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Handicap Accessible Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling - Universal Design

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Whether you need a handicap accessible shower or a safer kitchen or bathroom for an aging parent Cleveland Design & Remodeling & The Bath Doctor can help. Our Certified Aging in Place Specialists and Universal Design Remodeling Specialists can provide home modifications that enhance safety, function & style.

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Benefits of Universal Design & Wheelchair Accessible Projects Through Cleveland Design Remodeling

Accessible curbless shower and roll under sink for a handicap bathroom in cleveland
Accessible curbless shower, roll under sink, decorative grab bars
Universal and accessible Design Kitchen in cleveland
Universal design kitchen
accessible no-step level front entrance
No step level entrance for a home

Improved function and more feet of usable space. Often a friend, relative, or family member has difficulty using or accessing a room: the doors are too narrow, the tub is dangerous to get into, the steps are hard to maneuver, the counters are too high, etc. Home modifications based on universal & accessible design principles can open the entire home for their enjoyment.

Increased safety. Remodeling with access and ADA compliance in mind can reduce the risks of falling and injury in bathrooms, kitchens, entrances, stairways, or anywhere inside or outside your home.

Added style and improved home values. Outdated kitchens and baths can be eyesores and reduce future market value. A stylish, safe renovation can make the rooms in your home easier to use and more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Independent living and aging in place with reduced caregiver costs. Many of us would like to make plans to age in place or want to preserve the ability of our aging parents or disabled family members to live independently. Improved accessibility (for someone in a wheelchair, walker etc.) and universal design remodeling can save money and allow all members of the family to enjoy life at home for as long as possible.

Knowledge of specialized VA grant funding program - If you're a veteran you may be eligible for the Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA) grant for home modifications to stay independent and in your current home. Call us for more information.

A trusted company with specialized training in ADA compliance and universal design. Our goal, as a remodeling company, is to understand your needs and to remodel or modify your space to fit them. Our age in place universal accessible design training (we are CAPS certified) helps us to achieve this goal. Our approach to customer service has also won our businesses numerous service awards.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair Accessible Remodeling & Universal Design

1. The bathroom is a dangerous place for my aging parents. How can we make this space safer?
Consider having us help you with pull-out shelves, lower light switches, higher electrical outlets, illuminated switches, anti-scald shower valves, and non-slip floor coverings. As well, safety and style need not be mutually exclusive. Cleveland Design & Remodeling carries the Luxuria collection, which seamlessly integrates safety and support in its sleek modern fixtures and accessories.

Accessible barrier free shower and wet room
Barrier free level entry shower wet room
Glass block shower with decorative grab bar and corner seat
Glass block wheelchair accessible shower, decorative grab bar, corner seat, low curb
Kohler rising wall bathtub for ease of entry and exit
Rising wall bathtub for ease of entry & exit
Accessible transfer tub for added safety in cleveland
Safety transfer tub with double bowl roll under sinks
Accessible walk-in tub for safety in cleveland
Walk in tub for safety and luxury

2. How can I remodel my kitchen with universal design and accessible features?
To make the kitchen easier to use include wider alleys and walkways, pull-out countertops, pull-down and pull-out shelves, higher (18” from the floor) electrical outlets, lower (48” from the floor) light switches, and task-specific lighting. Check out to see how an Innovate Home Org's customer had it done.

universal design incorporates C style drawer pulls and improved lighting
C style drawer pulls and improved lighting
Kitchen pull out storage for improved access
Kitchen pull out storage for easy access
Remote control range hood with roll under cooktop
Remote control range hood with roll under cooktop
Smooth cooktop with roll out stool makes it easy to move hot items off the stove
Smooth cooktop with roll out stool makes it easy to move hot items off the stove
High toe kicks underneath cabinets microwave set lower make it easier for wheelchairs in a kitchen
High toe kicks underneath cabinets, microwave set lower
Roll under sink different counter heights in a handicapped kitchen remodel in cleveland
Roll under sink, different counter heights

3. I don’t need an accessible kitchen today, but I’d like to plan for the future. What modifications should I make during a remodel now?
With proper planning now, you can save significantly on remodeling costs later. Simple options to make now that will save you money in the long run include widening doorways to 36”, creating at least one zero-step entrance, and replacing knobs with lever handles on cabinets and doors.

Plywood behind bathroom walls for future support grab bars
Plywood behind bathroom walls for future support grab bars
Easy to operate light switches set 48 inches above the floor for handicap remodel
Easy to operate light switches set 48" above the floor
Low threshold front door and lever handle for a universal design front entrance
Low threshold front door and lever handle

4. What is the difference between universal and accessible design?
Universal design focuses on meeting the needs of all people, including those of limited abilities (whether they are young, old, big, small, etc.), without specialized design. It can be thought of as “invisible design” – when universal design is done well, most people don’t “see” it but notice that their homes are easier to enjoy and use.

Accessible design focuses on modifying a home to meet the specific needs of a person(s) with some type of disability (whether the disability involves mobility, vision, hearing, mental capacity, etc.). Accessible design is often required for someone who has a degenerative or chronic health condition or may have been injured in a traumatic event or be in a wheelchair.

5. I have a small bathroom and need a fully accessible design. Is this possible?
Yes, if you plan well and choose the right products, you can have a fully accessible small bathroom. The remodeling project shown below (images courtesy of Equal Access Homes) has these products and features:

  • Lifetime vanity, two-drawer mobility cart glides out and has pull-out cabinets
  • Curved curtain rod in the shower separating the shower stall from the toilet area
  • Hand-held and rain showerheads
  • Comfort-height toilet (ADA-compliant and roughly the same height as a chair) for ease of use for people of all statures
  • Recessed, in-wall soap and shampoo niches (set at different heights to accommodate all shower users)
  • Level-entry floor (using a glass-reinforced plastic, GRP or fiberglass, base) and wet room design
Small accessible handicap bathroom in akron ohio
Small accessible handicap bathroom & wet room
Custom accessible lifetime vanity with glide out cabinets, support bar, roll under sink
Custom accessible "lifetime vanity" with glide out cabinets, support bar, roll under sink
Curbless shower base made of glass reinforced plastic
Curbless shower base made of glass reinforced plastic

6. It’s difficult for my Dad to get in and out of our home or to enjoy our deck in his wheelchair. What solutions do you suggest?
To make your home accessible to visitors or residents who use wheelchairs, who are disabled, or have special needs, consider a handicap-accessible front entrance or garage ramp, a no-step level entrance, or a chairlift. If possible, try to install a level front entry instead of a ramp. Although it’s more expensive, it does not detract from your home’s curb appeal the way that ramps can.

Outdoor deck and ramp combination for handicap entrance
Outdoor deck and ramp combination
Ramp inside garage for a handicap or wheelchair entrance
Ramp inside garage
Barrier free zero step front entry
Barrier free zero step front entry

7. We own a multi-level home, and it’s difficult for my husband to get up the stairs. What solutions do you offer?
Depending on your mobility, needs, and budget, we offer several solutions, including residential elevators, stair lifts, and vertical platform lifts.

Residential Elevator for a handicap
Residential Elevator
Stair Lift to move a handicapped person from floor to floor in a home
Stair Lift
Vertical Platform Lift
Vertical Platform Lift

8. How can your company help with a home remodeling project that incorporates universal design or handicap-accessible modifications?
Our design consultants take the time to get to know your needs. We’ll learn how you want to use your space and present potential solutions in an easily understood manner. We also have invested in specialized training for remodeling that promotes aging in place, universal design, handicap-accessible and independent living spaces. In our 33 years of experience as a remodeling and renovation contractor, we have learned the importance of coordinating with everyone involved in the process – homeowners, caregivers, adult children, etc. We even have knowledge of VA grant programs that can help some people get the funding they need.



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