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      Glass Block with Etchings

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      Laser etched glass block can turn an ordinary window or wall into a one of a kind work of art. Our sealed beam laser process can etch up to 256 different shades of gray and 600 dots per inch of resolution. Not only does this process surpass standard lasers, engraving, and sandblasting – it is available at cost effective prices on a block building material that is also a structural window or wall. You can even personalize a gift of a vase, bank, or glass block light.

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      Uses and Benefits of Etched Glass Blocks

      etched glass blocks for windows walls or showers
      Standard or custom images available
      personalized etched design with a family on a glass block
      Personalized images
      dichroic glass block with a flower design
      Mirrored finish dichrioc unit

      Intricate details and custom designs – Our carbon dioxide laser can be controlled down to .001" diameter (100 times smaller than the period at the end of a sentence) providing details and shading not possible with other methods.

      Free deliver and no minimum order quantities – Order one unit or thousands – we’ll ship to you free of charge and work to produce a finished product that will excite you.

      Select stock patterns or create a one of kind – If you have a favorite hobby or want to match an architectural style in one block or develop a mural over multiple units it’s all possible.

      One stop shopping you can trust – Our company can etch an entire prefabricated window, wall, or glass block shower and even install it for you (installations are in selected areas) and have earned the Better Business Bureau Accreditation and Consumers Choice Service Awards.

      Multiple uses including signs and logos – If you’re looking for a unique sign in a wall or lobby for your business we can etch your logo or directional sign into a single or multiple grouping of glass blocks. Since our products are either 3 1/8" or 3 7/8" thick they are very difficult to break (Note: if one unit is broken our computer controlled equipment can create an exact replica of that specific block).

      Personalized gifts for special occasions - if you’re looking for a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, baby shower or Christmas you can etch personal photos, dates, and messages into our products.

      sizes of glass blocks with etchings
      Multiple sizes avaible
      Custom looks
      movie mural in etched glass One example of a decorative mural

      tree mural in etched glass blocks
      This tree mural has been real popular & is available in different sizes
      Product Lines and Designs

      Product and Design Options in the Etched Line

      Read below to learn about the designs & different place to use these units!

      Murals for Windows, Shower or Wall Projects

      Whether you want to create a mural that incorporates a hobby, nature scene, organization or family member we can help.

      Movie Mural Etched Glass Block
      Movie reel design
      Deer Head Etched Glass Block
      Deer design

      Semper Fi Etched Glass Block
      Semper Fi
      Tree Mural Etched Glass Block
      Tree Mural

      Etching of Individual pieces for a Gift, Wedding, Wall or Window

      Check out below some of the various options in this line:

      Sampling of Stock Pets, Hobbies & Holidays Series

      Etched Designs for Holidays, Hobbies, Pets and more
      Top row – Musical notes, Clubs;
      Bottom row – Fore Golfer, Club Tee & Ball

      Sampling of Stock Contemporary Series

      Etched Contemporary Designs
      Top row – Frank Lloyd Wright;
      Bottom row – Overlapping Bulls eyes, Modern Art Circles

      Sampling of Stock Floral Series

      Etched Single Stem Floral Design on Dichro Block
      Single Stem Flower

      Sampling of Stock Earth Series

      Etched Jellyfish on Colored Block Design
      Sunburst - M Series Green Color

      Custom Looks

      Personalized Etched Family Design
      Family Pictures
      Personalized Etched Pet Design
      Personalized Etched Logo Design Columbus Glass Block
      Personalized Etched Mural Design


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it safe to use these blocks for inside and outside?

      Yes, since the etching process microscopically vaporizes the surface of the glass and then instantly fuses the same surface to create a permanent mark the product can be used anywhere.

      What block designs work best?

      The process works best on the wave/decora or clear/vue patterns from Mulia or Pittsburgh Corning.

      Can you etch colors or mirrored finishes with your process?

      Yes, we have the largest line of colored glass block and multi-colored dichroic glass blocks available in the United States.

      Can these designs be duplicated with engraving equipment I’ve seen at the mall?

      While basic laser engraving equipment can put in some stock images and letters and fonts this more basic equipment is not capable of the 600 dots per inch detail of our process. In addition, in many cases we’ll price very competitively, if not better, than this more basic process.

      How do I order?
      1. Call our office and provide the following:
        • Glass block pattern (wave/decora or clear/vue) and if color is desired.
        • Choose a size, number of blocks and if any finished end block is required
        • Select a standard pattern or provide via fax or email your one of a kind design or image (in a jpg, tif, eps, bitmap, or adobe illustrated formats)
      2. Provide a method of payment for the deposit (standard credit cards are accepted).
      3. For custom designs we will email a (jpg) proof of your design for final approval.
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