Faucet holes – Options include 4″ (for a standard one piece bath faucet), 8″ (for a standard three piece faucet) or single hole. The standard size of the holes is 1 7/32″. A soap dispenser hole can also be added.

      • Custom design with two colors halo and non recessed bowl
      • Custom design with two colors halo and non recessed bowl
      • Non recessed bowls with 2 colors and a flat edge

        Solid Surface Shower & Tub Accessories

        Just like a great outfit is not complete without the right accessories – the same holds true for a top-rate shower or solid surface tub surround project. Fortunately our line provides a wide range of decorative and functional options.

        Corner and Bench Seats

        Whether you want a place to relax or need a seat to provide a safe environment for a family member with disabilities you’ll find a wide selection of choices. Our corner seats are available in the full range of colors and finishes with both smooth and textured top surfaces. Corner seats come in various sizes (14”, 18”, and extended seats in 16” x 26” and 18” x 26” sizes). Bench seats are also available

        • Smooth 14 in. corner seat
        • Extended corner seat
        • Bench seat

          Shower Caddies, Shelves and Recessed Niches

          Having somewhere to put soap and shampoo can create a safer and more functional space. Choose from niches which are either recessed into the wall or shelves and caddies which are attached to the wall in various sizes and styles in the full range of colors!

          • Corner caddy with 3 shelves
          • Extra wide recessed niche and corner niche
          • Surface shelf and narrow recessed caddy

            Decorative Molding & Trim

            For those who want to add a personal touch and a truly finished look decorative trim and moldings can provide special pizzazz. Some of the options include crown molding, rope trim, chair rail and inside and outside corner trim. These products come in all the various colors and multiple sizes for design flexibility.

            • Decorative rope trim
            • Trim around a glass block shower
            • Crown molding

              Solid Surface Window Trim Kits

              Having a window in the middle of a shower or tub space can be a major problem. Many older homes have windows with wood casings and sills which have deteriorated over time. For these situations a solid surface window trim kit will not only dress up your project but will provide a waterproof surface which will stand up vs. water! A completed window trim kit includes the window sill, jambs, casing, lower apron with the required silicone.

              • Solid surface window sill
              • Window molding
              • Installed window trim kit

                Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

                Take the worries out of finding and sizing a shower door to fit your standard or custom solid surface walls and base. With our shower door program we offer a wide range of shower door options for all the different base layouts (available in different glass thicknesses, handles, finishes and glass options) to create a luxury look at an affordable price.

                1/4″ and 3/8″ Shower Door and Finish Options

                Whether you need a single door, door with a side panel, bench seat shower, NEO design, dual curb base you will find a door which works. These doors are available in 3 finishes – silver, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

                • 1/4″ semi-frameless bench seat shower door system with brushed nickel finish
                • 1/4″ glass semi-frameless sliding door oil rubbed bronze finish
                • 3/8″ glass frameless door with 6″ pull handle

                  Door Handles

                  Choose from either a 6″ pull handle on both sides (which is available with hinged, semi-frameless and clear glass doors) or a pull handle with towel bar (available on hinged, semi-frameless and obscure glass doors).

                  • Pull handle and towel bar on obscure door
                  • 6 inch pull handle on both sides of a frameless clear glass door
                  • Pull handle towel bar on a sliding glass door

                    Glass Options

                    Whether you want clear glass to see directly into your new tub or shower, different styles of obscure glass or even colored glass there is an option make your doors special.


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