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Sliding Glass Patio Doors - Cleveland & Columbus

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Is your sliding patio door hard to open? Is the glass fogged ? Do you worry about how your door latches and your family's safety? Is the weatherstipping so bad you feel cold and heat come in as if there's no door there at all? 

If so consider replacement sliding glass patio doors for your Cleveland or Columbus home. In this page you'll learn how new replacement sliding glass patio doors, or hinged French doors improve the looks of your home, increase light and ventilation,  reduce heating and cooling bills, and improve security.  

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about single, double and triple sliding glass patio doors. See why you'll make a smart decision choosing Cleveland Window or Clear Choice Window and Door who've installed over 1,000,000 windows and doors in Ohio since 1977. 

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Benefits of a Sliding Glass Patio Doors from Polaris And ProVia

Sliding (or gliding) patio doors offer these benefits:

Large views to the outside . These doors range from 36” to 143” wide to 96” high and are all glass (with the exception of the frame). They provide excellent views to your backyard or sideyard. 

Designs to fit any style home. Patio doors open your home to your outdoor spaces, and add function to a contemporary, traditional or transitional home.And with grid and glass patterns, you'll find a sliding glass patio door which adds to the interior decor and architectural style. 

Increase privacy - If you want light, but also more privacy, ask about tinted glass or interior blinds. 

Reduced heating and cooling costs vs. old single-pane aluminum sliding doors. Most old aluminum doors only have single-pane glass and  seals worn from years of service. A vinyl, fiberglass, or wood-clad vinyl replacement patio door saves significant energy costs vs. old sliding patio doors. Ask about Energy Star Certified glass packages for the best energy cost-savings. 

Improved security. Multi-point locks and foot-operated dead bolts increase family safety.

Easy entry and exit.  French or sliding patio doors gives you access to decks, gardens,  or swimming pools from the kitchen or dining room. These doors allow your family and guests a quick and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors.

Increased ventilation. Sliding glass patio doors provide fresh air and ventilation in your kitchen or dining room, getting quickly rid of cooking smells. 

Saves space - A sliding patio door (which doesn't open into your home), and moves in a track from side to side, is a perfect door in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms which are smaller than you'd like. 

Larger feeling rooms full of natural light. The large expanse of glass in patio doors makes a room feel larger while increasing light . Ask about 'clear-view' screens for improved views . 

Higher resale value and enhanced curb appeal. New sliding glass patio doors add to the appeal of any side of your home. 

Products & Uses

Vinyl, Wood Clad Vinyl and Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors From Provia and Polaris - Product Features 

Features of vinyl, Fiberglass & Vinyl Clad Wood sliding doors will vary by manufacturer and can include:

  • Vertical multi-chamber mainframe and door panel extrusions are reinforced with aluminum for extra rigidity. Frames are fusion-welded at corners for added strength.
  • Vertical main frames are injected with foam for improved thermal efficiency.
  • Mainframe and sashes will never chip, peel, crack, or warp.
  • White pine wood mainframe combined with vinyl cladding provides an energy-efficient barrier for the door.
  • Triple weatherstripping where door panels and main frame extrusions meet creates a weather tight seal.
  • Insulated double-strength safety glass is standard.
  • Strong, extruded aluminum screens come in multiple colors.
  • Energy Star insulated glass packages reduce energy costs.
  • Multi-point security locks and foot operated dead bolt locks are available to improve security.
  • Smooth-gliding, solid steel, zinc-plated rollers give a smooth operation.
  • Doors are available in 2 lite (5’, 6’, and 8’ wide), 3 lite (9’ wide), and 4 panel (12’ wide) designs.
  • Doors come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features of Vinyl, Fiberglass, Steel French or Sliding Patio Doors from ProVia

  • The fiberglass doors have reinforced skins to resist dents and dings and eliminate splintering.
  • The 2 1/2” polyurethane foam core provides maximum thermal protection (R-value of 13).
  • Energy Star insulated glass packages reduce energy costs.
  • A keyed Schlage flair handle set with a maximum security deadbolt is included.
  • Compression weatherstripping creates a weather-tight seal. Bottom sweep upgrades are available to further strengthen the weather barrier.

High-performance door frames have the following features:

  • Steel-reinforced jamb (side) for extra security,
  • Rot-resistant composite door bottom,
  • 4” x 10” composite lock block for increased strength, and
  • Steel-reinforced strike plate for additional security.
  • Continuous sill across base of entire door gives a better fit and prevents leaks.
  • Steel-edged door perimeter provides greater stability and strength vs. a wood door.
  • Ball-bearing hinges give smoother operation and increased durability.
  • Doors are available in two- and three-panel designs from 60” to a maximum of 108” wide.

Where to use sliding or French Sliding Glass patio doors

These doors are often installed along the back or sides of the home, leading from a kitchen or dining room to a deck, balcony, patio, garden, courtyard, or swimming pool.


Sliding Glass Patio Door Designs, Styles, and Hardware

Add style and reduce energy costs with these options (note: options will vary by product lines):

Decorative interior grids or cut glass. Match your glass sliding door to your other windows with decorative internal grids or cut glass in multiple colors and stains. Some of the patterns include Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, and Double Prairie.

Inspirations Art Glass (ProVia line). Choose from seven door styles and five designer color palettes to make your door a work of art.

Distinctive handle sets. Handle sets are available in bright brass and satin nickel.

Multiple paint and stain options (ProVia steel and fiberglass lines). Choose from either a painted or stained door (or order the door factory-primed to apply your own finishing touch). Choose from 14 stains (including Toffee, American Cherry, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Hazelnut, Coffee Bean, Honey Wheat, Caramel, Truffle, Ginger, Almond, Pecan, and Espresso) and 16 paint colors.

Decorative mini-blinds. Mini blinds that raise and tilt can be incorporated in the tempered safety glass doors and eliminate the need for dusting and the rattling of blinds against the door. Some of the available colors include white, alabaster, clay, and gold.

Upgraded glass packages. Increased energy efficiency lowers your heating and cooling costs.


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