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Replacement Glass Block Windows for Church Commercial & Factory Projects - Cleveland and Columbus & Nationwide Wholesale

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Many metal-framed and wood-framed commercial, industrial, and church windows are poorly insulated. They offer little privacy and security. In short, they create a bad first impression for guests, customers or visitors alike. They eat up too much of your facilities budget year over year.

Commercial glass block replacement windows solve these problems They increase security, energy efficiency, and privacy (and can even make your church or factory more fire and wind resistant). Below learn how commercial, church and factory replacement glass block windows (and the exclusive Protect All Fabrication System) can improve your building today. 

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Glass Block Replacement Window Benefits For Church, Commercial or Factory Projects 

glass block windows in an industrial building columbus ohio
interior glass blocks for privacy
stairwell windows with glass block

Reduced heating and cooling costs. Old metal and wood framed windows with single pane glass are poorly caulked, rusted and deteriorated. Commercial glass block replacement windows are mortared together or are assembled with Innovate's 'Protect-All' assembly system. They'll reduce your heating and cooling costs vs. your single pane windows.

Improved curb appeal and building facade. Investing in the curb appeal of your business or church with upgraded replacement windows makes it stand out (in a good way). This makes visitors and guests want to return. It's hard to thrive when it seems your building is just trying to survive. 

Low maintenance and lower life cycle costs. The mortared joints (or 'Protect All fabrication process) creates a highly durable glass system. The thicker faced glass block replacement windows create a higher level of security. Your maintenance staff can easily perform any replacements without the expense (and wait) for a contractor. Also - if one block is broken you don't have to replace an entire large piece of glass like storefront or steel-framed glass windows. 

Increased light transmission. Glass block church and commercial replacement windows provide high security while transmitting generous amounts of natural light. This creates a more productive workplace (or more enthused guests) and allows you to cut costs by daylighting.

Wind resistance. Wind-resistant building materials (with thick materials like 3 1/8" thick glass blocks) can save you money on replacement windows and frames, which can be damaged by high winds. Besides these savings, you'll benefit by preventing the loss of profit and productivity that accompanies damage to your place of business or worship.

Environmentally sound green building material. Glass blocks are made from natural materials and have long lives.

Professional installation service. Innovate's Cleveland Glass Block and Columbus Glass Block divisions  have commercial, industrial, church and architectural window installation expertise. Even if you're not in these markets, you can value from our guidance (and prefabricated wholesale factory window supply) for your project. 

Lifetime guarantee - How many building materials have you put into your faciltiy which have a lifetime guarantee? Well - you'll be happy to know these factory, commercial and church glass block windows do. 

Protect-All Glass Block Window prefabricated system - If you think your maintenance team can't install glass block windows (which you assumed had to be done by a - very hard to find - mason), think again. Ask about Innovate's Protect-All premade sections. These units are built with rigid vinyl spacers which run vertically and horizontally through the glass block windows. They're not only 22% more energy efficient than standard 'mortared' glass blocks, but they're durable enough to be shipped nationwide. Your team can install these glass block windows by stacking the pre-made panels together like Lego blocks. You can save money and not deal with the hassle of attempting to find a qualified contractor to do the job.  

Free nationwide shipping with prefabricated windows. Innovate can ship prefabricated Protect-All Glass Block Panels at no cost directly to your site. These assemblies are stackable and  easy to install.

Architecturally correct - with multiple patterns to dress up your building - Glass block replacement windows architecturally feel right in masonry or concrete commercial buildings and churches. They're simple to install and you can even get colored glass or decorative glass blocks patterns to add pizzazz. 

Window Options & Designs

Glass Block Replacement Window Options & Designs 

Glass block Replacement Windows for old commercial, industrial, factory, and church windows

Finding the right replacement window for your building isn't simple. Below you'll learn about the size, thickness, colors, patterns and venting options with glass block factory and commercial replacement windows. 

Glass block window thickness options

Thin line series
 (3 1/8" thickness) are lighter, less costly, easier to install, and available in multiple patterns. Most commercial glass block replacement windows are installed using these blocks since they offer more size, color and pattern options - and can be installed for less money. These 3 1/8" thick blocks can be prefabricated using the Protect-All Window Assembly System to save on installation costs and to improve energy efficiency. 

Premier series glass blocks (3 7/8" thick) offer a range of designs and are more 10% energy-efficient than the thin line series (which is 3/4" thinner). These thicker blocks are also available in 60 or 90 minute fire-rated versions or in a solid glass brick where you have even a higher need for security or lot line restrictions. 

Architectural etched glass block windows and colored units are available in the thin line series and can be 'sprinkled into a window' or used in all the blocks. 

sizes and shapes of colored and frosted glass block

Frosted glass blocks for softer light transmission are available in a variety of shapes
interior window in a commercial building using clear & colored glass blocks
Commercial interior kitchen window

Solid glass bricks and fire rated glass blocks - Solid glass bricks are graffiti-resistant and difficult to break. These glass bricks come in 8" x 8" x 3" and 3" x 8" x 3" sizes. 60 and 90 minute fire glass block windows are available for close lot line conditions and improved safety.

vistabrick solid glass blocks in a gymnasium
Gymnasium windows with Vistabrik solid glass bricks 
8 x 8 x 3 vistrabrik glass block
3" solid is virtually unbreakable!

Air ventilation: Commercial grade glass block window air vents combine the best of both worlds: a security window with air flow. They can be placed anywhere inside the window assembly. 

warehouse window with OSU pattern
Industrial window with operable slider with Spyra pattern in an "OSU" style Columbus Ohio
commercial aluminum air vent in a 18 x 24 size
Commercial aluminum air vent

Accessories: Specially designed mill finished aluminum channel, caulk, expansion foam, anchors and premade glass block panels are available to complete a successful large window installation (learn more in the installation section of this page).   

prefab glass block window section with vinyl stacking system
Prefabricated panels with vinyl stack system
accessories needed for a architectural glass block installation
Channel, silicone, expansion foam, vinyl stack and anchor

Commercial Glass Block Window Installation Steps

How are commercial glass block windows installed? How can Innovate Building Solutions help us with this project?

Innovate Building Solutions (through our Cleveland Glass Block and Columbus Glass Block divisions) provides design, fabrication and glass block window installation services in the Cleveland and Columbus Ohio markets.

Nationally we design and prefabricated Protect-All Glass Block Window Panels which can be shipped to building owners or contractors.  In all cases we recommend the following 3 steps for a glass block commercial window replacement project:

  1. Measure the window  openings (note - in most cases the old metal or wood window frame will be removed so you'll want the complete opening from block to block). An Innovate Commercial Window Rep will help you determine the size of the prefabricated window panels for each opening. 
  2. Install structural aluminum channels (for larger openings) at the top (head) and jambs (sides). These channels are used on larger replacement openings to allow room for expansion and contraction. For openings smaller than 20 square feet this step is seldom needed. 
  3. masonry opening before a commercial glass block window installation
    Masonry opening before channel is installed
    aluminum channel being installed
    Screwing aluminum channels into a masonry opening
  4. Prefabricated glass block replacement window panels (which are either mortared together or assembled with the Protect All Vinyl Stacking system) are set inside the openings. The panels are then caulked into channels or mortar to surrounding materials (depending on size of opening and if your building is a masonry structure).
  5. industrial glass block window installation in process being put in aluminum channel
    Prefabricated glass block window sections inside of channel
    installation of multiple glass block sections
    Setting multiple panels into place

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we use Glass Block Replacement Windows?

On the inside of your facility you can use glass block window to move light through interior spaces, yet maintain privacy. On the exterior common applications are windows in your offices or factory, stairwells, transoms, corridors, and sidelights.

commercial glass block sidelights
Outside - Commercial sidelights for security in Columbus Ohio 
close up stairwell windows columbus
Outside - Industrial stairwell for improved light Cleveland Ohio
hallway windows in cleveland ohio
Inside - hallway application Cleveland Ohio
interior window openings library project
Inside - Interior openings in a library (Columbus)

How large can you Make The Prefabricated Sections? Are Glass Block REplacement Windows Structurally load bearing?

Glass block replacement windows can be any size, however, larger openings require structural angles and channels to allow for proper expansion and contraction. These windows are not load bearing so you will need a weight supporting lintel above the window. 

floral store glass block windows
Inside view - windows in a floral shop
industrial windows at sanson inc. in cleveland ohio
Industrial factory windows using channels
jeffrey mining company windows from Columbus Glass Block
Jeffrey Mining Company project

Can Glass Block Replacement Windows be sized to any opening? Can I put a special pattern like a cross into the SECTIONS for My Church Windows?

Glass block replacement windows can be made in 2" size increments to work in any sized openings. These blocks themselves come in 4" x 8", 6" x 6", 6" x 8" and 8" x 8" sizes in the think line series. In the 4" premier series the blocks sizes are 4" x 8", 6" x 6" , 6" x 8", 8" x 8" and 12" x 12". It's even possible to vary patterns inside a glass block window for a unique design or to put a cross in a church window. 

church basement windows with a decorative cross
Church windows with a cross pattern using Iceberg pattern
harambee school windows with 4 x 8 and 8 x 8 glass block design
School building using 4 x 8 and 8 x 8 sizes
commercial storefront entrance
Commercial entryway

Can we get colored Glass Blocks for church windows and storefronts?

Yes. Colored glass blocks (which only come in the thinner - 3 1/8" thick series) are stronger than stained glass or storefront windows. They have the benefits of a wide array of colors and are low maintenance costs and durable.Colored glass blocks can also be built into window assemblies with non-colored glass units. 

church windows with colored glass blocks
Church Windows Detroit Michigan
inside view of church windows with various colors
Interior view
purple storefront glass in athens ohio
Storefront with purple Argus pattern

How does the cost of Glass Block Replacement Windows Compare to commercial grade aluminum windows and storefront systems?

Glass block window are comparably priced (or lower in some cases) to these systems.

How do you incorporate the need for air flow?

Operable air vents and/or vinyl or aluminum windows are included in the block panels.

basement windows in a church in columbus using glass blocks and air vents
Basement windows in a church with operable air vents
operable air vents in a commercial building
Office application using hopper air vents

Commercial Glass Block Window Examples

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