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Diane Mayer

Project Specialist

My husband and I enjoy spending our time boating. We have cruised the Great Lakes for many years as far east as Buffalo, N.Y and North to Canada and Lake Huron. Summer weekends at the Lake Erie Islands, or anytime on the water is best, even just sitting at the dock.

What I love about this business?

I enjoy working with people who are excited about their project seeing how I can assist them to complete their projects.

What products and services I specialize in?

Glass Block and Bathroom products.

My favorite movies or music

  • I enjoy a wide variety of music
  • Comedy movies (they leave you feeling good)
  • Favorite movies would be Lampoons Christmas Vacation (I can relate with the lights) and Young Frankenstein (gotta love a good pun)

Little known facts

Alone in the car, I sing loud, really loud.

How to contact me:
(216) 658-1280 ext 302