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Design Your Dream Bathroom

Learn the Benefits of and How to Use Our 3D Bathroom & Shower Visualizer

With our new bathroom visualizer you can try out limitless combinations of wall panels, shower pans, glass doors, tubs, cabinets, accessories and more — for a truly personalized bathroom creation!

Benefits of Our Bathroom Visualizer

Are you struggling in making bathroom selections? If so, here’s how you’ll benefit from using this 3D bath and shower visualizer tool:

  • Save time shopping – Going from stores to bathroom showrooms and back to more stores consumes a lot of time. Make your choices in one place – on your digital device.

  • See how selections look together in full-sized examples – It’s hard knowing how the shower surround panels you selected will look with the shower pan or with your flooring. And it’s hard visualizing what an entire shower surround or floor will look like from a tiny sample. Seeing them in a full-sized, realistic 3D bathroom settings stops you from making selections that look bad together.

  • Share (or print) your designs – If you’re unsure of your choices, email or share your designs (electronically or in a printed format) with a designer, friend, or family.

  • Choose from different room scenes – Whether you’re doing a large master bathroom with a freestanding tub, a small tub/shower alcove in the kid’s bathroom, or replacing your shower, you’ll find an interactive room scene to mix and match selections.

  • Design your bathroom on multiple devices – Whether you’re working on a desktop, on your laptop, or on your phone, this 3D bathroom planner works flawlessly.

  • Order free samples – See something you like? Click the free sample button to get actual samples you can see in your bathroom.

  • Spend less time with salespeople. Make selections at whatever time is convenient for you – This shower and 3D bathroom planner is available 24/7. No need to schedule appointments with salespeople who push products on you.

  • ‘Debate’ your spouse or partner in the comfort of your own home – If you’ve had debates (or arguments) over selections for your new or remodeled home, you’re not alone. Using this visualizer tool, you can have these ‘debates’ in the privacy of your home (vs. airing your differences in front of strangers).

  • Have fun – It’s enjoyable playing around with all the different options. Create the bathroom of your dreams. Or put together the ugliest combination …just for fun!

Thousands of design combinations possible!

How to Use the Innovate Bathroom Visualizer

Stop worrying about making expensive bathroom and shower selection mistakes. In the video below you’ll learn how to use the interactive Innovate bath visualization tool. These 5 steps are explained:

Screenshot of project selection

1) Choose a Project

2) Design Your Room

3) Zoom In/Out of Your Scene

4) Create an Account & Save Your Designs

5) Share Your Design

Watch the Tutorial Video

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Tap a phone number to call from your device.

Tap a phone number to call from your device.

Tap a phone number to call from your device.

Tap a phone number to call from your device.