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Georgia Fry

Accounting Manager

I have been with Innovate Building Solutions for 23 years as the accounting manager.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and children.  I have two grandchildren and they are awesome.  If I had known how great being a grandparent was, I would have done that first. 

What I love about this business?

I am continually learning new things and every day is a new adventure.  I have been involved with sales for the last three years and it has been a new learning experience.

What products and services I specialize in?

I am involved in several aspects of the business from the financial end of paying bills and payroll to shipping of various products.  I also sell bathroom products (shower walls, bases, and glass enclosures).

My favorite movies or music

I love all police dramas.  In my next career I am going to be a detective.

  • Blue Bloods
  • Law & Order
  • Chicago PD

Little known facts

I met my husband, of 33 years, in a coaching gymnastics class at Kent State University.

How to contact me:

Office: 216-658-1280 ext. 303
Cell: 440-537-6300