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    High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels - Back Painted Glass Alternative

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    High gloss acrylic walls panels have been described as fun, contemporary, sleek, unique, flexible and easy to work with. So what’s all the fuss about? Learn below about the benefits, options and cool places you can use high gloss wall panels. We’ll get practical to show you how they are installed as well.

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    Benefits of High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

    Kitchen backsplash in blue atoll color
    Kitchen backsplash in blue atoll color
    Shower wall panels in arctic white color
    Shower wall panels in arctic white color
    High gloss bathroom walls in rouge color
    High gloss bathroom walls in rouge color

    High gloss acrylic walls provide a sleek, contemporary look for bath/shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, reception desks and office areas while being light and easy to work with. Learn the many benefits of this product below.

    Creates a clean, contemporary look – The high gloss acrylic wall panels created a fresh clean European look with a luxurious and elegant finish.

    Unique colors adds a stylish touch for a backsplash or tub or shower wall – Choose from a wide range of fun colors like arctic white, blue atoll, glacier, mocha, carbon black, red rouge, and titan gray to dress up any indoor residential or commercial space.

    Flexible material can be used in a wide range of remodeling and new construction – High gloss panels from Innovate Building Solutions can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, media rooms, hallways, reception desks and commercial lobbies to name just a few rooms. Cool, eclectic and exciting are just some of the words used to describe these panels.

    Easy to clean with no grout to maintain – While tile is the most commonly used material in shower and tub wall panels and kitchen backsplashes most people hate the cost and hassle of cleaning and resealing grout! With these innovative wall panels you’ll get a sleek euro look and eliminate the effort and cost of maintaining grout. These smooth/non-stick walls are easily cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.

    Glass type look with the benefits of acrylic – High gloss acrylic panels are 25 times tougher than glass with 1/2 the weight.

    More cost effective than back painted glass - Back painted glass is also very stylish - but in most cases will be 2 times as expensive as high gloss acrylic wall panels.

    Durable long lasting material – High resistance to UV light, cracking and chipping makes this is popular materials vs. glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum or wood.

    Simple installation process – These high gloss acrylic panels can be cut drilled and shaped with common woodworking materials and the panels can be set with double sided foam tape and neutral cure silicone. Installation will take 1/3 of the time of a tile job. For even more convenience order through our exclusive custom cut program and the panels will be pre-sized for your project.

    100% waterproof – In wet applications likes showers, tubs and backsplashes it’s nice to know with high gloss acrylic walls you don’t have to worry about moisture growing behind the wall.

    Multiple panels sizes for design flexibility – Choose either our 2 standard panel sizes (39" x 96" and 60" x 96") or get your panels custom made to your size through our custom cut program.

    Nationwide supply or professional installation – If you’re a DIY person Innovate Building Solutions can wholesale these panels direct to you and provide free nationwide shipping as well. On regional basis we provide professional installation service as well.

    Blue Atoll Shower Walls
    Blue Atoll Shower Walls
    Carbon kitchen backsplash
    Carbon kitchen backsplash
    Mocha bath and tub surround walls
    Mocha bath and tub surround walls

    Product Line

    High gloss acrylic wall panels – Our high gloss acrylic wall panels have a mirror like finish with an integrated fused color layer behind a thick optical grade clear acrylic layer. The material is coated in a high performance micro hard coat on the outer surface for extra scratch resistance.

    Arctic white interior shower wall
    Arctic white interior shower wall
    Blue atoll kitchen backsplash
    Blue atoll kitchen backsplash
    Mocha panels around toilet and sink
    Mocha panels around toilet and sink

    Where to use high gloss wall panels

    Here are some common uses of high gloss wall panels:

    Residential – shower and tub wall surrounds, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, ceilings, bedrooms, media rooms, cabinet doors and hallways, and ceilings to reflect light.

    Commercial – reception desks, lobby areas, classrooms (for whiteboards), hallways, around elevators, offices and conference rooms.

    Signage and exhibition - company signs (on the inside of the building) and trade show exhibits.

    Carbon colored wall panels around a commercial elevator
    Carbon colored wall panels around a commercial elevator
    Close up of arctic white bathroom vanity backsplash
    Close up of arctic white bathroom vanity backsplash
    Glacier bath tub and bathroom walls
    Glacier bath tub and bathroom walls

    Color selections for high gloss acrylic panels

    Blue Atoll
    Blue Atoll

    High gloss wall standard panel sizes and edge finish trim options

    The following standard sized panels are available for either new construction or remodeling projects:

    • 39” x 96” (5/32” thickness) - excellent for shower side wall panels and also cut in half for kitchen backsplashes
    • 60" x 96" (5/32" thickness) - perfect for shower wall back panels and larger areas you need to cover.
    The following sizes have been discontinued with limited supplies available.
    • 36" x 72" (5/32" thickness)
    • 40" x 72" (5/32" thickness)
    • 60" x 72" (5/32" thickness)

    Custom cut program special size high gloss wall panels

    If you're having a hard time finding a contractor to install your wall panels - or just don't want the hassle of cutting the panels yourself - take advantage of our exclusive custom cut program. We will make the wall panels to your specs and even cut out holes for outlets for kitchen backsplashes or plumbing fixtures if you're doing a high gloss shower system.

    Edge finish trim options

    High gloss panels can either be placed close together with a 1/8” joint sealed with neutral cure silicone or you can use either anodized aluminum or PVC color matched profiles which are matched to your wall panel can be used to join straight sections, corners or finish the edges.

    Edge Finish
    Edge Finish
    Edge Finish

    Installation Kits

    An installation kit can be purchased for your high gloss walls. The kit includes 2 tubes of neutral cure silicone, double sided tape, spatula, spacers, gloves, sandpaper and a cleaning tool.

    Installation Kit

    Lustrolite High Gloss Wall Panel Installation Steps & Tips

    Step 1 - Preparing the walls for your high gloss panels

    • Make sure the walls are smooth, clean and dry.
    • All wall backer materials should be flush (nothing sticking out). Make sure shower and tub wall backer materials meet local building codes.
    • Seal all joints between your wall backer material.
    • Where there will be a joint between your high gloss panels paint the wall backer a similar color to your wall panels.

    Step 2 - Measuring and determining the right size high gloss panels to use

    • Measure the entire area you’d like to cover and determine the largest panels size(s) to cover this area.
    • Allow for a 5/32” joint between the wall panels and at the corners.
    • Check to make sure the walls are square.

    Step 3 - Marking your panels for holes and cuts

    • At this stage leave the protective film on both sides of your panels. (note: the color side is on the rear and the clear side will be the front surface of your completed walls).
    • Mark all the holes and cuts on the film with a felt tip pen (do not make markings in very hot or cold conditions because thermal expansion and contraction can affect final panel sizes.
    • Do not remove the protective film on the front of the panel until the installation is completed.

    Step 4 - Cutting and drilling the high gloss panels

    • Clamp the panels on a plywood sheet or solid table top to avoid chipping.
    • With a circular saw use a fine sharp blade to create a straight and accurate cut. This blade should be suitable for plastic or aluminum. A carbide tipped blade with 8 to 12 teeth per inch is best.
    • When using a portable circular saw cut with the color side of the high gloss sheets facing UPWARDS. If using a fixed table circular saw cut with the color side facing DOWNWARDS.
    • Only use a jigsaw to cut short distances like for electrical openings. Only use blades suitable for aluminum or plastics.
    • Drilled holes should be no closer than 3/8” from the edge of the panel sheets. Put a piece of wood underneath the cut.
    • Use a slow to medium speed drill with a slightly blunt drill bit. Drill from the finished face side (clear side) to reduce the risk of chipping.
    • For larger holes use a fine toothed hole saw.
    • Step drills are ideal for mid sized holes or for making smaller holes larger.

    Step 6 - High gloss wall panel installation

    • Remove the protective film from the rear surface (color side). Do not remove the protective surface on the front (clear side) of the panel at this time.
    • Scuff the rear surface with a course scouring pad or 240 grit sandpaper.
    • Make sure the rear surface is clean and free of dust.
    • Apply 1/2” x 1/16” thick double coated polyethylene foam tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive on the rear surface of each panel at approximate 12” spacing.
    • Apply 1/4” bead of translucent neutral cure silicone in a wavy pattern between each tape strip. Near the edge of the panel increase the wavy pattern. Run a bead of silicone around any hole or cut out.
    • Remove double sided tape liner on the back.
    • Install the panel by resting on spacers at the bottom and between the panels.
    • Firmly rub down panel to ensure tape bonds and adhesive contacts the wall. Allow to cure for 24 hours.
    • Seal the joints with neutral cure wet area silicone.
      Applying Silicone
    • Once the gap is filled remove the excess silicone using a soft flexible plastic spatula.
    • Immediately after the silicone is made flush remove the outer protective film.
    Installation Installation

    Step 7 - Cleaning

    • Use a soft microfiber cloth or chamois with non-abrasive detergent in warm water. Grease or oil can be removed with suitable plastic cleaners.
    Note: Do not rub the Lustrolite surface when it's dry. Do not use brushes or scouring pads on the high gloss surface.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can high gloss panels be used? Is there any place they should not be used?
    High gloss panels can be used for a backsplash, shower or tub wall, bathroom, bedroom or media room. High gloss wall panels should not be used directly behind a heat source above 158 degrees Farenheit. For these areas consider using stainless steel or ceramic tiles.

    What tools should I use to cut and drill this material? Can it be done by a DIY’er?
    Lustrolite high gloss walls can be cut with standard woodworking tools – so contractors and homeowners who are familiar with these tools can certainly work with the gloss panels. The following tools are best:

    • Jig saws – curved cuts
    • Circular saw – long, straight cuts
    • Hole saws – larger holes
    • Step drills – mid sized holes
    • Drill – smaller holes

    How can I get high gloss panels installed if I can't find a contractor willing to work with this material?
    Many contractors are afraid to work with a new material and may tell you they only do tile showers. In these instances when you're not a big-time DIY'er - but would still like to use these panels - we recommend using our Custom Cut program. In this program we will make the panels to size for you (and even make computer precision cut outs for your outlets or shower head holes).

    How can I create a finished edge?

    A simple pass with an electric planer (or sanding with a medium and fine sandpaper) will provide a nice finished edge. Another alternative is to use the anodized aluminum edge finishing pieces.

    When do I remove the protective film? How is the material adhered to the wall?
    After test fitting the panel on the wall remove the protective film from the back (the color side) to apply the double sided tape and neutral cure silicone. The tape on the front (the clear side) should be removed after the silicone is made flush on the front.

    How do I clean the high gloss panels?
    Clean with a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use strong chemicals or window cleaning spray.

    Can I repolish my panels?
    The panels can be repolished using a liquid plastic polish.

    Can scratches be removed?
    Moderate scratches can be removed with manual buffing – use a smooth circular motion.


    High Gloss Acrylic Panels Photo Gallery


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