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Gary Anderson headshot

Gary Anderson

National Sales Account Manager

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Mike Foti as our paths crossed many a time during my nearly 30 years in the new home construction business. I’m now so pleased that our paths have converged as I join the Innovate team.

What I love about this business?

Home design-with a focus on kitchens and baths-has always fascinated me. Knowing that our customers share the same passion makes it a perfect fit! And combined with Innovate’s market-leading reputation for truly putting its customers first, it’s just a natural for me.

What products and services I specialize in?

Bathroom products with a focus on shower walls, panels, pans/bases, and glass enclosures for our national accounts and customers.

My favorite movies or music

My musical tastes are quite varied as I enjoy many different genres, with a soft spot for classic rock, smooth jazz, even some classical. It’s easier to say what I can’t hack: opera, hillbilly/bluegrass and old-time jazz. I must confess that I am a rabid Star Trek fan, including all the various movies and TV series. Between you and me, if I could snap my fingers and live in whatever era I chose, it would be in the 24th century on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. But that’s our little secret. And then there’s Animal House…

Little known facts

  • I spent over 20 years in the radio business, including several years in Columbus on-air at WNCI, Sunny 95, and others. As they say, I have a “face for radio.”
  • During college, I occasionally delivered wine and beer to the home of Jack Nicklaus in Upper Arlington. 
  • I’m from Maine, so can never get enough “lobstah” and fried clams. It’s hilarious how folks in Cbus freak out over a half inch of snow on the road. I’m used to a regular “dusting” of 8”-12” inches.
  • A huge fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, Yankees, and NY Giants. Well, no one is perfect, eh, Cleveland?

How to contact me:
614-796-3029 (cell)

BBB Accredited
Houzz Best of Design
Houzz Best of Service
NARI Member