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Glass Block Bars & Partition Walls

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Using a glass block wall or bar can add style, structure, and light to any room. This versatile product is suitable for use in showers, kitchens, bedrooms, basement recreation rooms โ€“ virtually anywhere you want to create an impact.

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loft wall using glass blocks in columbus ohio
kithen island bar back light through glass block
commercial reception desk and counter

Working with a skilled "one-stop shop." Although some masons and general contractors install glass block walls, a specialty contractor who can coordinate and perform the project from beginning to end is best.We'll start with your ideas and turn them into completed projects โ€“ working from initial design and layout, prefabricating wall sections (where possible), and finally installing the product.

sketch up wall design
Glass block wall design
layout cards for a custom glass block shower
Layout cards - puzzle like pieces to simulate a final shape

Free shipping on pre-made sections. Straight walls are easier and less costly to build and install. We supply and install prefab sections with our vinyl stack spacing system to reduce installation times and save money. (Our premade sections are anchored to a wall, siliconed together, and field grouted.).

finished end block in the thin series
3 1/8" thick finished end block

New money saving option - To cut costs, consider using 3 1/8" units (thinner glass blocks than the standard 4" sizes). We carry Wave (obscure) and Clear (see through) shaped units that curve, angle and finish the ends of a bar or wall (these blocks were developed by Mulia Inc.).

Wide range of domestic and imported lines. We carry both Pittsburgh Corning and the Mulia lines. Both products provide excellent quality. The Mulia line is usually more cost effective.

Flexibility - whether you want to do a shower enclosure, a half wall or a kitchen island area - the blocks can add a stylish cost-effective look with the durability to last over time.

Product Lines & Designs

Product Lines & Designs

Curved, Angled, Rounded Design Examples

curved shower wall in an upscale home using glass blocks columbus ohio with nicholson builders Curved bathroom wall (Decora pattern) Photo courtesy of Nicholson Builders Columbus Ohio
bedroom separation wall using glass blocks by columbus glass block
Wall separating bedroom & bathroom. Photo courtesy of Dave Fox Remodeling
showroom glass block decoration wall
Step down walk in shower wall with bright jewel tone colors
neo angle glass block wall design
Decorative lighting for cool design
colored lighting behind a kitchen island
A kitchen island becomes the focal point of the room
modern decorative glass block dining room wall design
Dining room with a decorative design

These walls are also popular in commercial applications in interior and exterior spaces, not only for their looks, but to increase safety and security, reduce noise and maintenance costs, and contribute to sustainable design principles.

gym windows made of glass blocks
Exterior school application
decorative black grids in a block design
Foyer wall using aluminum grid system
safe and decorative bannister in a wellness center
Wellness center bannister separation area

Color, Frosted & Tile Blocks for Walls & Bars

Why settle for a standard clear project when you can create the cool factor and make your installation stand out?

shaped & standard glass blocks in assorted colors
52 colors & various shapes available!
glass block frostings
Frosted units provide warmth
red colored glass blocks in a sales counter in a commercial building Sales counter stylized with colored glass blocks

glass tiles fused onto blocks
Fused art tiles applied to blocks
8" x 8" glass block with a fused art tile
Close up (artistic block)
desk with yellowed colored glass Yellow colored desk using 90 degree angle blocks

Custom etched wall and bar products

One of a kind describes this process. Add a standard or customized etching to go from an ordinary to extraordinary installation. Call for more details on using laser etched blocks from Innovate Building Solutions.

Assorted etched glass blocks
Etched assortment
Units can be personalized
mural etched into sections
Add murals for the ultimate in cool factor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special support underneath the wall?
Usually not. Unless your floor already has a problem, standard subfloor framing is usually enough to support the block wall.

Can the walls be premade?
Yes. Straight, curved and angled walls can be premade and are much easier to install (you will not even need a specialized mason contractor to do them with the vinyl stack system)!

vinyl stack glass block wall

Are these walls sturdy? How are the walls attached or anchored?
Most glass block walls are tied into the surrounding wall(s) by using panel anchors or vinyl stack anchors every third course (or 24"). Panel reinforcing or horizontal vinyl stack pieces provide additional stability.

anchor into vinyl strips in a glass block wall

How do you make radius or angled walls? How do you finish the ends and tops?
With the development shaped glass blocks it's now possible to make angles, corners, and finished ends - you can even finish the sides and tops of a partition, loft or shower wall without needing to use some disimilar type material.

Do you carry fire-rated glass blocks or ones that offer higher levels of security?
Yes. We carry units with 60-minute and 90-minute fire ratings (with thicker faces), solid blocks, that provide increased resistance to bullets, noise reduction, protection against vandalism and graffiti, and improved fire safety.



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