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Custom Cultured Marble & Granite Shower Pans

Would you like to throw out your tile scrub brush once and for all? Do you want to simplify your next shower pan installation with a durable material you know you won’t have to replace EVER? If so, you’ll want to learn about custom and standard sized cultured marble and cultured granite bases from Innovate Building Solutions (a nationwide leader in grout free shower and bathroom systems).
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Custom Cultured Marble & Granite Shower Pans

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Benefits of Cultured Marble & Granite Shower Pans

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  • Throw out your tile scrub brush
    Shower pans with small mosaic tiles are a pain to clean. Cultured marble and granite bases allow you to retire your scrub brush. These bases are simple to clean with soap and water or non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Eliminate the cost of moving the shower drain
    Plumbers aren’t cheap… if you can find one to hire or get them to show up. Since custom cultured marble and granite bases allow you flexible drain locations, you’ll cut down the costs of an expensive plumber.
  • Different shower threshold curb heights keep your family safe
    Mom’s mobility isn’t what it used to be. It’s nice to know you can choose a ramped entry, low profile or higher curb entry to suit your family’s needs. These stone shower pans are flexible to your needs.
  • Save money vs. natural marble or granite
    When remodeling a bathroom cost is ALWAYS an issue. It’s nice knowing you can get the look of natural marble or granite at a fraction of the cost. Another side benefit is cultured products are simpler to maintain.
  • Textured shower floor pans are safe for everyone
    Remember the ugly mats in the bottom of your bathtub growing up? Now you can get a slip-resistant bottom surface to keep your family safe. All Innovate cultured stone bases have a slip-resistant bottom.
  • Modern styling
    Who wants a shiny shower pan which shows water spots and sticks out like a soar thumb? Innovate bases are matte finished to compliment your matte nickel and stainless hardware. They are in-fashion with today’s fun interior design styles like this Modern Farmhouse design.
  • Easy to clean
    All you’ll need is soap and water to clean your shower base. No toxic chemicals. No more down on your knees cleaning mosaic tile grout joints.
  • Flexibility to use any type of shower walls

    While cultured granite and marble bases are often used with grout free wall panels, your wall surround options are limitless. If you like tile walls – go for it. If you like contemporary laminate wall panels – they will work also.

  • Hygienic for your family
    With no mold, mildew or fungus build-up you won’t be concerned about your family’s health.
  • DIY and contractor friendly
    Since our bases are built as one unit (no thresholds to attach) you won’t have to worry about leakage (or investing extra time installing) separate curb components.
  • Get free design help from shower experts
    Since Innovate Building Solutions is not only an experienced nationwide wholesaler of custom shower pans – but also an authorized installer – we can help you through your design, installation or construction questions.

    Cultured Marble & Granite Bases

    Cultured marble and granite bases are a cast (i.e. made in a mold) polymer product made of a mixture of polyester resin, stone particles and pigments. It’s non-poruos, more stain resistant and less expensive than natural marble or granite.

    Cultured Marble

    While people associate cultured marble with the wavy patterning of marble, today’s fashion-forward designs have far greater possibilities. If you want a modern, minimalist look you can use a Solid White Marble or Bicuit Marble. If you want a fun, eclectic look, check out the Gray Lightening Marble pattern in the ‘colors tab’ of this web page. This isn’t your Father’s old cultured marble any more.

    Aurora Marble | Solid Surface Cultured Marble and Granite

    Aurora Marble

    Beige Marble

    Biscuit Marble

    Country Grey Marble | Cultured Granite Marble Base | Custom Shower Bases

    Country Gray Marble

    Gray Lightning Marble

    Natural Gray Marble

    Mushroom Marble

    Natural White

    Solid Biscuit Marble

    Solid White Marble

    White on White Marble

    Cultured Granite

    Why pay big bucks for natural granite when you can get the look at a fraction of the price? These understated matte-finished standard and custom cultured granite bases are growing because they match well with all styles of shower surround walls and interior design styles.

    Beige Granite

    Boulder Granite

    Cappuccino Granite

    Cashmere Granite

    Dune Granite

    Empire Granite

    Frost Granite

    Latte Granite

    Milky Way Granite

    Mountain Ice Granite

    Red Dirt Road Granite

    Roma Granite

    Grand Canyon Granite

    Slate Granite

    Tweed Granite

    Walnut Granite

    Avalanche Granite

    Coral Granite


    Grand Canyon Quartz

    Pearl Quartz

    Standard Sized Shower Pans

    Innovate Building Solutions offers both standard and custom shower bases. It’s best to use standard pans (if your space is the right size) since they’re lower priced. What’s nice we’re able to customize your drain location (even in a standard pan – with the exception of the 60 x 32 size).

    However, if your drain is in a non-standard location, or you have a unique shape a standard solution will not work. If you’re not sure if a standard or custom base is best, contact one of our shower and bathroom designers.

    Standard Sized Shower Pans

    • 36 x 36 with a curb along the front (popular for stand-up showers)
    • 48 x 36 with a curb along the 48” side (common size to replace outdated fiberglass one-piece units).
    • 60 x 30 with a curb along the 60” side) (a popular size for tub to shower conversions in common 5’ x 8’ bathrooms)
    • 60 x 32 with a curb along the 60” side (a popular size for tub to shower conversions in common 5’ x 8’ bathrooms)
    • 60 x 34 with a curb along the 60” side.
    • 60 x 36 with a curb along the 60” side.
    • 60 x 48 with a curb along with 60” side (a nice standard size to use if you’d like a roomier shower).
    White cultured granite shower pan with a center drain - Innovate Building Solutions

    Custom Size & Shape Shower Pans

    Shower pans can be as unique as the people who own them. Innovate can help you with any of these unique shower pan projects up to a size of 92” x 68”

    • NEO angle custom cultured marble shower pan with prefabricated glass block walls - Innovate Building Solutions

      (Project Type #1) You have a unique shaped shower

      We can work with you if you have a NEO angle shower (i.e. a corner shower with glass along angled glass along the front), an offset shower with 4 or more walls, a walk in shower or even a diagonal design.

    • White and gray custom cultured marble shower pan 60 x 36 size with a center drain - Innovate Building Solutions

      (Project Type #2) You need a handicap accessible or low-profile shower base

      Different people in your family have their own showering needs. If you need a roll in shower base, we can help. If you like a sleek-looking lower profile base, we can do roughly a 2 3/4” high curb!
    • Custom low profile walk in cultured marble shower pan - Innovate Building Solutions

      (Project Type #3) Your shower drain is not in a standard location

      Standard sized showers with drains in odd locations can send you on a wild goose chase trying (in vain) to find a pan which words. With our cultured stone pans, we’ll fit the base to your drain location. You won’t have to call expensive plumbers to move your drain.

      Textured Polymarble Contemporary Shower Pans

      If you’re looking for a stylish, unique and contemporary shower pan with class you haven’t seen in most bases – the textured floor polymarble base (in either matte black or matte white colors) is for you. Underneath it’s clean-lined contemporary design, you’ll find a base built to last. Here’s a few key features you’ll love.

      • Contemporary matte black polymarble shower pan with a center drain - Innovate Building Solutions
      • Matte black stone shower pan in a 60 x 36 size for a luxury shower with matte black sliding shower doors - Innovate Building Solutions

        A durable manufactured composite of polyester resin and stone particles. It’s matte black color pigment flows throughout the base. Textured floor pans which feel wonderful under your feet – and look even better. You’ll love the look of the wood, slate, and stone textures in the up-to-date matte black color. This stone base is simple to clean and has ZERO grout joints to maintain.

        Polymarble Colors

        Matte Black Slate

        Matte Black Stone

        Matte Black Wood

        Polymarble Base Sizes

        • 48” x 36” (center drain)
        • 60” x 32” (side drain)
        • 60” x 36” (center drain)

        Unique shower base design can be used ‘5 ways’ – Since you’ll add the shower surround wall flanges to this stone base you have the flexibility of using each shower size in 5 different layouts.

        This stone base is simple to clean and has ZERO grout joints to maintain.

        Flexible flange adapter allows you to use the base in either a 3-wall alcove or 2 wall corner shower design.

        An optional square drain gives a modern appearance.

        Polymarble Base Layouts

        Stone shower base for a right side corner shower - Innovate Building Solutions
        Shower layout for a 3 sided glass shower and a base with tile flanges which can be added - Innovate Building Solutions
        Standard sized side entry shower pan in a textured stone - Innovate Building Solutions
        3 sided alcove shower base - Innovate Building Solutions
        Left corner shower base layout in a cultured granite

        Frequently Asked Questions About Cultured Marble, Granite & Polymarble Bases

        How big a custom shower base can you make?

        We can make up to 92” x 68” sized base with flexibiity in your drain location as well.

        What curb designs and heights do you offer?

        Most of our curb heights are the popular 4”, 3″ and 2” lower profile variety. Our standard molded 60” x 32” base come in a 4″ high shower threshold design.

        How heavy are these bases?

        While these bases are as durable as all get-out – we won’t tell you they’re light. You can estimate a weight of approximately 9 pounds per square foot. For example, if you have a 48” x 36” shower pan (or 12 square feet) it will weigh about 108 pounds (12 square feet x 9 pounds per square feet).

        How long is your guarantee?

        10 years – although these bases will last much longer.

        Are your bases going to be slippery?

        No. Our bases have textured finishes and have to meet stringent government slip-coefficient standards.

        Are these bases cheaper to build than tile?

        Yes, no and maybe. How’s that for an answer? Seriously there are a number of factors to consider when comparing tile showers to cultured marble. What type of tile are you using? Are you doing it yourself or having a contractor professionally install it? What type of tile shower base are you using? What is universally true is cultured granite, marble or polymarble bases will outlast their tile counterparts and won’t require visits from a ‘Grout Doctor’ to maintain them. They will save you money in the long-run.

        What’s better a matte finished base or a glossy one?

        Our bases are made with a matte finish for 2 reasons. High gloss bases = high maintenance bases. Glossy bases have a bad way of showing water spots. Secondly, matte finish works with matte nickel, brushed nickel, matte black and rose gold hardware which is popular today.

        How will I clean my base?

        The simplest way is to use soap and water – or other non-abrasive cleaners.

        Is a matte finish base difficult to clean?

        Absolutely not. Since the bases are non-porous they clean up quickly – plus the matte finish works with matte finished hardware which is on-trend with today’s design style.

        What if I get scratches?

        With a rubbing compound and a buffer pad on an electric drill you can remove minor scratches.

        What type of curb height and design do you recommend?

        This depends on the people (and their mobility) using the shower and the size/shape you need. Generally, smaller showers use a higher threshold (curb). If you have a large walk in shower, a lower profile shower curb is a cleaner, more contemporary design and simpler to get in.

        How should I design the size and type of shower base opening to walk through?

        You want to fit your opening to both the size and mobility of the people using the shower (not just now, but also in the future). Learn more about this question by reading, “5 Proven Questions to Get the Size of Your Shower Opening Right.”

        Do I need a mortar bed under the pan?

        There’s no need to deal with messy mortar beds. Simple put some dabs of silicone under the pan and put it on your subfloor or underlayment material.

        Why should I consider working with Innovate Building Solutions?

        Besides the fact we’re nice people (or at least that’s what our Mom’s and Dad’s say – most of the time) we have experience. Here’s some facts about our background:

        • We have experienced shower and bathroom designers.
        • We have complimentary lines of grout free shower wall panels and contemporary vanities and accessories.
        • We have over 190,000 customers we’ve had the pleasure of working since our company was started in 1977.
        • We have outstanding reviews. Check them out on Google.
        • We’re developing a dealer network across the country to assist you with professional installation

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