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Modern Low Profile Stone Shower Pans & Bases

Have you ever had a shower pan which leaked and cost you a ‘not-so-pretty’ penny to replace? Or has a family member landed in the hospital after climbing into your tub or fallen while ‘trying’ to step over a shower pan with a high curb? Then you frantically started researching for durable low profile solid surface shower pans only to find they cost a ‘boat-load’ of money, look behind-the-times, and will take 3 months to get!

Our modern InnovaStone low profile solid surface shower pans are the solution! Not only will the solid colors and décor patterns make an impact in your bath remodel, but they also have a non-slip surface, are anti-bacterial and you have the flexibility to use the same base for an alcove, corner or a 3 sided-glass shower.

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Modern Low Profile Stone Shower Pans & Bases

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Benefits of Modern Low Profile Solid Surface Shower Pans

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  • A standalone white stone low profile shower base i a 60 x 32 size and low curb entrey
    Sleek modern design

    The InnovaStone shower pan has a 1.16 inch curb which creates a safe entry and provides a contemporary design as well.

  • Shower kit display
    Shower Replacement Kits Complete with Base, Walls & Door

    If you’re frustrated trying to find a complete, high-quality shower replacement kit you’re not alone. You’re seeking a high-quality shower kit complete with sturdy, stylish and simple to clean bases. You want solid (not flimsy) wall panels with choices in glass shower doors as well. But where can you find a complete kit which is built to last and looks stylish?

    Create a complete, high-quality alcove or walk-in shower kit in 3 simple steps!

    Learn More >>

  • Closeup of slip-resistant textured shower pan
    A safe surface for your loved ones

    The textured matte finish not only feels nice under your feet, but it’s safer than smooth acrylic or fiberglass shower pans.

  • Black marble shower pan and grout free walls in a modern bathroom
    Fun patterns and designs

    Get the elegance of a white marble or black marble pan – without the cost of actual marble. Or compliment your grout free shower wall panels with a durable low profile white, gray, or black stone shower pan.

  • Warehouse racks with shower pans stored in wooden crates

    Why wait 12 weeks or more to finally get your bathroom back because the stone shower pan you like must be custom made? If you need a 60” x 32” pan for a tub to shower conversion with a side drain, or a 60” x 36” or 48” x 36” shower replacement pan with a center drain – you can get a stylish base shipped immediately with Innovate’s ‘ready to ship’ program.

  • Recessed shower pan in matte black for a roll-in design
    Flexible shower pan works for a roll-in shower, tile shower, or shower with grout free wall surrounds

    If you need a one level shower – but don’t want the maintenance of tile, you can set these bases onto the joists and avoid a shower lip all together. You can also use these pans with tile or grout free shower wall panels.

  • Closeup of black marble shower pan with drain cover which matches the pattern of the shower pan
    Ugly shower drains are finally gone!

    Who likes to look at an ugly round shower drain? Nobody. InnovaStone decorative drain covers flow with your shower pan design. Your drain cover will ‘disappear,’ yet still be available to do its job. And since the drain covers are made of stainless steel, you’ll know they’re built to last.

  • Innovate Building Solution employees group photo in the office
    Get free technical advice from our shower experts

    When you buy a shower pan, it’s NOT like buying a dress or a pair of size 11 shoes. You need to know how the pan will work with your bathroom floor, your glass shower doors and grout free wall panels or tile. You can rely on the Shower Support Specialists at Innovate Building Solutions to help you put all these pieces together.

  • Closeup of GemStone solid surface shower pan material
    A shower base that is designed not to crack

    This completely solid shower pan (which weighs 97 lbs. for a 48 x 36, 123 lbs. for a 60 x 32 and 138 lbs. for a 60 x 36 sizes) is made of a durable mix of resins and minerals (compromised of crushed dolomite stone) with a gel coat top surface. It has the look of natural marble and stone – but is more durable, costs less and is more resistant to scratching.

  • Antibacterial solid surface shower pan
    Get rid of grout with an anti-bacterial shower pan

    This pan is non-porous. You won’t be cleaning tile grout joints or worrying about water finding its way below the surface (and heaven-forbid, the pan leaking).

  • White marble shower pan showing standard side drain location in a 60 x 32 size
    Drains are designed in the right locations to make standard tub or shower replacements simple

    InnovaStone pans are designed with common drain locations to simplify installation time and eliminate the expense of relocating a shower drain. 

  • Different shower pan configurations using the same shower base without tiling flanges
    Flexible shower pans save money vs. a custom pan

    Since InnovaStone pans have curbs on all 4 sides, you can use the same pan for a corner shower or to enter on any side.

  • Matte black shower pan with walk in glass shower and laminate shower wall panels
    Solid one-piece construction

    A well-kept secret is that many cultured marble and solid surface pans are made with several parts which are glued together. The InnovaStone pan is one solid unit. It’s packaged in sturdy wooden crates, so it arrives in one piece.

  • Shower pan in a white marble pattern which includes a ABS drain and drain cover
    You won’t get ‘nickel and dimed’ after you buy the pan

    If you’ve ever bought a shower pan only to find out AFTER THE FACT you need to scour the Internet for a drain you know that’s frustrating. With InnovaStone pans you’ll get an ABS drain included (at no extra charge).

  • Custom shower pan colors and unique patterns from Innovate Building Solutions
    Custom order colors and patterns are truly unique

    Innovate stocks the most popular sizes in the most popular colors and patterns. However, we recognize you may want a color or pattern we don’t carry in our ‘ready-to-ship’ program.

    In those cases, ask about our Special-Order Program. Check out the wild colors, patterns, and styles you can get (if you have the time to wait).

    Low Profile Solid Surface Shower Pan Options

    Why wait 12 to 16 weeks for a solid surface shower pan when you can get a modern low-profile solid surface pan from stock today? Take advantage of Innovate’s ready to ship program with the shower base sizes, solid colors, and décor patterns below.

    InnovaStone Stock Sizes

    Common sized shower pans shouldn’t take weeks – or even months – to get! If your old fiberglass pan sprung a leak and you already have too-few showers in your home already, you need to get this bath remodel under way ASAP.

    That’s why Innovate stocks the 3 most popular sizes of shower pans to replace ugly, old showers.

    InnovaStone Ramp Kits

    Does a member of your family need a shower pan with a ramp for a wheelchair,? However, would you like to avoid buying a ramped pan because it’ll hurt the resale value of your home because most future buyers won’t need a ramped shower pan?

    If so, here’s the perfect solution – the InnovaStone ramp kit. This ramp kit can be applied with silicone to the front of your modern low profile shower pan. It’s available in a matte white color in a 60” width (with a 4 ¾” depth).

    This stone ramp extension kit (made of the same material as the base) can be cut to size, is 100% waterproof, antibacterial, and has an anti-slip surface.

    InnovaStone Solid Color Series

    Matte White Slate Low Profile Shower Pan

    White solid surface shower pans go with everything! And since they come in 48 x 36 (center drain), 60 x 30 (side drain), 60 x 32 (side drain), and 60 x 36 (center drain) sizes, they’re perfect for standard-sized tub and shower replacements.

    • 48 x 36 matte white low profile shower pan
      48 x 36 white slate

      Model# SOL-WH-4836

    • 60 x 32 matte white solid surface low profile shower pan with a textured bottom
      60 x 32 white slate

      Model# SOL-WH-6032

    • 60 x 36 matte white solid surface shower pan with a textured bottom
      60 x 36 white slate

      Model# SOL-WH-6036

    • 60 x 30 side drain white slate stone base with a low profile barrier entry
      60 x 30 white slate

      Model# SOL-WH-6030

      InnovaStone Solid Color Series

      Matte Black Slate Low Profile Shower Pan

      Matte black fixtures and shower doors are all the rage! And why not have a sleek – and sturdy – matte black shower pan to do with them? Available in 48×36 (center drain), 60 x 32 (with a side drain for tub replacements), and 60 x 36 (with a center drain).

      • 60 x 32 matte black solid surface low profile shower pan with a matte black drain cover
        60 x 32 black slate

        Model# SOL-BL-6032

      • 60 x 36 matte black shower pan with a center drain in a low profile design with a textured surface
        60 x 36 black slate

        Model# SOL-BL-6036

      • 48 x 36 black slate center drain stone shower pan - low profile shower base
        48 x 36 black slate

        Model # SOL-BL-4836

        InnovaStone Solid Color Series

        Matte Gray Slate Low Profile Shower Pan

        Whether you’re designing with an ‘antique gray’ for a Modern Farmhouse décor, a minimalist cracked cement look or a traditional pale gray – this ‘cool color’ is relaxing and always feels ‘at home.’

        This 60” x 32” low threshold gray shower pan will work in a wide range of interior design styles and has the correct drain location for a tub to shower conversion. 

        • 60 x 32 matte gray solid surface shower pan with a side drain for tub to shower conversions
          60 x 32 gray slate

          Model# SOL-GR-6032

          InnovaStone Décor Pattern Series

          Whoever said shower pans had to be boring hasn’t experienced the InnovaStone Décor Pattern Series.

          Whether you like the sophistication of an elegant white marble, or bold black marble or even the rustic look of the Driftwood shower pan – these low profile 60 x 32 bases with an offset shower drain are fun AND functional.

          • 60 x 32 white marble solid surface low profile shower pan
            60 x 32 white marble

            Model# DEC-WM-6032

          • 60 x 32 black marble shower pan in a low threshold with a textured design
            60 x 32 black marble

            Model# DEC-BM-6032

          • 60 x 32 driftwood wood-look low profile shower pan with a side drain for tub to shower conversions
            60 x 32 driftwood

            Model# DEC-DW-6032

            FlexPan Shower Options

            InnovaStone pans are not only built as one solid heavy-duty unit but are so brilliantly designed the same pan can be used to create 5 different types of showers for an alcove, corner, or 3-sided glass shower.

            This is possible because the bases have low profile shower curbs on all 4 sides but the flanges are added to the base at the job site. This gives YOU maximum flexibility. 

            Shower pan PVC flange
            • Left corner shower diagram
            • Alcove shower diagram
            • Right corner shower diagram
            • Side entry shower diagram
            • 3 sided glass shower diagram


              Detailed installation instructions can be downloaded as a PDF below. Please read carefully and contact our shower experts if you have any questions!

              Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Low Profile Shower Pans

              Is this base safe for a family member with limited mobility?

              Yes – since this low-profile shower pan has a textured bottom surface it’s perfect for someone who can’t step over a high shower curb or isn’t steady on their feet.

              Closeup of textured low profile shower pan
              Do you have a shower pan which is pre-made for a bath to shower conversion?

              Yes. We recommend the 60” x 32” reversible shower pan with the side drain. The same pan can be used for a left or right hand drain. 

              60 x 32 shower pan in white marble
              Are these shower pans anti-bacterial?

              Since this is a solid surface base which doesn’t absorb water, it’s also anti-bacterial.

              Antibacterial logo
              What are InnovaStone shower pans made of? Are they solid or hollow at the bottom?

              InnovaStone shower pans have a stone texture and are one solid unit. They’re made from resins, crushed stone dolomite minerals, and a gel coat top finish. They’re highly resistant to problems from impact, scratching, stain, or heat.

              How is it possible for the same InnovaStone pan to be used for an alcove, corner, or 3-sided glass shower?

              Since PVC tile flanges are added at the site (vs. at the factory) the same shower pan can be used for a corner shower, alcove shower or even with a glass shower door system with glass on 3 sides depending on which side(s) you use the flanges. Now that’s a flexible pan!

              Diagram of shower pan configurations
              What’s included with a InnovaStone pan? What options are available with the pans?

              Each low-profile shower pan includes 3 PVC tile (or grout free shower wall surround) flanges, a decorative drain cover and an ABS drain kit. And if you want to use your own drain, any standard 2” drain will work.

              Shower base closeup of drain and cover

              The most popular options with grout-free InnovaStone bases are grout free shower wall panels and glass shower doors. Ask your Innovate Building Solutions Representative for information about these products.

              Modern bathroom with low profile shower pan and white herringbone grout free laminate wall panels
              What’s the warranty with InnovaStone pans?

              The InnovaStone pans through Innovate Building Solutions have a 10-year warranty. This warrants the product to be free from manufacturing defects. If there’s a problem with a InnovaStone pan manufactured by Duplach we will provide a new shower pan free of charge or a repair kit for a minor problem. Damages resulting from an improper installation or due to improper cleaning are not covered.

              Are InnovaStone pans waterproof? Do they need to be sealed?

              InnovaStone pans are 100% waterproof and don’t require a sealant to be applied to the pan.

              Can InnovaStone pans be used with any type of glass shower door?

              Yes – it doesn’t matter whether you like pivoting, sliding, bypass or a walk-in shower, a InnovaStone pan can work with any type glass shower door.

              Marble shower pan with sliding glass door
              How are the shower flanges adhered to the shower base?

              Simply peal back the double-sided tape to adhere the tile flanges to the shower pan.

              PVC flange being installed to shower pan
              Can a low-profile InnovaStone pan be used for a roll in shower?

              Yes – since the InnovaStone pans have a short curb (it’s 1 1/6” tall) it can be set onto a subfloor, or into a concrete floor to make a level entry for a wheelchair.

              Barrier free accessible shower pan
              What should I use to clean a InnovaStone shower pan?

              InnovaStone pans should be cleaned with a PH neutral cleaner like mild soap and water, dish detergent or Mr Clean. Don’t use scouring sponges, alcohol, solvents, acid, or abrasive products.

              How do InnovaStone shower pan prices compare to fiberglass, acrylic and professionally installed tile showers?

              Since InnovaStone pans are thicker, sturdier and have longer guarantees than fiberglass and acrylic pans you’ll find they’re more expensive than these lower-quality shower bases.

              However, you’ll not only save money with a InnovaStone pan vs. a professionally installed tile shower – but you won’t have to clean evil grout joints or worry about a leaking tile shower pan. As you know remodelers and builders give little – to no – warranty with tile showers 

              What’s the benefit of buying a InnovaStone shower pan from Innovate Building Solutions vs. buying from an Internet retailer or picking up a cheap shower base in a home center?
              • You get experienced shower and bathroom designers who will guide you to the right shower pan for your job. Innovate IS NOT simply an ‘Internet site’ simply selling products. Innovate has people who work daily with homeowners (and builders, contractors and interior designers) with shower bases, wall panels and glass shower doors. Bottom line – we know showers AND the products which may them stand the test of time.

              • Innovate has worked with over 190,000 customers since 1977 and is a debt-free company. We’ll be here to honor your warranty.

              • Rock-solid warranties. Our warranty IS NOT voided if you do it yourself or have a remodeling contractor install the shower base for you. When you ‘read the fine print,’ you’ll find some Internet retailers will find any excuse to void their warranties.  

              • Outstanding reviews. Check them out on Google.

              • Shower pans are packaged on wooden crates to lessen the chance of breakage.

              • Leverage Innovate’s dealer network of professional installers across the country if you don’t have the time (or expertise) to DIY your job.

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