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      Decorative Shower & Tub Wall Panels

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      Dress up your bath tub & shower wall surrounds using the maintenance free and high style option to natural stone, marble & granite walls. Bath Doctor’s unique Sentrel composite material provides luxury style bathroom walls which are easy to clean and require no grout or sealants to maintain – better yet they look like natural stone at a fraction of the price.

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      tub wall surround in albone travertine style
      Tub wall surround using Albalone Travertine Pattern
      shower wall surruonds with a soap dish and bench seat in breccia paradiso marlble faux wall pattern
      Shower Stall with Breccia Paradiso Marble Faux Walls
      calabria stone tub deck using Sentrel patterns
      Tub deck with Calabria stone patter

      Many shower and tub walls are either boring to look at or have mold, mildew or cracked or discolored grout joints which are ugly and are a pain to clean. What’s really cool is there is a new composite waterproof wall system (the Sentrel system from the Bath Doctor) which looks great, is easy to maintain and light on the budget. The benefits of this system are outlined below:

      Look of marble, granite, stone at 1/2 the cost –If you thought you can’t afford high end bath walls think again.

      No maintenance & joints to worry about – These seamless panels have no grout to maintain and do not need to be sealed – a unique scratch resistant PVC composite backed system will look great for years to come.

      Waterproof material will not collect bacteria, mold or mildew to keep your family safe – Shower & tub areas can be down right nasty to clean and can be breeding grounds for unhealthy bacteria. Get rid of this problem with the Sentrel system.

      Broad selection of colors & patterns that will compliment any bathroom design – Choose from popular travertine patterns (like vanilla, mocha, oro, shara, abalone) or marble and stone looks like Calcutta or Venetian Gold, Breccia Paradiso or Rainforest to name just a few.

      Multiple uses – This material can be used for tub and shower wall panels, bench seats, tub decks, tub to shower conversion projects, bathroom walls and even kitchen backsplashes.

      Design Nationwide supply and installation services available from a Innovate Building Solutions Bath Doctor division – We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards through Angie’s List and Consumer Choice through our parent corporation.

      Product Lines & Designs

      Sampled Marble, Stone, Granite & Travertine Shower & Bathtub Wall Panels

      shower wall panels using petrafini stone pattern with 2 soap dishes
      Shower Wall Panels using Petrafini Stone Pattern
      towel storage area and tub wall panels using the Sentrel botticino cream stone pattern
      Towel Storage Area and Tub Wall Panels in Botticino Cream
      Calcutta gold bathtub wall surround and an acrylic tub with a tile accent border
      Acrylic Bathtub with Calcutta Gold Wall Surrounds

      Flexibility and a real stone look is the key to this system. With over 20 different colors & patterns Sentrel has created a flawless high resolution visual reproduction of actual marble and granite patterns on a maintenance free composite material which withstands the rigors of wet areas. Since these wall panels are available in multiple sizes (including 60" x 96", 36" x 96", 60" x 60", 36" x 60", 16" x 60" and 16" x 96") they are designed for cost effective use in a tub or shower space.

      Trim Moldings

      To create a real stone, granite or marble look the Sentrel system comes with a variety of trim molding to finish the edges of the panels, inside and outside corners, cover seams between 2 panels, finish off window openings and bench and corner seats. These trim moldings are available in , 1 1/2", 3" and 6" sizes for maximum design & installation flexibility.

      3" breccia paradiso trim moldings around a tub deck
      Breccia Paradiso Trim Molding in 3" size
      mocha travertine moldings around a shower enclosure with a framed door
      Mocha Travertine Molding Around a Shower Enclosure
      tub deck using golden beaches Sentrel composite materials for the bathroom
      Tub deck with trim molding

      Accessories – Shampoo shelves & niches, corner seats, and accent strips

      Just like no dress is complete without accessories – no shower or tub are finished until they are accessorized for form, function & style. Designed to create the real stone look at a fraction of the price you'll love how the Sentrel accessories not only make your space look great, but help it to be a safer and function well also.

      Shampoo & Soap Corner Shelves

      These units are available in the following sizes:

      15" corner unit recessed with a single shelf inside (8" x 16" opening space with a 14" x 22" outside space).
      Recessed without a shelf (11" x 11" inside space with a 17" x 17" outside space).

      14 x 22 shampoo and soap niche in a frost stone pattern
      14" x 22" shampoo & soap niche and corner shelves in Frost pattern
      17 x 17 shampoo niche and 3 corner shelfs for soap & shampoo storage in a breccia paradiso stone style
      17" x 17" shampoo niche and 3 corner shelves & bench seat Breccia Paradiso

      Accent Strips and Borders

      Accent strips (available in a 6" size) creates a nice finishing look which really can dress up a tub or shower space. Each stone color has a corresponding accent strip available. A small selection of these accent strips are shown below as well as a couple of competed projects.

      albalone travertine shower & tub wall accent
      Albalone Travertine Accent
      creme travertine accents for bathtub and shower wall panels
      Creme Travertine Accent
      decorative accent for frost shower and bath wall panel systems
      Frost Accent
      calcutta gold accent for tub/shower panels
      Calcutta Gold Accent
      cream bordeaux accent for shower and bathtub wall surrounds
      Crema Bordeaux Accent
      calabria accent for tub and bathroom wall panels
      Calabria Accent


      One of the strengths in the Sentrel Line is the wide variation of colors available. There are currently 20 color selections to create the look of real stone, marble, granite and travertine – and this list is growing!

      albalone travertine tub and shower wall panel color
      Abalone Travertine
      alaskan ivory shower tub wall decorative panel color
      Alaskan Ivory
      decorative blue sodalite color
      Blue Sodalite
      botticino cream shower tub wall surround color
      Botticini Cream
      Breccia oniciata color for bathtub walls
      Breccia Oniciata
      breccia paradiso wall surround marble like color pattern
      Breccia Paradiso
      calabria faux stone wall panel color
      calcutta gold wall panels and surrounds color
      Calcutta Gold
      crema bordeaux color selection for bath and shower walls
      Crema Bordeaux
      creme travertine wall surround stone color
      Creme Travertine
      frost stone like wall surrounds colors
      shower and tub wall surround color golden beaches
      Golden Beaches
      mocha travertine color for bathroom wall projects
      Mocha Travertine
      Oro Travertine
      petrafini wall selection color for tubs and showers
      shower and tub wall rainforest color
      sahara travertine shower and tub walls decorative panels
      Sahara Travertine
      sea foam color for tub and shower wall surrounds
      Sea Foam
      vanilla travertine for bathtub and shower enclosures
      Vanilla Travertine
      venetian gold color for bathtubs and showers stalls
      Venetian Gold


      Which natural stone and granite patterns are most popular? Breccia Paradiso, Golden Beaches, Mocha Travertine, Petrafini and Calcutta Gold.

      bathtubs with breccia paradiso color pattern
      Breccia Paradiso
      faux stone in a golden beaches color
      Golden Beaches
      mocha travertine color
      Mocha Travertine
      petrafini color for bathroom walls
      calcutta gold color for showers
      Calcutta Gold

      Can these tub & shower wall panels be used over existing tile? It depends. If the tile walls are in good condition the Sentrel decorative walls can be applied over. If the old walls are spongy and/or are falling apart then the old tile and wall backer will most likely need to be removed and replaced first.

      Can the Sentrel system be applied over one piece fiberglass surrounds? The simple answer is no. In this case our crews will remove the one piece unit, add wall backer board and then apply the new shower or bathtub panels to the backer board.

      What is this composite material made of? Will it last over time? Sentrel is engineered to last with a 5 Part Protection System. This 5 Part system includesa clear poly top layer, followed by the high resolution pigment, the Xtra Bond cement, the 1/4" polyvinyl backing with a Dow Corning adhesion layer on the inside.

      sentrel composite wall system cross section view
      Sentral 5-Part Composite System

      What are the biggest benefits to this material? It is non-porous, easy to clean, will not chip, crack or fade, is impervious to mold and mildew and it comes in a wide variety of natural stone, marble and granite designs at a cost effective price.

      safe cleaning products for sentrel wall systems from bath doctor

      How should I clean these walls? Use clean soft cloth with cleaners like Fantastic, Windex, Green Works, 409, Tilex Spray, Pine Sol and Lime Away spray. Doe not use abrasive or gritty cleaners (like Comet, Scotch Brite Pads, Magic Eraser etc.).

      When replacing bathtub walls what type of tubs do you recommend? Depending on your budget and time frame to accomplish the project the most popular include acrylic replacement tubs or bathtub liners.

      Can I use these materials in a bath to shower conversion? Yes – this type of project has grown greatly over the last few years as more people want to stay in their homes by making the wet spaces in their bathrooms safer.

      old steel bathtub with a tile surround
      Tub before conversion to shower
      bath to shower conversion after using decorative sentrel wall panels
      Shower after using Sentral Walls for conversion

      How do your installation crews create a long lasting installation? Our crews have been factory trained on this material and many of our production staff is skilled in complete bathroom remodeling as well. We use Dow Corning adhesives and sealants so this system can expand and contract with the house through various seasons.

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