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    Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures by Fleurco

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    If you're looking for a unique glass shower or tub enclosure for any style of home the Fleurco line is a must see. Product lines vary from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low priced value line. There is an option to fit any budget or bathroom design style.

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    curved corner sliding door shower enclosure
    Curved Corner Sliding Door & Acrylic Base Kinetic Line
    curved shower door and base for tub to shower conversion
    Semi-frameless curved shower door and base Roma Line
    2 sided corner shower enclosure with a rectangular base
    Frameless pivot door 2 sided stall Platinum line

    In the Fleurco line there are many choices of shower stall and bases to choose from. Here's some of the benefits that make this line through The Bath Doctor unique:

    Innovative systems for any budget. Many people want a unique design but at an affordable price. Fleurco product lines vary from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low priced value line.

    Curved, round, square, rectangular and neo angle acrylic bases to fit any space. Whether you've got a small bathroom which requires a corner or alcove shower stall or a larger space, there is a pan to fit your bathroom décor.

    Superior hardware design for better long term performance & reduced maintenance costs. Quality hardware and European inspired rolling and hinge systems create unique looks combined with smooth performance.

    Flexibility to use standard sized pans with multiple wall systems. The broad Fleurco line combines 9 standard shaped bases (available in many sizes) with different priced swinging and sliding doors – mix and match to create a cool, contemporary, sleek or traditional bath decor.

    Multiple uses - From tub & shower enclosures to screens to walk in shower stalls to offices & partitions. This line has a wall and base system for most any design.

    BBB accredited

    Nationwide supply and regional installation services available from a company you can trust. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards through Angie's List and Consumer Choice through our parent corporation.

    Free selection and installation assistance. Take the guess-work out– we can help select the right product and install your system (regionally) or supply your system (nationally).

    Nationwide Shipping. No hidden shipping fees or costs. We ship anywhere in the United States – from Washington to Texas to New York to Florida.

    Pivot Door

    Pivot Shower & Tub Door

    Pivoting shower doors (which open outward) are known for their elegance and sophistication. Learn their benefits and product options below.

    Benefits of Pivoting, Swinging & Hinged Shower or Tub Doors

    • Can accommodate larger openings which can make it easier to get into your space.
    • Increased safety with larger openings.
    • Works well in larger luxury style bathroom remodeling projects.

    Luxury Line – Titan

    Luxurious pivoting door that close effortlessly. Using a trendy minimalist look it’s an excellent compliment for an upscale home.

    Luxury pivoting shower door enclosure made by Fleurco
    Frameless 2 sided stall with intelligent heavy duty hardware

    Features – Frameless design, heavy & sturdy 1/2" thick tempered glass, intelligent Italian designed hinge system, 79" tall, swings 90 degrees in and out.

    Bases – Square, quad (rectangular)

    High-End Line – Platinum

    Euro inspired with a frameless design. Lots of customized options.

    high end shower stall in a neo angle design
    Frameless NEO angle shower with support bars and round hinges

    Features – Frameless design, available in 3/8", 5/16" and 3/4" glass thicknesses, watertight seals, magnetic closure, opens out, 75" high door, available in 5 finishes and 4 hinge systems.

    Bases – Round, NEO, Square, Slice, Roman half curved, quad (rectangular)

    Premium Line – Banyo

    Mid priced shower/tub door and shield system.

    semi frameless in line alcove shower by fleurco
    Semi frameless in line alcove

    Features – Semi-frameless design, available in 1/4" (clear) and 3/16" obscure glass, hinged door, opens out.

    Bases – NEO, square, quad (rectangular), Roman half curved

    Value Line – Signature

    Lowest priced tub & shower line.

    Framed pivot door with rain glass in a stand up unit

    Features – Framed system, 3/16" thick clear or rain glass patterns.

    Bases – NEO, square

    Sliding Door

    Sliding Shower & Tub Door

    Bypass doors (which move from side to side) are an excellent solution for small bath settings. Learn their benefits and product options below.

    Benefits of Sliding Bypass Shower or Tub Doors

    • Provides an efficient use of space.
    • Offers entry and access on either side of the door (this can make it easier to turn on the water without getting wet).
    • Better for universal designed spaces.

    Luxury Line – Kinetic

    German designed system engineered with stainless steel components for discriminating customers. Compliments traditional, contemporary or industrial design styles.

    3 sided luxury shower enclosure in a frameless design
    Luxury 3 sided sliding glass with fixed side panel

    Features – Frameless design, available in 1/2" (straight) and 5/16" (curved) glass thicknesses, 3 wheel roller designs (KT, KR, KS), doors glide with push of a finger, state of the art hardware rolling systems.

    Bases – Quad (rectangle), Slice (curved), Wedge (quarter round), Arc.

    High-End Line – Novara

    Euro design inspired line at a more affordable price than Kinetic line.

    sliding curved glass shower enclosure
    Frameless sliding curved glass shower door and panel with a round acrylic base

    Features – Frameless design, available in 3/8" (straight) and 5/16" (curved) glass thicknesses, 75" high doors, cushioned bumpers for a tight seal.

    Bases – Arc, Slice, Quad (rectangle).

    Premium Line – Roma

    This framed system is cost effective while providing a high fashion look.

    Sliding framed tub enclosure with chrome towel bar

    Features – Framed design, available in 1/4" (straight) and 3/16" (obscure) glass thicknesses, magnetic door closure for a watertight seal, solid brass top rolling system for smooth and quiet operation.

    Bases – Arc, Quad (rectangle), Slice, Bowfront and Wedge.

    Premium Line – Banyo

    Clean, contemporary semi-frameless (for tubs and showers) with a wide range of glass & base options.

    banyo line corner stall
    Semi-frameless corner unit with square acrylic floor

    Features – Semi-frameless design, available in 1/4" (clear) and 3/16" (obscure) glass, deluxe anti-jump smooth rolling system.

    Bases – Arc, Round, NEO, Square, Rectangular in-line, Bowfront & Slice.

    Value Line – Signature Series

    Cost effective system for a tighter budget.

    Frameless curved sliding doors and round base.

    Features – Framed design, available in 3/16" (clear & obscure) glass.

    Bases – Arc, Round, Half Round, Corner, NEO.

    Bath Screen

    Bath & Shower Screens

    If you're looking to eliminate the mold and mildew problems associated with shower curtains and provide a stylish and functional entrance to a bathtub or shower a screen pivoting door or walk in shower system may be the answer. Learn more about the benefits and product options in these systems:

    Benefits of Bath/Shower Screens & Walk-in Systems

    • Easy to clean because there is no bottom track like a traditional sliding door.
    • Clean, contemporary European walk in design.
    • Screen doors swing 20 degree to the inside to minimize water getting out and swing 180 degrees to the outside to make it easy to get in/out.
    • Easy to install.
    • Adds safety since they provide more light into a wet space vs. a curtain.
    • Easier to get into tub due to wider opening spaces.
    • Creates a more open environment and eliminates the need for curtains.

    High-End Line – Evolution

    Frameless Euro design inspired line with fixed and movable panel systems.

    Features – Frameless design, available in 3/8" (clear and obscure) glass, walk in systems for 4', 5' and 6' spaces, opens inward with deflector technology.

    Bases – Arc, Round, Half Round, Corner, NEO.

    pivoting tub screen
    Square pivot tub screen with a fixed panel
    obscure glass shower screen
    Round top mist (obscure) glass pattern shower screen with support bar
    curved glass walk in shower
    Curved walk in unit with slice shaped base

    Premium Line – Banyo Siena

    Semi-frameless design is more cost effective than Evolution series.

    Features – Semi-frameless design, 1/4" clear glass, 40 degree outward opening and 50 degree inward opening, hinged doors.

    Bases – Rectangular (Quad).

    clear glass tub shield
    Tub shield in chrome finish
    shower screen in a chrome finish
    Shower screen in chrome finish
    Shower Base

    Fleurco Acrylic Shower Base Product Line

    One of the biggest benefits of this line is that the wide range, shape and sizes of bases can be combined with an equally wide selection of walls. The section below will explain the features, benefits and selection of acrylic bases.

    Corner Shower Pans – Features & Benefits

    • Sturdy construction with fiberglass reinforcement
    • Integrated water retention tiling flange (corner models)
    • Non-skid textured bottom
    • Single threshold
    • Manufactured with Lucite acrylic
    • UPC classified certification
    arc or curved shaped shower base
    Arc shaped available in 32" 36" 40"

    Arc Base

    Tips for use – Sliding door projects in small bathrooms where the ARC shape will create a roomier space. Use with Kinetic, Novara, Roma, Banyo and Signature series.

    round acrylic shower pan
    Round base in 32" 36" 40"

    Round Base

    Tips for use – Sliding & pivoting glass door projects where space is tight. Use with Platinum, Banyo, and Signature lines.

    neo angle acrylic shower base
    Neo angle unit

    NEO Base

    Tips for use – Sliding & pivoting glass door projects where space is tight. Use with Platinum, Banyo, and Signature lines.

    square shower pans
    Square for corner or alcove showers

    Square Base

    Tips for use – Small corner or alcove spaces with either pivoting or sliding glass doors. Use with Titan, Platinum, Banyo and Signature lines.

    slice curved shower base
    Slice curved acrylic shower base for corner shower stalls

    Slice Base

    Tips for use – Corner base which can be used in sliding, pivoting or walk in showers. Use with Kinetic, Novara, Platinum, Evolution,Roma and Banyo lines.

    quarter round shower base for corner stalls
    Wedge quarter round shower base

    Wedge (quarter round) Base

    Tips for use – For a roomier corner stall using a sliding door system. Use with Kinetic & Roma lines.

    Shower Bases for In Line, Alcove & Bath to Shower Conversions – Features & Benefits

    • Sturdy construction with fiberglass reinforcement
    • Aluminum tiling flanges
    • Non-skid textured bottom
    • Multiple threshold configuration
    • Manufactured with Lucite acrylic
    • UPC classified certification
    bath to shower converstion curved shower base
    Bowfront in line or 2 sided shower base

    Bowfront Base

    Tips for use – Excellent for a bath to shower conversion to increase the usable space inside the shower. Use with Novara, Roma and Banyo lines.

    half curved shower bases
    Roman half curved unit for in line or 2 side enclosures

    Roman Half Curved Base

    Tips for use – With a pivot door in an alcove, 2 sided or walk-in shower system. Use with Platinum, Evolution and Banyo lines.

    rectangular shaped shower base
    Quad rectangular unit

    Quad Base

    Tips for use – Most flexible base option – can be used in alcove, 2 sided, 3 sided or walk in showers with a pivot, sliding or stationary glass shower panels. Use with Kinetic, Titan, Novara, Platinum, Evolution, Roma, Banyo & Signature lines.



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