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Commercial Glass Block Windows

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Many metal-framed and wood-framed commercial, industrial, and church windows are poorly insulated, offer substandard levels of privacy and security, and create a poor first impression. Glass block windows solve all of these problems and increase security, energy efficiency, and privacy. Fire-resistant and wind-resistant versions are also available.

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Commercial Glass Block Window Benefits

glass block windows in an industrial building columbus ohio
interior glass blocks for privacy
stairwell windows with glass block

Reduced heating and cooling costs. Old framed windows often have single panes and are poorly caulked and rusted. Commercial glass block windows are mortared together and reduce energy costs.

Improved marketability. Investing in the curb appeal of your business or church will enhance your success and increase customer or parishioner satisfaction.

Low maintenance and lower life cycle costs. The mortared joints between sections of glass offer high durability, and using thicker faced styles create an even higher level of security. Your maintenance staff can easily perform any necessary replacements - saving future costs.

Increased light transmission. This product will provide high security while transmitting generous amounts of natural light. This will help to create a more productive workplace as well allow you to cut costs by daylighting.

Wind resistance. Wind-resistant building measures can save you money on replacement windows and frames, which are often damaged by high winds. Besides these savings, you benefit by preventing the loss of profit and productivity that accompanies damage to your place of business or worship.

Environmentally sound green building material. Glass blocks are made from natural materials and have long lives.

Professional installation service. We have commercial, industrial, and architectural window installation expertise.

Free nationwide shipping with prefabricated windows. We will ship prefabricated panels at no cost directly to your site. These assemblies are stackable and relatively easy to install.

Product Lines and Design

Commercial Glass Block Window Product Lines and Designs

Glass block products to replace old commercial, industrial, factory, and church windows

Thin line series  (3 1/8" thickness) are lighter, less costly, easier to install, and available in multiple patterns.

Premier series glass blocks (3 7/8" thick) offer a range of designs and are more energy-efficient than our thin line series.

Architectural etched glass block windows and colored units are available in both the thin line and premier series, in a variety of colors and sizes.

sizes of colored glass block
Colors can add a unique style
sizes and shapes of colored and frosted glass block
Frosted glass blocks for softer light transmission are available in a variety of shapes
interior window in a commercial building using clear & colored glass blocks
Commercial interior kitchen window

Solid and fire rated glass blocks - Solid units are graffiti-resistant and difficult to break. 60 and 90 minute fire rated styles are available for close lot line conditions and improved safety.

vistabrick solid glass blocks in a gymnasium
Gymnasium windows with Vistabrik
8 x 8 x 3 vistrabrik glass block
3" solid is virtually unbreakable!

Air ventilation: Commercial grade vents combine the best of both worlds: a security window with air flow

warehouse window with OSU pattern
Industrial window with operable slider with Spyra pattern in an "OSU" style Columbus Ohio
commercial aluminum air vent in a 18 x 24 size
Commercial aluminum air vent

Accessories: Specially designed mill finished aluminum channel, caulk, expansion foam, anchors and premade glass block panels are available to complete a successful installation.

prefab glass block window section with vinyl stacking system
Prefabricated panels with vinyl stack system
accessories needed for a architectural glass block installation
Channel, silicone, expansion foam, vinyl stack and anchor

Commercial Glass Block Window Installation Steps

How are commercial glass block windows installed? How can you help us with this project?

We provide design, fabrication and glass block window installation services on a regional basis. Nationally we design and prefabricated stackable window sections and work with building owners and contractors on how to successfully install. Here are 3 basic steps in this process:

  1. Measure the openings and call us to determine the size of the prefabricated window panels.
  2. Install structural aluminum channels (for larger openings) at the top (head) and jambs (sides).
  3. masonry opening before a commercial glass block window installation
    Masonry opening before channel is installed
    aluminum channel being installed
    Screwing aluminum channels into a masonry opening
  4. Set panels inside openings and caulk into channels or mortar to surrounding materials (depending on size of opening).
  5. industrial glass block window installation in process being put in aluminum channel
    Prefabricated sections inside of channel
    installation of multiple glass block sections
    Setting multiple panels into place

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can we use these windows?

A: Use as an interior window (to move light through interior spaces) or outside. Common applications are windows, stairwells, transoms, corridors, and sidelights.

commercial glass block sidelights
Outside - Commercial sidelights for security Cincinnati Ohio
close up stairwell windows columbus
Outside - Industrial stairwell for improved light Columbus Ohio
hallway windows in cleveland ohio
Inside - hallway application Cleveland Ohio
interior window openings library project
Inside - Interior openings in a library (Columbus)

Q: How large can you THE SECTIONS? Are they structurally load bearing?

A: Glass block windows can be any size, however, larger openings require structural angles and channels to allow for proper expansion and contraction. The windows are not load bearing.

floral store glass block windows
Inside view - windows in a floral shop
industrial windows at sanson inc. in cleveland ohio
Industrial factory windows using channels
jeffrey mining company windows from Columbus Glass Block
Jeffrey Mining Company project

Q: Can THESE UNITS be sized to any opening? Can I put a special pattern like a cross into the SECTIONS?

A: Yes! Glass blocks come in 4" x 8", 6" x 6", 6" x 8", 8" x 8", and 12" x 12" sizes and multiple patterns can be mixed together.

church basement windows with a decorative cross
Church windows with a cross pattern using Iceberg pattern
harambee school windows with 4 x 8 and 8 x 8 glass block design
School building using 4 x 8 and 8 x 8 sizes
commercial storefront entrance
Commercial entryway

Q: Can we get colored UNITS for church windows and storefronts?

A: Yes. The blocks are stronger than stained glass or storefront windows with the benefit of low maintenance costs and high durability.

church windows with colored glass blocks
Church Windows Detroit Michigan
inside view of church windows with various colors
Interior view
purple storefront glass in athens ohio
Storefront with purple Argus pattern

Q: How does the cost compare to commercial grade aluminum windows and storefront systems?

A: Block windows are comparably priced to these systems.

Q: How do you incorporate the need for air flow?

A: Operable air vents and/or vinyl or aluminum windows are included in the block panels.

basement windows in a church in columbus using glass blocks and air vents
Basement windows in a church with operable air vents
operable air vents in a commercial building
Office application using hopper air vents

Commercial Glass Block Window Examples

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