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      Casement Windows

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      Vinyl or wood casement windows that use easy-to-operate cranks can increase airflow and natural light, provide larger openings, and save money on heating and cooling.

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      Benefits of Vinyl Casement Windows

      Vinyl casement windows can provide the following benefits:

      Increased airflow. Because the entire sash of a crank-out window opens to the outside, it lets in the most air of any window type.

      Easy opening style. The hardware on the vinyl casement window is located at the bottom, which makes it easier for shorter people or those in a seated position to open than a standard double hung or slider window.

      Suitable for use as egress windows. The ability to safely and easily exit is an important consideration when choosing a window. Local building codes often require egress windows in sleeping rooms. Casement windows have larger sashes, which make them the preferred window choice for egress applications.

      Improved curb appeal. New wood or vinyl windows can upgrade the appearance of both the inside and outside of a home and enhance the architectural design.

      Reduced energy costs. Old single pane windows can greatly increase heating and cooling costs. Thermal windows with ENERGY STAR glass packages can pay for themselves in a short time.

      Products and Uses

      Vinyl Casement Crank Style Windows

      Casement windows from Alside and Polaris Window & Door have these features:

      • Vinyl frames and sashes that won’t crack, chip, or peel
      • Fusion-welded frames and main structures for strength and rigidity
      • Insulated glass and warm edge spacer system
      • Multi-chamber sash and mainframes for improved energy efficiency
      • Beveled exterior sashes
      • Metal reinforcements to secure the hinge system
      • Color-coordinated hardware to match the window frame
      • Full vent screens
      • Decorative glass and grid options
      • Available in multiple colors and wood grain interior finishes
      • Available in single, double, 3 lite, 4 lite, and 5 lite casement options
      • Can be combined with picture and awning style windows.

      Where to Use a Casement Cranking Window

      These windows are very popular for hard-to-reach window openings (above sinks and countertops, in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and upper story spaces, etc).


      Video: How to Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

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      In this video you will learn:

      • How to choose the right type of vinyl replacement house window.
      • Where to use a casement, picture, double hung, bay, bow or sliding window.
      • How to use decorative colors, woodgrain finishes and etched & leaded glass to add to compliment your décor.

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