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Solid Surface Shower Wall Panel & Base Kits

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Low maintenance, design flexibility and ease of installation are the words associated with solid surface shower wall panels and base kits. They not only enhance a bathroom remodel – but they eliminate the hassles associated with grout. Learn more about the benefits, product options, and frequently asked questions with standard and custom solid surface shower surrounds and pans in this web page.

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Available in Ohio or with glass block shower projects only. Click through the tabs to learn more

Benefits of Solid Surface Shower wall panels & base kits  

Bypass doors solid surface base
Bypass doors solid surface base
Crown molding and corner block
Solid surface with crown molding
Low profile curb and slate walls
Low profile shower base and slate walls

Our solid surface shower wall panels and bases look like natural stone but unlike natural stone aren't porous. They use formulated crystals (aluminum trihydrate) which are joined with a specialty resin to provide a strong shower base and wall panels which look beautiful, are easy to work with and is consistent throughout. Cultured granite showers look great and are simple to maintain. 

Some of the benefits of our solid surface pans and walls include:

Low maintenance – with a no grout surface you’ll be glad to eliminate the cost and hassle associated with many other shower floors and wall surfaces!

Flexibility in pan, wall and countertop designs – The standard and custom shower bases come in a wide variety of design layouts (from standard squares, rectangles, neo angles, curves) to virtually any style custom design (with your choice of drain location). Wall panels are available in gloss, matte, subway tile, stone tile and 8" x 24" wave tile looks – basically there is something for everyone! You can even match up your bathroom vanity top with your solid surface shower surrounds ot bathtub panels.

Waterproof surfaces – throw out your tile sealant and worries about the damage caused by leaky shower bases or wall panels ever again! Our solid surface is non-porous and consistent throughout!

Available in a stone, subway tile and the 8" x 24" wave tile look without the grout – This 3/8" thick material will give you the look of custom tile without the costly maintenance of tile joints.

Time saving installation – Panels are easy to cut with standard woodworking tools.

Lower cost of ownership than tile – Ceramic tile can be expensive to install and maintain with the need to reseal and regrout. Solid surface shower pans and walls do not need to be resealed or regrouted. 

Wide range of uses – Products are durable enough for commercial projects – but stylish enough for any home! There are product options for new construction and remodeling.

Large selection of colors – With over 60 different colors and multiple finishes you’re sure to find something to match your décor.

Accessorize to your heart’s content – Improve both the function and looks of your space by adding shower caddies, trim, tub decks, window sills and even accent and decorative in-lays.

Improved safety – These cultured granite, solid surface shower pans are available in low profile or ramp designs to make getting into or out of shower safer for your loved ones. In addition the materials used in our solid surface shower wall panels and bases also serve as a fire retardant and smoke suppressant. The floor of our pans are designed with a non-slip pebbled finish.

Lifetime guarantee – You can enjoy your bathroom products worry free!


Available Colors of Solid Surface shower wall panels and base kits 

Make your shower or tub walls, pan or bathroom countertop special with a wide choice of colors. Below you’ll see a wide array of choices available in 5 finish options:

Granite Colors - in Gloss, Slate, Stone Tile & Subway Tile Finishes

Click on a swatch to view its name

Solid Colors - in Gloss, Slate, Stone Tile & Subway Tile Finishes

Click on a swatch to view its name

Matte Finish Colors

Click on a swatch to view its name

Colors for Stripes, Halos and Classic Inlays

Click on a swatch to view its name
Shower Pans

Standard sized solid surface shower bases and pans

Selecting a "standard base" does not mean you sacrifice style or options! In the section below learn the features and choices in solid surface base designs. 

Solid surface shower base & curb options (full height, mid height, low profile)  and ramped roll in Design

Standard base with a full height curb
Standard base with a full height curb
Standard base with a low profile curb
Standard base with a low profile curb
Standard low profile curb
Standard low profile curb

Standard base features include:

  • Non-slip pebbled texture surface for added safety.
  • Tapered base is designed for water to move easily to the drain.
  • Solid surface material is consistent throughout and sturdy.
  • Easy to clean surface does not promote the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Designed to fit standard 2” shower drain pipes.

The ability to get into a shower is as important as the looks and longevity of the shower itself. Whether you have a small corner shower, an in-line alcove type enclosure or your need a ramp for a loved one in a wheelchair there will be a standard base for you.

Full Height Curb
Measuring 4 1/4" high the full height curb provides the maximum amount of depth in the pan.
Low Profile Curb
The low profile curb (measuring 1 7/8" from the floor) provides a sleek look and makes it easier for those with mobility challenges to get into the shower.
Ramped Roll-in Design
The ramped roll-in shower bases will work best those using a wheelchair or walker.

Solid Surface shower base sizes and shapes

With over 40 different size and pattern options there is a good chance you'll be able to find a standard sized solid surface base which will work with your space (whether it’s a corner, in-line or open on 3 sides). Check out the sizing options and some representative layouts below:

Rectangular Sizes & Layouts:

36" x 32"
36" x 34"
36" x 42"
36" x 48"
42" x 32"
42" x 34"
42" x 36"
42" x 48"
48" x 30"
48" x 34"
48" x 36"
48" x 42"
54" x 30"
54" x 32"
54" x 36"
54" x 42"
60" x 30"
60" x 32"
60" x 36"
60" x 42"
60" x 48"

Sample Layouts

36" x 32" rectangle
48" x 36" rectangle
60" x 32" rectangle

Square Sizes & Layouts:

32" x 32"
36" x 36"
42" x 42"
48" x 48"

Sample Layouts

32" x 32" square
36" x 36" square
48" x 48" square

NEO Angle Sizes & Layouts:

36", 38", 42", 48", 54", 60"

Sample Layouts

36" neo-angle
42" neo-angle
48" neo-angle

Two-Sided Corner Sizes & Layouts:

36" x 36", 48" x 36"

Sample Layouts

36" x 36" two-sided corner
48" x 36" two-sided corner

Three-Sided Corner Layout:

49" x 36"


49" x 36" three-sided corner

Curved solid surface base Layout:

This pan is 60" wide, 32" on the two sides and 38" in the center – it curves out similar to a curved shower curtain. It is an excellent choice, and provides more room, for a bathtub to shower conversion project. 


60" x 38" curved

Ramped solid surface Base Sizes & Layouts:

60" x 42", 60" x 60"

Sample Layouts

60" x 42" ramped
60" x 60" ramped

Custom Sized Solid Surface base & Pan options 

Custom angled roll-in shower
Custom angled roll-in shower
Custom walk-in low profile shower
Custom walk-in low profile shower
Custom corner seat shower
Custom angled shower with a corner seat 

Although there is a large selection of standard solid surface bases there are simply cases where a custom shape, size or drain location is critical. Fortunately if you can think it up it can we can usually have it made for you! A sampling of some of the custom options are featured below:

Offset curbs – Offset curbs can be required when it’s not possible to have full straight curb along the front (this can be where you'll put a 'pony wall' with glass along the top, or you have a small stand up shower with walls on one or two sides). 

Straight curb offset both sides
Straight curb offset left side

Corner clips – It’s possible with our bases to cut out a corner (in the back or front) to make a custom angle design.

Straight curb back corner clip

Full circles and arcs – Yes – we can work with full, half or quarter circles – now that makes a fun design!

Full circle shower
Quarter circle shower

Walk in showers - Virtually any design is possible from a base involving a U-shape design, angled curb, diagonal shape or even a curved curb. With the desire to eliminate having to clean shower doors - walk in designs are getting more popular. 

L shaped walk-in shower
U shaped walk-in shower

Glass block shower base – Since glass blocks cannot be cut it is absolutely necessary that the shower base be designed around the blocks. Whether you have a straight, angled or curved glass block wall our design team can not only make a solid surface custom base for your project - but we can supply a complete system with easy to install prefabricated glass block walls! Here are just 2 possible designs - ask us for more ideas. 

Glass block shower base
Glass block shower base

Custom drain locations – Although you may not need a custom shape – it may be beneficial to have a custom drain location to save on the plumbing costs and challenge of cutting through a floor (especially if it's set in concrete). You can specify virtually any drain location in our bases. 

Wall Panels

Standard and Custom Sized Solid Surface Shower & Tub Wall Panels

Smooth gloss wall panel
Smooth gloss shower wall panel with accessories 
Smooth gloss tub wall surrounds
Smooth gloss tub wall surrounds
Slate stone wall panels
Slate stone wall panels with no grout

Flexibility in design, color, shape, size and textures are just some of the many benefits of solid surface tub and shower walls. Learn more below about the various finishes, standard kits and custom options available in the expansive offerings in this product line (note all panels are 3/8” thick and weigh 3.5 lbs. per square foot of wall area):

5 Finishes in standard and custom-sized solid surface wall panels

Whether you’re looking for a sleek smooth wall or the classic finish of slate, stone or subway tile there is an option for you. These wall finishes are available in standard or custom sized panels. 

Wall panel finishes

Gloss finish – The standard finish in our wall panels is gloss which has a smooth, shiny and reflective look and is easy to clean. The maximum size for gloss finish panels is 144” x 100”. All colors are available in this finish. 

Matte finish – The non-reflective matte finish provides a “dry” understated look. The maximum size for this panel finish is 144” x 100”. Select colors are available in a matte finish (check the “color” tab on this web page for specific choices).

8" x 24" wave design - This pattern adds a modern touch to your design. It can be used both in a vertical or horizontal design. The maximum panel size is 96" wide by 105" high. 

Stone tile finish – These wall panels have the look of 12” x 12” stone tiles but each section is still one seamless piece of solid surface. All the colors are available in this finish. The maximum size is 106” x 95”

Subway tile design – These walls are molded to look like actual glazed subway tiles – even though they are grout free and you don't have to worry about them leaking like common tile. All colors are available in the subway tile finish. The maximum size is 105” x 87”.

Standard Solid Surface Shower and Tub Wall Kits

For a more cost effective project choosing a standard shower or tub wall kit will be best (assuming the size of your project can fit with the standard shower bases or a common 60” bathtub – see the shower pan tab on this page to see the standard size options).

Standard Shower Kits

Our standard shower kits are made to fit perfectly with all of the various standard shower bases. Standard walls come in 78”, 84”, 90” and 96” sizes in all 5 finishes. This kit includes the adhesive and color matched silicone as well. The panels are available in two versions (1) “exact sizes which are ready to install (no trimming is required) or (2) oversized panels for on-site fitting (the oversized panels are designed for projects where the pre-existing walls aren’t plumb – note with this option the unfinished inside edges will require trimming).

Standard shower kit

Standard solid surface Tub Surround and Remodeler Kits

The standard tub kit can accommodate a back panel of up to 60” and 2 side panels up to 36” deep. There are 4 standard tub heights available (60”, 66”, 72” and 84”). All 5 finishes are available in the standard tub kits which come with the adhesive and color matched silicone. There is also a standard remodelers kit with over-sized panels to cover up imperfections which might exist when the old tile or wall panels are removed.

Standard tub surround kit
standard tub surround kit
Standard remodeler's kit
standard remodelers kit

Custom sized solid surface surface shower walls

In many cases a standard sized design just does not fit the new space or layout desired, but fear not – we have custom shower and tub wall panels to make your project work! Once again these panels can come in any of the 5 finishes in panel sizes which come as large as 144” x 100” – quite possibly the largest panel sizes available in the industry!

For a more custom look you may even want consider a stripe or border inlay images for a distinctive look!

inlay for solid surface walls Inlay stripe in solid surface wall

Frequently Asked Questions About Solid Surface shower wall panels & bases

How thick are the wall panels? Do I need a wall backer board behind these panels?
Our solid surface tub and shower wall panels are 3/8” thick. They do need to be installed onto a wallboard (the best options include water resistant green board, HardiBacker or concrete board).

What are solid surface walls and pans made of?
Our solid surface shower panels and bases look like natural stone but unlike natural stone is non-porous. It uses specially formulated crystals (aluminum trihydrate) which are joined with a formulated resin to provide a strong material which looks beautiful, is easy to work with and is consistent throughout.

What is the guarantee?
Our solid surface walls and pans have a lifetime guarantee. If our product ever fails we will provide you with a new replacement.

What cleaning products can I use?
Our products can be cleaned using a cloth or sponge and your favorite non-abrasive cleaner. Cleaners like Fantastic, Windex, Green Works, 409, Tilex Spray, Pine Sol and Lime Away spray work well. Do not use abrasive or gritty cleaners (like Comet, Scotch Brite Pads, Magic Eraser etc.).

Is this material easy for a DIY person to work with?
Absolutely – the material can be cut or drilled with common woodworking tools.

Can solid surface walls and shower pans be used in a steam room?
The solid surface shower pans can be used in a steam room, but the wall panels are not warrantied for a steam room. 

What is the advantage of working with Innovate Building Solutions?
Innovate Building Solutions is much more than a nationwide shower and tub wall supplier. We offer many other bathroom remodeling products at wholesale direct prices to compliment your space. Our company is also a professional installer in our local markets –the materials you purchase from us are also the materials we install on a daily basis allowing us to have many knowledgeable people to help you!


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