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    Colored and Frosted Glass Blocks

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    Using colored and frosted glass blocks can add a unique style and freshness to your design. Consider randomly putting color blocks into a wall, adding a stripe, or make the whole project with our brilliant options. There are 52 standard colors and the ability to use custom hues for any project.

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    Colored and Frosted Glass blocks

    Curved clear frosted glass block shower wall
    Curved shower wall in a frosted design
    glass block bathroom window with frosted yellow goldenrod 8 x 8 units and 4 x 8 clear blocks
    bathroom window with frosted yellow goldenrod 8 x 8 units and 4 x 8 clear units
    Glass block bar with blue colored decora pattern glass blocks in a 4in x 8in size in a rounded radius design in New York City.
    Dramatic blue kitchen island bar

    If you're looking to move light into a space but want more privacy or a softer color palette consider our satin finished frosted blocks. For a more vibrant look the jewel tone color glass blocks are a must. These units are available in any size or shaped blocks in as small of an order quantity as 5 blocks!

    Glass block design options – Multiple sizes, patterns, and shapes. American and metric sized blocks available from 4" x 8", 6" x 6", 6" x 8", 7 ½" x 7 ½", 8" x 8", and 12" x 12". Corner, end, radius, and angle blocks available.

    Availability – 52 standard and unlimited custom colors.

    Use these blocks anywhere, even as an alternative to stained glass – Use for a glass block shower, wall or window—virtually anywhere in a home or commercial building. Church windows can now have the color of stained glass without the restoration and maintenance costs and concerns about the structural window integrity of a stained glass window.

    Easy to install – We can pre-fabricate wall or shower assemblies or vinyl framed glass block windows and assist with the installation process.

    Increased privacy – Choose a high privacy frosted glass block to achieve a softer color palette and add privacy.

    Free Nationwide shipping – Our products are priced shipped to you - no hidden fees. From California to Maine to Florida - we’ve got you covered.

    Product Lines and Designs

    Colored Glass Block Product Lines and Design

    Colored and Frosted Glass Block Options

    Colored Glass Blocks

    color blocks in different sizes and shapes
    Jewel tone series - different sizes & shapes
    • Top left to right selections – Aquamarine light blue, amethyst purple, topaz orange, emerald green
    • Bottom left to right selections – Ruby red, sapphire dark blue, yellow goldenrod, garnet magenta
    Kitchen & wine series colored glass blocks
    Kitchen & Wine Series
    • Top left to right selections – Cinnamon, sage, red rock
    • Bottom left to right selections – Saffron, pink champagne, key lime, sunset
    Mother Earth Series
    • Top left to right selections – evening sky, glacier, sky
    • Bottom left to right selections – smoke, ocean, bronze, cobalt dark blue, smoke, seafoam
    Finishing shapes can turn corners, create angles, step down, or finish the ends of walls and bars.
    • Top block – emerald green tridron for angles
    • Middle left to right – cinnamon end block, smoke block for radiuses
    • Bottom left to right – ruby red end block, Seafoam hedron corner, topaz orange double end block

    Frosted Color Glass Blocks

    frosted glass block selections  
    Various sizes, shapes, patterns, colors
    • Top left to right – Cinnamon, Calm Sea
    • Bottom left to right – Cobalt, Emerald, Amber, Amber, Sage, Amethyst
    light transmissions through glass blocks
    See how these pieces soften the transmission of light!
    • Selections (left to right) Amethyst, Amber, Amber, Cobalt
    Shapes for ends, corners & curves
    • Selections (left to right) Sage, Calm sea, Cinnamon, Emerald

    Over 104 options to choose from!

    Frosted Glass Blocks

    Using clear frosted glassblocks can create a calming, private or decorative look. These blocks are available in both 4" thick and 3 1/8" sized units for use in homes and businesses.

    Obscure frosted shower wall
    Curved wall in a shower for privacy
    frosted bubble pattern glass blocks
    Frosted Bubble pattern
    frosted diamond pattern glass block 
    Frosted Diamond pattern
    frosted oceanview pattern glass block 
    Frosted Oceanview pattern
    glass block with a frosted wave pattern 
    Frosted Wave
    4 x 8 6 x 8 8 x 8 6 x 8 frosted glass blocks 
    frosted glass blocks 4x8, 6x6, 6x8, and 8x8 sizes
    double end glass block frosted 
    Frosted Encurve (2 side finished) Block

    8 x 8 x 3 1/8 in. Mulia smooth faced colored glass blocks

    Colored & Frosted Glass Blocks - Thin Line (3 1/8") Series (Mulia patterns)

    Create a unique design with these blocks (available in 8" x 8" x 3 1/8" size).

    glass block in topaz orange color with a diamond pattern
    Diamond pattern (topaz orange) 
    frosted topaz orange diamond pattern glass block
    Diamond pattern (frosted topaz orange)
    charcoal colored glass block
    Diamond pattern (charcoal)
    bubble glass block in a dark blush champagne color
    Bubble pattern (dark blush champagne)
    frosted bubble pattern glass blocks
    Bubble pattern (frosted dark blush champagne)
    cinnamon bubble glass block
    Bubble pattern (cinnamon)
    purple pinot noir color glass block
    Bromo pattern    ( pinot noir) 
    bromo pattern by mulia glass blocks
    Bromo pattern (frosted pinot noir)
    light green oregano color glass block
    Bromo pattern (oregano)
    light blue ocean view pattern glass block
    Ocean view pattern (seafoam)
    ocean view glass blocks with a frosted process
    Ocean view pattern (frosted seafoam)
    smoke colored iceberg privacy glass block
    Iceberg pattern (smoke)
    Design Tip: These 8 x 8 x 3 1/8" thick blocks are best used in straight walls, interior partitions and windows.


    Fused glass tile blocks

    Combine the beauty of artist-inspired glass tiles with the durability of blocks. These pieces are made by fusing a the decorative glass tile (which has layers of colored and clear glass) to a  block. Creates a one of a kind look.

    • Individually crafted and custom designed – tiles made by glass artists – no two pieces are exactly the same.
    • Wide range of options – 73 transparent & 46 opaque colors.
    • Use anywhere – for residential and commercial applications – use anywhere you want to combine the structure and security of blocks with a unique decorative touch.
    • Multiple sizes and designs – the glass tiles are available in 1" x 1", 2" x 2", 3" x 3", 4" x 4", 5" x 5" and 6" x 6" sizes in a choice of one color, 3 color retro, and 8 color quad retro designs.
    • Can be applied on any pattern, shape or size
    artist developed glass tiles applied to a glass block 
    Selection above: Garnet Red, Chartreuse, Burnt Orange, Light Aventurine Green, Coral, Cyan Blue, Charcoal Gray, Pimento Red, Aquamarine Blue
    Tiles: 1" x 1" one color; 4" x 4" quad 8 color retro
    Unit size: 8" x 8" clear/vue
    Layout: Left diagonal
    blue color glass tiles on a glass block in an obscure pattern 
    Selection above: Deep Cobalt Blue, Turquoise Blue, White
    Tiles: 1" x 1" one color; 3" x 3" three color retro
    Unit size: 8" x 8" decora/wave
    Layout: Left diagonal
    4" x 4" glass tile block 
    Selection above: Deep Royal Blue, Turquoise Blue, Turquose Blue, Charcoal, Egyptian Blue, Teal Green, Golden Green, Steel Blue, Light Turquoise, Light Cyan.
    Tiles: 6" x 6" quad 8 color retro
    Unit size: 12" x 12" clear/vue
    Layout: Center
    diagonal pattern with art glass tile blocks 
    Selection above: Turquoise Blue, Sienna, Olive Green, Light Cyan, Golden Green
    Tiles: 1" x 1" one color, 3" x 3" three color retro
    Unit size: 8" x 8" clear/vue
    Layout: Left upper right angle
    blue glass tile on glass block 
    Selection above: Deep Royal Blue
    Tiles: 3" x 3" one color
    Unit size: 6" x 6" decora/wave
    Layout: Center
    retro glass block 
    Selection above: Olive Green, Steel Blue, Light Cyan
    Tiles: 3" x 3" three color retro
    Unit size: 6" x 8" iceberg/icescapes
    Layout: Center

    glass blocks for murals

    Combine a custom design with our designer block series. This process uses colored glass (on one side of the block) which is fused onto the outside face of the block where you can create a complete mural or use the process in a single block. Options include:

    • Virtually any custom design can be created.
    • 55 stock murals, 40 standard colors, and over 120 single block designs.
    • Glass on glass technology ensures the design cannot be scraped off.

    Small Sampling of Decorative Glass Block Murals

    van goh image on glass blocks using a fusing process
    golf course mural on glass blocks for a wall or window
    ocean image on glass blocks
    skyscraper image into glass blocks

    Single Glass Block Designs

    lemon mural on block glass starfish image on glass block sunburst image on glass block glass block moon image

    Multi-Colored Iridescent Dichroic Glass Blocks in Metric Sizes

    Add color and intrigue to your glass block window, wall or shower with multi-colored dichroic blocks. Dichroic is the property of having more than one color when viewed from different angles. These blocks use a dielectric coating of metal oxides on the inner surface of one side of the block (gold, silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, and silicon) which are applied in a high temperature vacuum furnace. Benefits & features include:

    Enhanced light transmission - light is reflected back and transmitted through the blocks. Dichroic has a transmitted color and a completely different reflective color.

    Vibrant colors are reflected – Change your angle and the colors change.

    Unique patterns and styles to choose from - Several styles and patterns available in 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3 1/8" sizes from stock including:

    Dichroic lattice pattern
    Lattice – a diamond pattern with a prismatic effect.
    Dichroic water ripple pattern
    Water Ripple – angular lines in the block for a prismatic effect.
    Dichroic cloud mist pattern
    Cloud & mist– a subtle wave pattern for a softer look.
    Dichroic fluted pattern
    Parallel – a fluted pattern.

    Etched glass block Designs

    Make a memorable wall or bar with a standard or customized etched glass wall mural. Provide your image or choose from a contemporary, traditional, floral, or earth series patterns.

    assorted etchings on glass blocks
    Use logos, picture images or patterns.
    dichroic glass block with a flower etched into it
    Custom designs or standard patterns
    movie mural etched into glass blocks
    Etched glass designs
    32 x 32 premade glass block tree mural
    Laser etched glass tree mural



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