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Glass Countertops for Kitchens, Bars & Bathroom Vanities

You not only want a kitchen or bathroom countertop which is durable, won’t stain, eco-friendly, hygienic and easy to clean – but you also want a top (or backsplash) which is memorable and will have your friends and visitors saying wow – where did you get that? If this is what you’re looking for, glass kitchen and bathroom countertops are the answer!

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Glass Countertops for Kitchens, Bars & Bathroom Vanities

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Benefits of a Glass Countertops

  • 1″ ultra clear wave texture pattern kitchen island
  • 1″ ultra clear bathroom counter tactile texture
  • 1.5″ standard clear tactile texture bar top with lighting

    Design flexibility – A custom glass countertop can be made in virtually any size, shape and thicknesses (ranging from 3/4″ to 2 1/2″ thick). Multiple textures, finishes, digital images and colors can also be included in the glass. Use this glass for walls, shelves or tops. 

    Low maintenance and easy to clean – Glass is low maintenance. It’s non-porous and won’t absorb dirt, dust or other debris. A damp cloth or sponge is sufficient for cleaning. Mild, non-abrasive surface glass cleaners can be used to clean tougher messes. 

    Sustainable eco-friendly material – Glass is long-lasting and made from natural materials. It’s perfect for a green-friendly home. 

    Sleek contemporary look – The smooth look of glass makes it a favorite in modern, contemporary and traditionally designed kitchens, bathrooms, bars and outdoor spaces. It’ll match with any décor.

    Resistant to heat and moisture – Durability and glass bathroom and kitchen countertops go hand in hand. While they are heat resistant we still recommend putting a trivet or hot pad below a hot pan or baking dish. 

    Eliminate mold and bacteria – Glass is non-porous. You won’t worry about mold or bacteria growing inside your counters.

    Add LED lighting for a wow effect – Illumination is a distinctive feature of glass. The ability to move light through the surface make a glass counter much more than just a surface – it’s a 24/7 piece of art which can provide lighting and fascination throughout the entire day.

    Access to Innovate Building Solutions design and installation specialists – The design team at Innovate Building Solutions is here to help you with your glass needs. Whether you want a cool glass bathroom or kitchen countertop, glass floor or even glass stair treads we can assist you.

    • .75″ ultra clear flat glass
    • 1″ clear wave texture bathroom counter
    • 1″ ultra clear tactile texture bar top

      Glass Countertop Product Types

      There are two types of glass countertops: cast glass and flat glass.

      Cast Glass

      The process of casting glass has been around since Roman times (when they made cast glass dishes). Using state of the art kilns, glass objects are cast directly into a mold where they solidify into custom counters. Cast glass counters have a textured surface at the bottom (note: there are 4 standard textures covered below) and the top surface is smooth with subtle contours. Cast glass can be clear, back painted with your choice of color, or frosted for a translucent look.

      • Ultra clear cast glass in geode textured pattern
      • 0.5″ ultra clear cast glass breakfast table with fizzie texture

        Flat Float Glass:

        Flat float glass is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin metal to create sheets of glass with uniform thicknesses and flat surfaces. This process is preferred when you want color on the bottom of your countertop. This process is also known as back painted or coated glass. Float glass has high visual clarity.

        Flat glass finish options – Flat glass can be clear (i.e. transparent and see-through), back painted with the custom color, can include a digital image or frosted for a translucent look.

        • Flat glass in ‘ultra clear’ or ‘standard glass’ (greener hue)
        • .75″ ultra clear raised bar with flat glass

          Texture Options for Cast Glass Countertops

          Adding texture to the bottom surface of cast glass (whether they’re vertical wall surfaces or horizontal kitchen or bathroom countertops) adds richness and style to your design. It provides a vibrancy when the glass is illuminated with LED lighting. Innovate offers 4 standard textured glass surfaces or we will work with our manufacturing design team to create a custom surface.

          • Waves

            Want to feel the breeze and aesthetic of a seaside home? Waves is a perfect compliment for a bathroom or kitchen looking for an ocean or seaside look.

          • Tactile

            Our most popular choice with architects, designers and homeowners. The tactile bottom textured surface blends well with traditional and contemporary spaces.

          • Geode

            If you love the colored brilliance of a geode (which is a hollow shell stone with beautiful crystals pointing toward the center) this textured bottom surface is a brilliant choice.

          • Fizzee

            Imagine the fizziness of your favorite carbonated beverage. This will give you the design feel of the “fizzee” textured cast glass countertop. With it’s uniform design it’s a popular pattern. 

          • Custom Design

            If you can dream it up, our design team can likely make a textured bottom surface for your new counter.

            Clarity Options for Cast and Back Painted Countertops

            All glass is not created equal. You can see this comparing an expensive crystal wine glass (which is extremely clear) to your basic everyday glass cup (which has a slightly green-ish color due to the iron particles in the glass). Innovate offers 2 glass clarity options in our kitchen, bathroom vanity or bar countertops:

            Standard Clear

            Standard clear glass has the distinctive green hue when viewed from the edge of the glass. It’s structurally just as good as the “ultra clear” glass and has the advantage of being more cost effective.

            • 2 inch Standard Clear and Ultra Clear Color Clarity choices
            • 1.5 inch standard clear tactile texture entertainment bar

              Ultra Clear

              When you want the neutral color look of crystal, want to incorporate a digital image or use a colored back painted surface, ultra clear glass is best.

              • Ultra Clear Back Painted and Digital Imaging Glass
              • .75 inch ultra clear flat glass

                Thicknesses of Glass Countertops

                Innovate glass bathroom and ktichen countertops are available in 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ thicknesses. All thickness options provide long-lasting beauty to a kitchen, outdoor bar, man-cave or bathroom. Thicker tops offer a more powerful appearance, and transmit more light.

                Edge Finish Options for Glass Tops

                The countertop edge options are as follows:

                Cast glass –3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″ & 2″ – eased edge
                Flat glass – 3/4″ – eased edges

                • .75 inch standard clear Frizze on top 1.0 inch ultra clear fizzee on bottom
                • 2 inch Ultra clear Geode Texture pattern kitchen counter

                  Colors, Finishes & LED Lighting for Glass Countertops

                  Choices aren’t a problem with Innovate glass counters. The challenge can be deciding which is best for you.Here’s an overview of color, lighting, hardware and bottom substrate options.

                  Color Options 

                  Our flat glass counters can be custom colored on the bottom surface to match or contrast any room decor. Choose from 28 standard colors or color match to your Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint selection.

                  Finish Options for the Bottom Surface

                  While glass countertops can be flat at the bottom, textures at the bottom can enhance privacy (frosted glass), provide a pop of color (back painted glass) or provide a way to highlight one of a kind images. The 3 finish options include:

                  • Frosted glass
                    If your goal is to have subtle obscurity for your countertop the frosted process is a wonderful look.
                  • Back painted glass
                    Using a unique chemically fused paint application process our glass counters can have color which is built to last.
                  • Digitally imagery
                    Transform your room by adding digital images to the bottom surface of a flat glass countertop. Images should be greater than 300 dpi

                    LED Lighting for Glass Countertops

                    Adding LED lighting through the side of flat or cast glass adds a dramatic feature to a countertop and add light to a kitchen, bathroom or recreation room on a 24/7 basis. The LED light options range from a subtle soft white to a dramatic multi-colored red, green, blue experience.

                    • 1 inch standard clear shelves w/ lighting
                    • 1.5 inch standard clear bar top w/ LED lighting
                    • 1 inch ultra clear tactile small counter with lighting

                      Hardware – Countertop Standoffs and Angle Brackets

                      To provide additional surface space to your kitchen (without changing existing marble or granite countertops or cabinetry) metal brackets and standoffs can be used with a small glass counter to add a unique – and functionally important – design feature to a kitchen or bar.

                      • Raised bar tops with metal standoffs
                      • Metal angle brackets

                        Substrates for the Bottom of Your Glass Countertop

                        If you want to hide the surface below your glass counter (for a bathroom vanity or kitchen counter for example), use either use a frosted finish or for the maximum visual separation add a substrate below the glass. The most common substrate options include stainless steel and copper – but various painted or custom wood materials can also be used. With a substrate you can remodel your kitchen or bathroom counters without having to change existing cabinets.

                        • Substrates for bottom surface of glass

                          Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Countertops

                          How do you clean the countertop?

                          Glass is not only long lasting but easy to maintain because it is non-porous and won’t absorb dirt, dust or spills. A damp cloth or sponge works best with water or soap and water. For tougher spills use non-abrasive surface cleaners.

                          Will the glass scratch?

                          Even though glass is a hard material any glass surface can scratch. A few tips will help to eliminate scratches. Don’t cut directly on the glass but use a wood cutting board. Make sure not to drag rough items (like pottery) across the surface. To minimize seeing scratches consider a decorative textured or colored bottom surface.

                          Can people see clutter in the drawers underneath the glass?

                          By using a substrate on the bottom side of the glass (which can be a metal or back coated color) the contents are obscured.

                          Can I put a hot pan or baking dish directly on the counter?

                          It’s not recommended to put hot pans or baking dishes directly on the glass. Use a trivet or hot pad whenever possible.

                          How strong is the glass? What is the glass made of?

                          Since the glass comes in thicknesses from ¾” to 2” it’s difficult to break. Glass is made of sand, soda ash (sodium carbonate), dolomite, limestone and sodium sulfate making it a very strong building material.

                          Does the glass need to be tempered?

                          The glass does not need to be tempered – but we can temper in 3/4″ thicknesses if this is desired.

                          What is the thickness of the glass?

                          Our countertops can be 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ thick.

                          How large can the glass counters be made?

                          Cast glass counters can be as big as 120″ x 76″ and flat glass and back coated glass can be as big as 94″ x 128″.

                          If I have seams – what will they look like?

                          Since our glass is made in some of the largest kilns in the industry we can generally make large enough pieces to not have seam. If you do need a seam, clear silicone is used between the pieces.

                          What are the different types, finishes and textures of glass?

                          For a more in depth explanation go to the “products” tab on this web page – but here is the quick answers to these questions:

                          Types of glass – We offer “standard clear glass” which look clear when viewed from above – but will have a slight green hue when viewed on the edge. In addition we have an “ultra clear glass” which has a neutral color more like a piece of crystal. The “ultra clear” is preferred when someone wants to color the bottom surface (also called a “back coating” process) to provide the utmost in color consistency or if someone just wants a colorless appearance to the glass.

                          Finishes – Choose from clear, frosted, colored, and digital images.

                          Textures – Standard textures include patterns called “Fizzee, Geode, Tactile and Waves.”

                          What edge finishes are available?

                          Edge finishes vary by thickness and type of glass.

                          For 3/4″ and 1″ cast glass – artistic eased edge
                          3/4″ flat glass – eased, beveled and ogee
                          1″ flat glass – eased and beveled

                          Are the textured surfaces difficult to clean?

                          No, Since the textured surface is on the bottom it’s not harder to clean than flat glass. 

                          Are your countertops available in standard and custom designs? Am I limited in sink styles and sizes?

                          Given the variety of bathroom, kitchen and bar designs and sink options all Innovate countertops are designed custom on a job by job basis. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on challenging custom projects!

                          Who can install these countertops?

                          For simple designs our glass counters can be installed by a homeowner or contractor. For more complex designs and larger counters they’re usually installed by a natural stone fabricator.

                          How heavy are these counters?

                          Our 3/4″ glass counters weigh 9.6 lbs. per square foot and the 1″ thick glass weighs 12.8 lbs. per square foot.

                          How are undermount sinks attached?

                          Undermounts are hung by a support frame and bracket system and are not mechanically attached to the glass. A silicone bead assures a watertight seal.


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