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Glass Block Windows, Walls, Showers and Floors

Glass Block Windows, Walls, Showers and Floors

We provide glass blocks and installation for a variety of applications including glass block showers, bars, walls, windows, crafting, and architectural/industrial accents.

Glass Block Windows for basements and bathrooms can add security, privacy and reduce energy costs. They are also an excellent addition in front entrances, garages and kitchens as well. For the ultimate protection ask about our Innovate Protect All Window (which provides the maximum protection vs. intruders, air, water and saves 22% on energy bills as well!).

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Acrylic block windows provide the dual benefits of high privacy and air ventilation. This page also highlights the use of decorative glass and basement egress windows.

Vinyl framed glass block windows are not all created equal! The "Protect All" vinyl framed window offers higher energy efficiency, improved strength and water resistance and increased protection vs. wind loads. The integral nailing fins make installation a breeze. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, dens, closets and commercial buildings – for privacy, style, looks, and durability.

Many metal-framed and wood-framed commercial, industrial, and church windows are poorly insulated, offer substandard levels of privacy and security, and create a poor first impression. Glass block windows solve all of these problems and increase security, energy efficiency, and privacy. Fire-resistant and wind-resistant versions are also available.

Add style by using a glass block wall or partition in your office or commercial space. Using a wide range of designs these building blocks can also add light, improve security, lower energy costs and increase fire resistance.

Using colored and frosted glass blocks adds a unique style and freshness to your design. Whether you want your space Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Scandanavian, Boho-Chic and eclectic there are frosted and colored blocks to complete the look. Put random colors in a wall, or stripe or the entire wall.

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Laser etched glass block can turn an ordinary window or wall into a one of a kind work of art. Our sealed beam laser process can etch up to 256 different shades of gray and 600 dots per inch of resolution. Not only does this process surpass standard lasers, engraving, and sandblasting – it is available at cost effective prices on a block building material that is also a structural window or wall. You can even personalize a gift of a vase, bank, or glass block light.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the best glass block size, shape, or pattern for your project - let our experts handle it for you! Glass blocks come in different sizes, dimensions, and shapes and can be used in shower, wall, and window projects. Various levels of privacy can be achieved by choosing the right colors, patterns, and transparency. Daylighting and increased thermal efficiency make designer selections an attractive and cost-effective material for use in green design.

gb and brick design guide

A glass block shower can provide a clean, contemporary look that makes cleaning a breeze. Learn how Innovate Building Solutions provides a one-stop solution with a broad line of glass block products, standard and custom shower base kits and design assistance for to take your bathroom remodeling project to the next level. 

glass block shower guide

The right accessories will complete the design for your glass block shower installation. Incorporating a well chosen shower base, door, window, bench or seat, shampoo/soap niche, wall board, or towel bar can improve the looks and function of your bathroom and can even save you money.

Using a glass block wall or bar can add style, structure, and light to any room. This versatile product is suitable for use in showers, kitchens, bedrooms, basement recreation rooms – virtually anywhere you want to create an impact.

The 4" thick glass blocks are excellent for commercial walls and windows, shower stalls, stairwells, and for high security applications. These products add style and design, can reduce energy costs, and also provide security with light to your property. Consider the following patterns and products to get the privacy, light, security and style you want.

Fire-rated 60-minute and 90-minute and solid glass blocks can provide bullet, vandal, fire, and graffiti-resistant solutions that save money for owners of commercial, residential, retail, and architectural buildings while providing a contemporary look.

Glass flooring provides an exciting combination of style and function, making a dramatic impression in both residential and commercial spaces. Structural glass floors, bridges, landings and stair treads can add light to lower level spaces and provide a unique design element to any interior. Every glass floor system we sell ships as a kit and will include everything you need for proper installation.

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A revolution is under way with the introduction of 3D textured architectural glass blocks. Why settle for smooth faced glass block partition walls, showers or windows when you can add a dynamic touch with 3D (three dimensional) surfaces that radiate light and shine with vibrant colors? Learn more about these unique pattern glass blocks below.

Wow – that is what friends, neighbors and family will say when they see your contemporary glass countertop in a kitchen, bathroom vanity, outdoor bar or man cave. This modern material provides color, pattern and lighting options not available in other types of counter materials. Explore the benefits, product options and design possibilities of sleek glass countertops through Innovate Building Solutions.

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