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Accessories for Glass Block Showers

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The right accessories will complete the design for your glass block shower installation. Incorporating a well chosen shower base, door, window, bench or seat, shampoo/soap niche, wall board, or towel bar can improve the looks and function of your bathroom and can even save you money.

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glass block half wall on a granite bench seat
Partial wall on a granite bench seat
chrome decorator grab bar and towel bar combination
A stylish chrome towel bar & grab bar combination
custom curved ready for tile shower base
Ready-for-tile base with a premade glass wall before shipment

Increased safety. A well placed decorative grab bar or shower seat will minimize the chance of injury and improve looks.

Improved function. Installing the right showerhead, valve, or handheld shower can make this wet room safer, more therapeutic and can minimize water coming out (in the case of a walk-in shower).

Added usable space. A recessed or corner soap dish will add storage, prolong the life of your soap, reduce hard-to-clean soapy residue, and minimize slippery floors.

No repair costs in the future. Using a waterproof shower base (consider ready for tile and acrylic options here) and crack-resistant urethane grout can eliminate big repair bills down the road.

Style. In the fashion industry it is said that accessories make the outfit. Besides improving functionality, accessories can also add style and dramatic impact to your shower.

Solution to the problem of rotten wood. Wooden window frames and window sills often rot, especially in bathrooms. A long-term solution to this problem is to install a frameless glass block replacement window, which will increase privacy and be maintenance-free.

Added value. Most Americans are not using a bath tub any more. Converting a bathtub into a shower can add resale value to your home.

Purchased from a company you can trust. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards through Consumer’s Choice.

Free design and technical installation assistance. When we start a bathroom remodeling project and installation, our project specialists begin with the end in mind – we design the shower before we begin the construction. Letting our team help you with design ideas, supply, and installation (in selected markets) of your shower walls and accessories will eliminate the guesswork.

Free nationwide shipping . With no hidden shipping fees or costs, we ship anywhere in the United States, from Washington to Texas to New York to Florida.

Product Lines & Designs

Product Lines & Designs

Luxuria line of decorative shower and bathroom accessories

The Luxuria collection does double duty: it adds a modern, stylish look and increases safety. The products in this collection come with a 350-pound weight capacity and are available in white or chrome. Your bath or shower will look cool and you'll reduce the chance of slipping and falling without your space looking like a hospital!

decorative towel bar grab bar toilet paper holders soap dish
Towel bar, soap dish, toilet roll holder, and more. The Luxuria line looks nice and supports 350 lbs.
corner corian support shelf for safety
Corner shelf with integrated support rail. The Corian shelf can be removed for easy cleaning, and the support rail is within reach to offer a helping hand.

Ready for tile line

Creating a waterproof niche for a tile shower has never been easier. Our expanded polystyrene shampoo and soap niches are simply nailed into the wood studs and then tiled over.

recessed ready for tile shampoo niche in 11 x 14 size
Recessed ready for tile shampoo niche (11" x 14")
recessed ready for tile niche 22 x 14
Recessed ready for tile shampoo niche(22" x 14")
recessed soap dish 6 x 14
Recessed soap dish, 14" x 6"
niche in a shower completed with tile
Tile niche 11" x 14"

Make a safer, more relaxing and useful space with a bench or corner seat or ladies leg ledge

18 x 20 corner seat and 10 x 20 ladies leg ledge
Expanded polystyrene corner seat (18" x 20") and ladies leg ledge (10" x 20") for shaving (custom sizes available)
ready for tile bench seat
Bench seat (14" deep, 20" high) – available in standard widths including 30", 32", 34", 36", 42" & 48" (custom widths also available)

Urethane Grout

Stop the nasty task of cleaning grout! Take the hassle out of grouted walls by using urethane grout.

18 lb bucket urethane grout
Comes premixed 9- and 18-lb buckets - takes the pain out of grout!
urethane grout color choices
Download a PDF with the available urethane grout color selections

Extruded Polystyrene Wall Backer Board

The Wedi wall board is waterproof and easy to work with.

extruded polystyrene wall backer system including pans curbs and niches
System includes wall backer board, curbs, niches
cross section view of wedi panel system tile shower installation
wedi building panel system (cross-section of waterproof building panels, thin set, and tile installation)

Drain & Strainer Kits

To tie in your plumbing and base use a PVC drain and strainer kit (finishes include chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubber bronze)

polished brass round strainer cover and drain kit
Round strainer and PVC drain body inside expanded polystyrene shower base before tile installation
square chrome strainer and drain kit
Square strainer and PVC drain body

Brazilian Walnut Fold Down Seat

Save space and add comfort and luxury with this durable fold down seat

brazilian walnut fold down seat
Brazilian walnut seat with 15" concealed wall mount braces
operation of a fold down seat
Folds away and does not need to be locked into place

Glass or Acrylic Block Window

For privacy, light and security add a glass block shower window. If you want the entire window to open and privacy use an awning or casement acrylic block window.

unframed glass block shower window
Unframed glass block shower window
privacy glass block window above a tub
Window above a bathtub for privacy & light
casement style shower windows for privacy
Acrylic blocks can open fully

Design Tips

  • For tile and glass block walls and floors use urethane grout to minimize maintenance.
  • Use our free design service before ordering a shower base or prefabricated glass block wall.
  • If you want to install a seat in a small shower, consider using a teak or Brazilian walnut fold-down seat.
  • Provide a final measurement for your shower door after installation of your walls. Measure at the top, middle, and bottom of the opening.
  • If you have limited space and need to reduce clutter, include recessed soap dishes and shampoo niches in your design.

Installation Details

How to install a semi-frameless shower door system in a glass block wall in 5 steps

1. Measure the opening between the walls.

2. Use a high-grade silicone adhesive to adhere the bottom track to the shower curb.

3.Mark and drill holes through the grout joints (approximately every 16" to 24").

4.Fill the drilled holes with high-grade silicone adhesive and install plastic wall anchors.

5.Pre-drill holes in the door’s vertical track, install screws through the vertical tracks, and then install the frameless shower door system.

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How to install a waterproof backer board for a tiled wall in 6 steps

1. Using a utility knife, cut the backer board panels to size.

2. Attach the first panel with non-rusting screws. Use one fastener every 12" for walls and one every 6" for a ceiling.

3. Apply a continuous 1/2" bead of wedi polyurethane joint sealant around the panel edges. Butt the next panel tight to the first panel.

4.Once the panels are set, install washers with tabs every 12". Make sure that the washer heads are dimpled below the surface of the backer board panel.

5.Spread all excess sealant flat over the joints by using a putty knife.

6.Apply wedi fiberglass mesh sealing tape over the seams and fastener heads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I select the right glass block shower base? What options are available?
First, determine what material you’d like to use to finish your shower floor. Would you prefer a seamless, solid surface or one with grouted joints? We offer either of these options. Ready for tile and acrylic are the most popular styles.

60 x 34 acrylic base walk in shower with glass blocks
60" x 34" size with an acrylic base (also available in a tile option)
custom barrier free ready for tile shower base Before shipment
Barrier free base, ready for tile design with a curved & straight wall
tile shower with a no barrier entrance with glass block walls
After installation
Completed version of base shown above
in process glass block shower wall installation
A tile base during the installation process
river rock used on a shower pan
River rock can make a cool finished floor!
frosted glass block shower wall in Cleveland Ohio with large 12 x 12 tiles
A project in Cleveland Ohio that used frosted glass blocks and large tiles

Next, determine whether you need a standard or custom size. Acrylic pans come in standard sizes (60” x 32”, 60” x 34”, and 72” x 51”). Ready-for-tile bases are available in virtually any size or shape.

Finally, account for any special needs or plumbing restrictions that will affect the design of your shower. Expanded polystyrene bases are suitable in accessible and ADA-compliant showers, because they can be installed barrier-free. Additionally, expanded polystyrene pans allow you to choose the location of the drain, which will save you money on plumbing work. (Acrylic units for glass block showers are only available in standard sizes with step-over curbs and drains in fixed locations.)

sloped up curb on a shower base before shipment
Before shipment - base slopes up to eliminate a curb
full and half glass block walls
A completed project with a full and half wall

2.) Can I incorporate a bench, corner, or fold down seat or shaving leg ledge?
Yes. The simplest way to include a seat is to use a waterproof expanded polystyrene preformed pan. It will save you installation time, ensure a waterproof seal, and eliminate the aggravation of building your own framed seat.

corner bench seat and leg ledges made of our expanded polystyrene 
Corner seat (18" x 20") and ladies leg ledge (10" x 20") for shaving (custom sizes available)
tiled over corner seat 18 x 20 size
An EPS (expanded polystyrene) corner seat after tile
rounded glass block shower walls
After installation
corner seat with a corian finishing piece
This corner seat was completed with Corian
bench seat sizing options 30 32 34 36 42 48 inch options
Bench seat (14" deep, 20" high) – available in standard widths including 30", 32", 34", 36", 42" & 48" (custom widths also available)
step down glass block wall
Step down wall on top of bench seat

A brazilian walnut type of seat is naturally resistant to water and three times stronger than teak.The Brazilian walnut shower seat has a 15” concealed wall mount and supports up to 450 pounds. It folds away and does not need to be locked into place.

walnut shower seat for added safety and improved use of space
Walnut seat
how a fold down seat operates
Folds away - no locking

3.) What type of shower door should I choose?
Doors come in three basic types: frameless, semi-frameless, and completely framed. The semi-frameless and frameless look much better with a glass block shower.

frameless shower door installation columbus ohio
Frameless door in Columbus, Ohio (image courtesy of M.E. Whittaker Builders) - mounted through the side wall
semi frameless shower door installation in akron ohio in a glass block wall

4.) What accessories will improve the function, looks, and safety of my shower?
Installation of well placed soap dishes, shampoo niches, and decorative towel bars and grab bars will make your space less hazardous, keep it neater and easier to clean, and increase its accessibility for all members of your family, regardless of their physical capabilities.

5.) During my bathroom remodel, I want to design the most waterproof and water-resistant space possible – what products and installation do you recommend?
Invest in the highest-quality grout and wall backer board. Although you can use a standard sanded grout or a specialized urethane grout for high levels of performance, we recommend urethane grout over sanded grout for the following reasons:

  • Urethane grout has high crack resistance and semi-flexible/low shrinkage.
  • It provides the highest level of water resistance.
  • It is self-sealing (sanded grout requires sealing).
  • The color of urethane grout won’t fade or streak, even when wet. Additionally, its colors are UV-stable and won’t yellow in the sun.
  • It has a long shelf life. Any unused urethane grout can be saved for later use.
  • Urethane grout is premixed and ready to use.
  • It is resistant to stains and most household chemical products.
  • Urethane grout can be used in grout joints between 1/16" and 1/2" on vertical or horizontal surfaces, for interior or exterior projects, and on glass, ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles.
quart lock grout bucket in 9 or 18 lb size Urethane grout is premixed in 9 & 18 lb. buckets 
urethane grout color choices
Download a PDF with the available urethane grout color selections

Wall backer boards for water-resistant or waterproof shower systems.

What is used behind the shower wall surrounds is critical. You can either use a water-resistant cement backer board or a waterproof extruded polystyrene backer board. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

cement backer board
Cement backer board

Water-resistant cement backer boards

For lower initial costs, use cement backer board behind grouted tile and marble walls.

  • Low purchase price
  • Widely available
  • Messy and hard to cut
  • Heavy (about 50 lbs per sheet), making it difficult to handle
  • Although water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Makes installation of recessed shampoo/soap more difficult niches
  • Higher installation labor costs
wedi waterproof shower base wall backer and niche options
Waterproof extruded polystyrene wall, accessories, and shower base system
cross section view of a waterproof wall board system
wedi building panel system (cross-section of waterproof building panels, thin set, and tile installation)

Waterproof extruded polystyrene backer boards

Although moisture-resistant backer board will work, if you’re looking for the security of a waterproof space invest in extruded polystyrene wall backer board.

  • Easy to cut, with no mess
  • Light (less than 9 lbs per sheet) and easy to handle
  • Waterproof, with no expensive repairs as a result of water damage
  • Ready-made soap and shampoo niches fit directly inside the studs
  • Reduced installation time and expense
  • High initial purchase price

6.) How do I select the right showerhead, valve, and plumbing fixtures ?
Countless showerheads, valves, and drain kits are available . A standard wall-mounted showerhead can be the most cost-effective. For a gentler flow of water that minimizes water splashing, consider the rain style unit (these are an excellent choice for a walk-in shower). Those with special needs or children usually prefer a hand-held shower for greater flexibility, accessibility, and ease of use. Choosing the right drain for your remodeling project also matters. Round drains are widely available and cost-effective, but you may want to consider a square or trench drain for their looks and ease of installation.

inside view of hand held and wall mounted shower units and glass block shower system
Wall-mounted and hand-held showerhead
decorative rain head and hand held shower
Decorative rain head and hand held shower
hand held shower can make showering easier
Hand-held shower
eps base with a drain kit
Round strainer
small expanded polystyrene shower base
Square strainer and PVC drain body
linear trench drain for a tile floor
Trench drain

7.) I want to add a window without adding maintenance or sacrificing privacy. What do you recommend?
Shower and bathroom windows can be a challenge to maintain – often the trim around the window deteriorates or rots. As well, many windows do not protect your privacy. Choices to consider are a glass block window, acrylic block or obscure glass vinyl window. You can vary the level of privacy and light transmission and glass block windows are easy to clean and maintenance-free!

Glass block shower window

This style of window offers privacy and is easy to clean. There are two options -  frameless and vinyl framed windows. Consider adding colored or frosted glass blocks for more personality.

frameless glass block shower window
Unframed block window
cinammon frosted glass blocks
Frosted styles can add style & privacy

Bathroom windows

For new construction projects, an excellent product to use is the vinyl framed glass block window. This window can be nailed into the opening just like a traditional unit.  It affords the same privacy, light transmission, and customizable options as a frameless style.

cross section view of a vinyl framed glass block window in an obscure pattern Innovate Vinyl Stack unit

bath window with glass blocks
Bathroom window


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